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Lawsuit: Workin' for Trump is No Potty!

12/3/2008 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One pissed off former employee of Donald Trump's L.A. golf club claims working for his facility is the same as stitching shoes in a foreign sweatshop -- meaning no lunch or bathroom breaks allowed during work hours.
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Former hostess Lucy Messerschmidt is suing the Trump National Golf Club over a number of alleged labor violations, claiming she wasn't given 10-minute paid breaks, 30-minute unpaid lunch breaks or a chance to use the bathroom during her 8-hour shift -- all required by California law.

In the class-action lawsuit filed yesterday in L.A. Superior Court, 45-year-old Lucy also claimed she was fired because of age discrimination. Lucy says she was let go for complaining about her shifts being cut down -- which allegedly happened because a random club manager wanted "fresh faces" and "young girls" working when The Donald came around

Messerschmidt is looking for at least $15,000 in lost wages, damages and fees.


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IF this is true, I hope she gets the $$.

2099 days ago


I believe her story since it doesn't appear as though she is asking for a fortune. If she was just looking for quick payout she would be seeking more.

2099 days ago


Trump sucks

2099 days ago

Mikey, give it to Mikey, he'll do everything we don't want to do    

I believe her! I am currently employed as an Administrative Assistant and according to the law in SC, breaks are not mandatory or required, but where I work, smokers take a break constantly while non-smokers are confined to their work area. I work up front in an isolated location where there is hardly any traffic on the road and is not allowed to leave the front vacant at all even to go to the restroom unless it is the very last alternative and it is an emergency!

I constantly suffer UTI's as a result and now a stress disorder induced from the people in my workplace! All these years I have subpressed my feelings and put on a smiley face to make it through the day and now I have to take pain killers to make it through the day!

I am the only African American in this department who has to follow these guidelines. My other co-workers who are white leave the front vacant all the time when I am not there. They are not bound by these guidelines like I am. Don't bother filing a lawsuit, the good ole boy system will dismiss it despite 50 statements confirming your complaint.

EEOC works for the employer and will side with them every time. Forget workers comp Commission, they want to keep their records clean too and will deny any claim regarding any health related issue resulting from any workplace-induced treatments.

There is always suppose to be some type of investigation and I can guarantee you, you will lose every time! All workplaces are suppose to be Equal Opportunity Employers. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a myth. They only make their quotas and after that you are SOL.

Yes, I am blowing off steam because I am living proof!

My lawsuit was dismissed!
My Workers Comp claim was denied!
The doctors who willingly falsified my diagnosis to side with my employer will get off.
It's who you know with money and not the less fortunate ones that do not have any money will win every time!
The African Americans in positions to help sit there like tokens fearing to make a wave because they are doing their best to hold on to their jobs and do not want to be perceived as trouble makers.

No one wants to stand up because they lack backbone and guts!
Our forefathers died in vain for what?

Now we do what we can. When discriminated against, we take it and smile or quit to go to another job to be treated the same there.

When will it all stop?

Will someone make a stand?

2099 days ago


Sounds totally believable. Hope she wins. Old guys like him are pathetic.

Maybe he should put his son in charge so women don't have to look at HIS saggy old face.

2099 days ago

El Salvador    

Poor Trump, he's just trying to make a buck. Have you ever been to the Tom Bradley terminal al LAX and wondered why all the flight attendants are so hot on all the foreign airlines? Exactly, that's thought!

2099 days ago

my 3 cents    

TO: Mikey, give it to Mikey, he'll do everything we don't want to do Your comment was to long I got borred and decided to tell you that I need some Cliff Notes to get what you are trying to say, but Barnes and Nobles don't have an Idoit section.
Sorry :(

2099 days ago

diana g    

Oh Donald, just give her what she wants and let her get back to work....and throw in 1 million to make her life easier in these economic times...geez, she isn't even asking for much...15,000 dollars is dinner for him.

2099 days ago


I'm shocked it took so long for someone to sue on any illegal workplace practice considering the stories I heard over the years. Working for Trumps organization is no picnic. And to poster Mikey. If you lost your workers comp claim its because you didn't have one. You could have easily gone to another doctor and fight the claim in court without legal representation if you had proof from another physician(s) your claim was legit. The EEOC is definitely not for the employer and I know quite a number of people who are living proof. Maybe you had a lousy EEOC investigator if it made it that far. EEOC rejected your case before being referred to an investigator? It means you had no case or didn't present your case efficiently. Overall in most states they are pro-employer (Hello Employee-at-will statute,) but if you have a legitimate case it will be heard and you can win.

2099 days ago


The lady needs to get paid i don't play about my money !!! Anyway to this Trump guy the money shes asking for is pennys and dimes to him

2099 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

MY 3 CENTS.......................ahh leave Mickey alone..I totally believe the story and can understand the frustration, u b a more compassionate person. ;)

2099 days ago

ready for change    

Considering she is only asking $15,000 which is chump change for the Donald it seems like she is telling the truth. I do doubt it's on Donald and more likely her boss trying to 'kiss a$$' up the ladder. Hope she wins.

2099 days ago


I believe Mickey. I worked for an oil company and I was the only one in the department that had to relieve our secretary and do half of her work because she was slow and needed the help. I could not leave the front desk unattended even to use the restroom. I got stuck handling all the department calls because my coworkers were to lazy to do so. My coworkers had the run of the place while I was stuck doing the department "overflow" which included my work and the work of my coworkers who spent the day on personal calls and slacking off in general. I am white, so I can say that it does happen to us white folk as well.

2099 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

The Don probably has $15,000 in between the cushions of one of his couches. I would have to ask for more, especially if she was fired for age discrimination. Give the lady her money, then fire the manager who fired her. Donald should know that this is no way to run a business. It's a golf course. I'm pretty sure that no one cares who is setting their tee times or serving them drinks and such.

And to my 3 cents, it's bored, not borred. You don't have to capitalize cliff notes, and it's Barnes and Nobles doesn't have an idiot section. The way it looks, Barnes and Nobles does have an idiot section.

Not sorry. :)

2099 days ago


Trump is a chump.

What a self-centered ego maniac he is! I wish he would take his attitude and his lousy comb over and stick it where the sun don't shine. Every time I see him in that Macy's commercial I want to hurl.

2099 days ago
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