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Robert Pattinson's Internal Hair War

12/4/2008 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the age-old battle of man vs. hair product, man always loses.

Robert Pattinson's douchey, '80s new wave, over-gelled bird's nest weave proves there is actually something more ridiculous than his awkward close-ups, pauses and lines in "Twilight."


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Umm Robert is pretty hot. In the movie of Twilight. But, lets face it. Here he needs a hair cut. Just chop it off.

2059 days ago


that's not his best photo but i swear he's hot!!!

2065 days ago


um his hair wasnt actuly like this ok.... the wind was blowing ...people need to get a life and leave the poor british guy alone...and yes he s very attractive and no im not srry..

2062 days ago


He's nasty looking. I don't see why all these girls find him attractive.

2151 days ago


I don't find him attractive...but then again, I'm not 12.

2151 days ago


dont be fooled by that carefully cultivated "rock star just got out of bed having spend the entire last night on the tiles " look. its all IMAGE.. for a look at the real robert patterson..or whatever his name is.. check the dvd of the harry potter film he was in where he got killed by voldermort.. he did some behind the scenes stuff and then he was just a jobbing actor not a star at all and he was normal.. so just goes to show.. STARDOM GOES TO YOUR! in more ways than one..

2151 days ago


i think rob is hot and no im not 26 he is better looking than zac efron i dont see why woman think he's hot cuz he's not

2151 days ago


People are so negative and critical. I don't necessarily think that he's hot but I enjoyed his performance in the movie even though it wasn't as close to the book as I would have liked. Who cares if his hair is crazy and weird? It doesn't affect us in any possible way so people just need to leave him alone and get over it.

2151 days ago


OME! He did NOT have awkward closeups or pauses... he is gorgeous. He is the perfect Edward, and he did an excellent job. He is still very humble... see his interviews. He does not understand all the fuss over him, he'll be ther first to tell you.
And I am NOT 12. I love the hair. And he does not make a big deal about it either. He says everone has hair like that where he's from. It's no big deal. He is adorable.

2151 days ago


Ya'll got some angry people working there. If Tom Brady started hanging out with Rob Pattinson, this site would explode.

2151 days ago


LOL # 7, I know right!!

2151 days ago


I hated him in Twilight, but he is SO fine. I love his hair, and I think that picture is actually pretty sexy being all windblown. I'm 25, so no, I'm not a little fangirl. I really like him in interviews as well, because he is so self-depracating and tries to give a new answer to each question even though he's been asked the same thing 100 times. He definitely has something about him that is so sexy.

2151 days ago


It was really windy! Jaysus ,give the douche a break

2151 days ago


"Do you like Flock of Seagulls?"

2151 days ago

Truth Hurts    

1. He's nasty looking. I don't see why all these girls find him attractive.

Co-sign that!

2151 days ago
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