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Suge Shakes Off Battery, Drug Charges

12/5/2008 3:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As usual, no one wants to get in Suge Knight's way.

Suge and his two bigshot lawyers David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld just got the battery and drug charges stemming from that alleged GF beatdown tossed in Vegas. We're told the charges were dismissed because of a "lack of production in discovery and the failure of witnesses to be subpoenaed."

The judge told the prosecution they could go forward with their case without witnesses, but they chose dismissal instead.

We're also told the alleged victim was in court, and the judge told the prosecution they could refile the case.

Meanwhile, Mr. Knight tells TMZ, "God is good, and I've got the best two lawyers in America. Happy holidays."

UPDATE -- The prosecution has now decided to take the case to a grand jury. Mr. Chesnoff tells TMZ, "The grand jury will consider favorable evidence in regard to Mr. Knight, and we look forward to it."


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This psycho needs to be in jail!

2119 days ago

Pascal Bernard    

what about the cops who SAW!! him kick her in the head

2119 days ago


At least he got rid of that nightmare lawyer, Barens,

2119 days ago

What happened to the cops???    

See thats why things get out of hand. You cant believe EVERYTHING you read! If there were really COPS who saw him over her hitting her - best believe he would have been in jail! I heard the girl was lying anyway. My friend works in the emergency room where she was taken as she was ALLEGEDLY beaten, and they said they could find a mark or scratch on the girl!!! I also heard she works at the Spearmint Rhino and was mad because he brought his girlfriend in town and the two of them got into it at the club the night before. So the next night when the incident really happened the so-called victim was calling playing on his girlfriends phone. So thats was why he got mad! But anyway the girl is obviously a liar. And although Suge may have an image of horrible things. Im just glad he wasnt put away innocently. Maybe there is justice in Vegas - just not for OJ.

2119 days ago


Money can buy happiness. Go figure.

2119 days ago


Proof that crime pays...although it doesn't hurt to have expensive topnotch legal help.

2119 days ago


Who in their right mind would testify against this monster...You would become the next victim.

I wonder what kind of trouble suge will get into next..Maybe another rap beef..Those are always fun to watch..LOL

2119 days ago


yes my boy suge was not guilty...these women need to be slapped sometimes when there are out of line!!!

2119 days ago


hey suge thats good to know ur free.keep it real my homie

2119 days ago


this guy is a bitch

2119 days ago

I dont get it...    

It wasnt domestic violence anyway. They werent even together. That girl is crazy. She is a groupie and messes with a lot of celebrities... a lot of music artist to be exact!!! This girl is a groupie - be very careful MEN. She is def. the next Karine Steffans (dont know if thats how you spell her name or not... sorry). For this case to be so highly and often in the Media. The court should of had their game plan together! Maybe it was all lies in the first place. For her to have been a girlfriend of 3 years was already a lie. His girlfriend isnt her for sure!!! His girlfriend went to USC, and she def. NEVER worked at the Spearmint Rhino. I dont think money bought him out of this case, I think it fell apart from all the lies being told honestly. If she was hit wouldnt she have physical evidence showing a big man like Suge hit her??? Not adding up!!! What they say about this Mellissa girl on the internet is looking more and more true...

2119 days ago

Triple Play    

OJ and Shug would make great cell mates and butt hole buddies. Both are dseserving of jail time

2119 days ago


I hope that somebody who knows Suge reads this and tells him what an enormous pile of s#it people think he is. He'll get what's coming to him one of these days. What comes around, goes around.

2119 days ago


"God is good, and I've got the best two lawyers in America. Happy holidays."

WTF??!! You cant spend your life bullying people and expect to get off scot free..... He'd better watch out. If we cant prosecute him, the one he just thanked will! And when he does it WILL BE FAIR!!

This guy is so sick

Just sayin....

2119 days ago


Suge is a punk bitch, always has been. He needs to be in prison with all his relatives and homeboys. See if he locks up in protective custody like he did last time at CMC.

2119 days ago
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