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Fred Goldman Wants to Drain Juice from Dealer

12/7/2008 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fred Goldman isn't finished with O.J. yet -- well, O.J.'s stuff, to be exact.

Goldman's lawyers are filing an action against Mike Gilbert -- the memorabilia dealer who claims O.J. confessed to killing Ron and Nicole -- asking a judge to force Mike to give Fred everything he has that's Juice-related.

A letter to Gilbert's lawyers says the dealer promised to give Goldman the property during an appearance on the "Dr. Phil Show", but he never did.

Goldman is also filling a temporary restraining order against Gilbert -- a hearing is set for Dec. 12.


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A jury awarded the Goldmans millions in a civil lawsuit against Simpson. They were awarded compensatory damages of $8 million for what would have been Ron Goldman's lifetime earnings and millions more in punitive damages for the pain and suffering Ron Goldman endured before dying. They have every right to collect on that judgment.

As for Simpson, I guess he thought that after getting off on two counts of first degree murder, getting away with armed robbery would be a walk in the park. He miscalculated. Badly.

2124 days ago


While I feel for the Goldman's and Brown's loss, there comes a point where you have to get on with your life. Seems like the Browns (for the most part) have done so. The Goldman's would do well to do the same. They got what they really wanted and that was O.J. in jail. If it were me, that's what I would want. That would be worth more than all his money could ever give me!

Not saying he should have a cup of coffee with O.J. but at some point, you've got to find peace. You can tell this has taken its toll on him and his daughter. Sorry, but no one, not even O.J. is worth wasting your life over.

2124 days ago


Just looking at the faces of the Goldman father and sister the other day, they are worn and lifeless due to their hate-filled hearts and rage towards this pathetic man. At the end of the day, their revenge in pursuit of any monies that should be those of Nicole' Brown's innocent children has created a mark upon their own souls. Only monetarily greedy people could possibly go down the path they are continuing to walk right now instead of surrendering their loss to Source! No matter their self-justification, the intentional act of their presence at his sentence the other day did not reflect positively on them no matter their loss. Anyone with the least amount of commonsense understands he will not be released in this lifetime; therefore, the public drama with being in the Nevada courtroom was completely unnecessary.

Trustingly, the souls of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman have been resurrected.

2124 days ago


Good for Fred Goldman! OJ is finally getting what he deserved all those years ago. I hope Fred Golman cleans the SOB out of everything he owns once and for all so that if the a-hole ever gets out of jail (and I hope he dies there) he has to live in a welfare hotel. Never give up, Fred. Haunt that bastard forever.

2124 days ago


I don't see them as being greedy. They lost their son to a sick butcher who got away with it! That crime scene was brutal and gruesome! Does everyone forget the pictures? Imagine if that was your son or daughter? I can understand them not wanting OJ to breathe. I don't think for a second it's about the money to them. They just feel such grief over their son being killed in that manner. They know OJ got away with the murders and this is their only way of making that guy miserable! Take away OJ'S money/posessions and as we all seen he showed his true colors! He got violent and ended up commiting a crime. I wouldn't let OJ breathe if he had killed my child either! Revenge??? Well sometimes we have to do what makes us feel best. Cause the law these day's let murders go!!!

2124 days ago


It's not greed for the Goldman family, it's called JUSTICE. They are not after OJ's money, they are after HIM. Look what that animal did to the Goldman family. You have to be an idiot to think it's about money. It's to keep OJ away from his lifestyle. Keep OJ off the golf course. They know they can not get at OJ's pension, they were (are) trying to keep OJ from his lifestyle.
Until you have something like a murder happen in your family, you can not put yourself in their shoes. Our niece was murdered by an animal, and our family got justice? The animal is on death row. But, I would of done anything, just like the Goldman's to get justice. Go Fred and Kim. Kathy Woodsmall

2124 days ago


To #95picese48, so you have moved on with your life. Now you advise the Goldman's to do the same. I doubt if it were me that I could simply move on. I am sorry for your loss. We are not supposed to out live our children. I cannot even imagine the horror of burying a child, no matter their age. A civil court found Simpson liable for the deaths. The civil court cannot touch his football pension of $25,000 a month. That is a hell of alot of money to live on and raise your kids. Sadly the only way to hurt simpson is by taking his material possessions. If Simpson wanted his daughter to have her mothers ring, why did he simply just not give it to her? If that was my daughter lying on the sidewalk with her head nearly cut off or my son laying next to a tree cut to ribbons I would haunt the killer to my dying days. 2 children lost a mother, and a man lost his son and a sister her brother. Simpson had the gall to write a book about the murders. It takes a pretty low man to write about murder he claims he never did but if he did how he would have done it. And then expect to make a fortune off of that. Fact is, he is not a man. Life goes on for all of us one way or another but we all do not and cannot move on like you have. I wonder in my heart of hearts if you really have. But I will not judge you. Please don't judge the Goldmans for what they feel they must do in the name of justice. Simpson paid millions to his legal defense and they did their job and got him aquited. Tell me though, how would you have felt if a lawyer defending your childs killer turned at you in a courtroom and said "gotcha" to you? It takes courage for the Goldmans to do what they are doing in the face of all the hatred thrown at them. You ask why they just don't let a lawyer handle it all....takes money for that. Simpson chose not to pay his debt in the civil court and flaunt himself on golf coarses across the nation...looking for the killer. Right. All the murderers I know play golf daily. What the Brown family chooses to do is up to them, just as the Goldmans have made their choice.

2124 days ago


Fred and Kim are nothing more then GREEDY ,GoldDiggers.. Money is not gonna bring RON BACK, and they have spent the lasst 11 years so worried about Oj's life and getting his things that the Golddiggers have lost there own lives. Some of the items mentioned like the wedding ring have NO RIGHT being given to the Goldmens and also personal family pictures.
I believe in my heart that Fred Goldman was really behind setting up this whole hotel thing in Vegas and Tom Riccio was the guy who Fred used to tape and get the whole thing to happen.

The Goldman's wanted Justice well Judge Glass gave them that.. If she was NOT sentencing him for past cases, then why even mention the murder case at all..Fred and Kim has NO RIGHT to be in that courtroom for OJ's sentencing.

OJ still lived his best years a free man, I think he was sentenced way to harsh for a first time felony . For Fred and Kim to be joyful that 2 children lost both there parents shows what kind of peolple they really are...

2123 days ago


I just don't get it. You'd think that with their horrible history of persecution, black people would understand the discrimination that gay people are now experiencing. Instead, you have them accusing Ron Goldman, who died in a manner right out of a nightmare, of being gay. Does that make him eligible for slaughter? Is it ok for a black man to kill a gay man and get away with it? Many times I've found that those who are most homophobic, are actually the ones who have homosexual tendencies themselves, which horrifies them. This forces them to lash out at what they fear most. I wonder..........?

2123 days ago


Fred and Kim Goldman have the right to sit anywhere they DAM( WELL PLEASE! The murdering bastard killed their son and owes them money, and he's spent his free years thumbing his nose at the law that ordered him to pay! They don't really want OJ's stupid old shi%, they just want to make sure he doesn't get it! If they were behind this robbery that finally sent the old douochebag to prison, good for them! It's high time!

2123 days ago

Toby Hirsh    

I am so sick of Fred Goldman. It is obvious that this man is nothing but a gold digger and media whore! He is successful at it because of the money that he's receiving from O.J's name and the Brown/Goldman deaths. He's not the only person that has had a wife, son, or daughter murdered! He is tacky and needs to go away forever! You do not see Nicole's family eyeing for the media spotlight every moment or constantly chasing dollar bills with OJ's name on it. Nicole left behind two small children who had to live with the idea that their dad killed their mother. That's terribly enough right there. I think that that lastest development should be enough for this fool to get a life and enjoy the coins that he has recieved off of his son's death. He has really cheapened Ron and Nicole's tragic death over his love of money!

2123 days ago


I for one am happy as hell that O.J., finally is doing some time for the two souls he took. If he did not physically do it he was there when it happened. Talk about his evidence all over the place and why would he parade up and down the highway threatening to shoot himself .... smells, sounds and feels like guilt to me. But here's the rub and the lowest blow .... after this dumb sum-of-a-bit got off scott free, he goes and taunts the family of the victims in numerous ways ... writing a book titled "What if I Did Do It" and telling Ron Goldmans dad that he had his friends to keep his good stuff so they won't get it by court order and the likes. On top of everything else, had the audacity to do several interviews on t.v. continuously taunting the victims family. The judge should have thrown his azz under the jail ....... and instead of giving him 9 years she should have given hime 2 life sentances plus 9 days ....

2123 days ago


I don't think the Browns are silent because they want to be. If they have any chance of staying in their grandkids/niece/nephews lives they HAVE to be. They can't go after OJ and still expect the kids to want to see them. The Goldmans have nothing else to lose so are free to make OJ's life as miserable as possible. I hope if OJ outlives Mr. Goldman then Kim Goldman keeps up the fight until OJ croaks. Hopefully he will get shanked in prison but not likely since he will be isolated from the rest of the general population. Not fair.

Oh, and MsRita: you are one sick puppy.

2123 days ago

DMX hater    

OJ my brother, as you know all of us have to sacrifice for the betterment of the African American race, including jail time, and even death. You have done your part to insure your your "white" children survive, and in further truth the extinction of the black race as we know it. It is my wish that our ancestors only see one race, and it be white. Nothing else is expected of you, as you have done what is necessary that your seed may survive, barring the death of your own children.

2123 days ago


The Goldman's were quick to take credit for pushing OJ into a crime. Would they be so quick to take credit if they had pushed OJ into taking the life of someone else's son?

2123 days ago
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