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Fred Goldman Wants to Drain Juice from Dealer

12/7/2008 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fred Goldman isn't finished with O.J. yet -- well, O.J.'s stuff, to be exact.

Goldman's lawyers are filing an action against Mike Gilbert -- the memorabilia dealer who claims O.J. confessed to killing Ron and Nicole -- asking a judge to force Mike to give Fred everything he has that's Juice-related.

A letter to Gilbert's lawyers says the dealer promised to give Goldman the property during an appearance on the "Dr. Phil Show", but he never did.

Goldman is also filling a temporary restraining order against Gilbert -- a hearing is set for Dec. 12.


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midwest gal    

I'm not gettingall the hate coming from the board about Fred Goldman or his daugher Kim.

They just want the civil judgement to be followed. To bad that OJ doesn't like it. Why cares? He brought all this on himself. I have NO PITY for him.

How some of you do is pretty bad.

2107 days ago


This is ANOTHER case of a football bully thinking he can get buy with anything, the only thing different is that this one murdered human beings instead of dogs! He SHOULD have been found GUILTY or first-degree murder, then the rest of the charges against him would have never happened, he would have been is prison for at least his miserable life, just like Michael Vick SHOULD have gotten and propable will get in the future with his ongoing EVIL!!

2107 days ago


Earth to The Goddiggers! OJ was not sent to jail for the murders of your son, We all know that you can sleep at night since he did'nt get Life as you really hoped for but he is in jail.

2107 days ago


What about the Brown family? Don't they get anything, after all their daughter was killed, too. OJ has 2 kids with Nicole Brown. Shouldn't his children get something? I heard that supposedly the Goldman's even took Nicole's wedding ring, when the daughter wanted to have her mother's ring. I feel for the Goldman's, but are they being too greedy, and not allowing for Nicole's kids to get something? It's not the kids fault that OJ is their dad, and that he killed their mom and Ron Goldman.

2107 days ago


Fred did you hear the Judge say to you that this case has nothing to do with your sons death. She was trying to tell you to go hide under a rock and take that ugly daughter with you too. What will you do with the next 13 years. See how much money is on this books. Give Sidney and his son their mothers items you greedy son of a B I T C H !

2107 days ago


Your son was GAY and you hated that and now you are acting like you want to sleep with OJ way too obsessed with any and everything OJ. He does have 4 Children that did not kill your GAY son that you despised until he was killed. This is why you are so angry he died before you could forgive him for being Gay

2107 days ago


You're calling somebody crazy? Can you not READ? Can you not comprehend? OJ SIMPSON WAS FOUND LIABLE FOR THE DEATHS OF RON GOLDMAN AND NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON IN A CIVIL TRIAL. He was ordered to pay 33 million dollars in damages!!!!! Damn, are you people retarded? And you say we just won't get over it! It was also sh*tty as hell to imply that Ron was a homosexual. What do you know? So what if he was, does he deserve to be cut up like an animal by that murdering son of a bitch, OJ Simpson? Yes, there's a lot going on here - apparently people of "color" who are shi##ing their drawers that OJ finally got his. I hope Fred Goldman can finally have some peace, but I don't blame him one bit. I would hound OJ until the day he dies just to piss him off. OJ, rot in hell!

2107 days ago


The items you are seeking no-longer belong to OJ. Pay the guy if you want them so bad. No judge is going to order him to give you something that belongs to him. His name is not OJ. People have the right to have their own OJ stuff. Are you going after everyone in the world with OJ stuff. Good luck with this case. No way in h e l l will this judge lead to to go after regular citizens that have anything OJ>

2107 days ago



2107 days ago


I am so sick of the Goldman family. These people are not upset over the death of there son all they care about is MONEY!!! They are the greediest people and it really is sad because no amount of money will bring there son back. It's time to move on!! I also want to point out one last thing, make no MISTAKE OJ is not in jail today because of the untimely death of Nicole & Ron, so with that said the Goldman family needs to mature a little and move on! The longer you hang onto all the hatred, animosity and resentment the longer you will continue to be the miserable people you are today!!!

2107 days ago


Fred and Kim Goldman - make your peace with God if you haven't already, but keep on hounding this murdering thug, good for nothing piece of sh&^ OJ Simpson FOREVER. He took the life of a beautiful, innocent young man and a woman who did not deserve to die, all the while defying the law and laughing in your face. Get every dime you can out of him, and his estate and put him through hell for every moment that he breathes, because that is one breath your son will not get. OJ really HATES it that you get his stuff, and that makes me happy! I applaud your efforts. OJ is getting much better than he deserves, even going to prison for whatever his sentence turns out to be. What he deserves is to have been dead for 14 years after being electrocuted until he fried like a piece of bacon! He got off easy!

2107 days ago


Good for Mr. Goldman. Hit him where it hurts. I will miss seeing O.J. in the rags with his Nicole look-alike girlfriends and continuing the hunt for the real killer on the golf course. Not! Anyway, a high profile guy like OJ will never have to live amongst other killers anyway. He will get special treatment like his own cell. He will never have the true prison experience like all the "civilian" killers out there. Too bad.
Team Goldman! And the Browns get to at least see their descendants. Their daughter lives on in their grandkids. What do the Goldman's have? Yes, they are hanging onto their hate for OJ, thank God, and it is finally paying off. What goes around, comes around, OJ. Suck on that! Too bad he won't become someone's bride in prison; they will have to keep him isolated I am sure simply for being high profile. Crying shame.

2107 days ago


Actually, let me clarify, just because the Browns have family left doesn't mean they don't harbor hate for OJ or miss their daughter/sister every day of their lives. I did not mean to take away from their loss. But they don't have the luxury of going after OJ the way Goldman can. If they want to be able to see their grandkids, they have to play nice to a certain degree. Otherwise, I am sure they would have gone after any opportunity to get back at the killer as the Goldmans have. The Goldman's have nothing to lose. And I think once they get a hold of whatever possessions they can, they will give Nicole's ring, etc back to the kids. I wouldn't be surprised if the Goldman's don't keep the Browns abreast of the situation. I would think that if the Brown's had issues with what the Goldman's were doing something would have come of it by now.

2107 days ago


Everyone making so many judgements about Ron Goldman and NONE of you know him at all, it is just based on a few articles the media has put their slant on. 99.9% of you cannot imagine what his life is like after his son was so brutally murdered but on top of that, it turned out to be a media circus. He deserves any monetary compensation he can get out of what that nasty POS OJ did to his son and his life.

2107 days ago


Some of you are so wrong about Fred Goldman. He is NOT money hungry and he doesn't want OJ's stuff for his own financial gain. He simply wants it so OJ can't sell it himself & profit from it.
You seem to have forgotten the Goldmans won a civil suit against Simpson, in a court of law. Simpson was ordered to PAY the Goldman's, but instead, he HID all his assets, and moved across the country to a protected state..Florida, to AVOID paying the Goldman's a single cent.
He continued to live large every day and thumbed his nose at the law, the court ruling and the Goldmans.
If you think, for one minute, Fred Goldman wants anything of OJ Simpsons, you are wrong. He just doesn't want the man who murdered his son to have it.

2107 days ago
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