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Keith Sweat McSells Out -- Serenades Nuggets

12/5/2008 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1990s R&B singer Keith Sweat is in love again, but the only things he wants to shove in his mouth are big, juicy nuggets -- at least that's what he says in his new "song."
Keith Sweat
Dude went from golden records to golden arches -- releasing a ridiculously awesome melodic ode to chicken nuggets to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the McDonald's menu item.

Ya gotta hear this!


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That commercial is effen cheesy!

2127 days ago


I think I am going to have McNuggets for lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2127 days ago


I thought that commercial was hilarious! Good on him for being able to poke some fun at himself...

2127 days ago


The commercial is hilarious and cheesy...the cheesy is what makes it so funny. The lyrics are a riot!

2127 days ago


sell out my a**. That's money in the bank!!!!!!

2126 days ago



2126 days ago


He must be broke!, that was painful.

2126 days ago

Not A H8ter    

Are you really making fun of Keith Sweat saying hasn't been doing anything since the mid 90's??? Funny because if you really paid attention he has released a CD this year and it made it to the Top 10 on Billboard 200! Not to mention that he has been on tour every year since "Twisted" came out. I have seen him at least 5 times AND his shows are sold you might wanna retract the whole "Has been doing nothing since the mid 90's" comment! Sometimes you need to do more research before you report something on your show.

2126 days ago


keith needs some mcCRACK

2126 days ago


i just listen to his hit on xm this week...........the guy has talent and knows how to sing............he could have another hit with the right producers

2126 days ago


TMZ, please if u are going to poke fun at people please get ur information right.Keith Sweat has have more than one hit ,he has several hits that were out in the late 80's,90's and the year 2000 and up. he currently has a new cd out this year called just me,and has done very, very well. Just because he didn't come out in 10 years maybe he had other things to do besides waiting for people like you to think stupid things. Keith Sweat won awards in music so please once again do your research before u put thing like that on t.v. A show like this can get u sued, because u making seem like he doin a mcdonalds commercial means he is broke. KEITH SWEAT is very talented, maybe u should listen to his music u might like it.

2124 days ago

my name is    

so it was ok for Justin Timberlake to sing on a McDonald's commercial, but not Keith Sweat?

2123 days ago

sweat krew    

TMZ, you all really need to know waht your talking about when it comes to keith sweat, you said he hasnt done anything since the song "twisted"? false info, makes me not wanna watch the damn show anymore...Ever hear of a group called LSG? levert, sweat, gill? They made two albums in the early 2000s and just released a new album in may of this year! Was just inducted in the atlanta hall of fame this year, and will go down on a legend, if he ever slows down! Sells out everywhere he goes to this day....wanna dog on some talent tho...ya you guys are real funny, maybe the guy with the long hair that looks like thor should do some research before he looks like an idiot on tv!

2120 days ago

Dee Scott    

Some of you guys at the TMZ office should check out Keith's first album, "Make It Last". Every Black person I knew from the ages of 11 through 45 had that album. Keith is a legend. You guys are losers.

2086 days ago

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