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Abdul: Suicidal Fan Stalked Me for 17 Years

12/8/2008 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for scary: Paula Abdul says the obsessed fan who committed suicide right outside her house has been following her for 17 years.
Paula Abdul: Click to view!
Abdul revealed on "The View" she's been dealing with Paula Goodspeed, whose body was found November 11 in her car, since her "Forever Your Girl" days.


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I am so sick of seeing famous people propped up - hammered drunk, totally wasted or crazy and we are supposed to pretend they are just fine- Brit is a crazy eyed wacko- Paula is a pill popping phony- OMG get off the drugs!

2109 days ago


Paula did say that the stalking was initially done via Fan Club connections. It wasn't until AI that she "knew how to get to me". Very possible for a young teen to obsessively write letters, etc. I can believe 17 wasn't always about her sitting in a car outside Paula's house.

2109 days ago


Okay, this is the real story:

That fan was indeed stalking her for 17 years. That fateful day occurred as Paula opened her front door and the fan saw her up close...the fan fell in state of shock when she discovered that the person she's been stalking for so many years was indeed so NASTY looking.

All the efforts were in vain and she became totally depressed about it... she went to her car and ended her life

2109 days ago


Paula Goodspeed was 27 when she died. I seriously doubt she stalked Paula Abdul at age 10.

2109 days ago


I love Paula Abdul too, but BE PROFOUNDLY AND UTTERLY LOYAL TO YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE, and don't get hooked on any hero worship or fixation, it's bad for you, it can cause acne and sometimes the neighbors will think you're part of a secret sect that worships mushrooms on Thursdays at midnight. Cheer up!

17 years! That really is not good, it's definately tragic. Always remember, success and popularity have a TRILLION ways of happening, and they aren't often what you originally intend, what counts is what is valuable and spiritual, not trinkets and neon lights.

That being said, what I really want for Christmas is to be Snoopy, from Charlie Brown. Talk about excellence in acting!

2109 days ago


She is totally wasted in this interview, and I'm sure we'll be hearing her complain in the next few days that it was the shows "faulty" sound equipment or something that made her sound that way. I don't know what shes on- guess it really doesn't matter- but I cannot believe she did an interview being so wasted. Too bad they didn't call her on it. Hopefully they won't grant her anymore interviews until she's gone through treatment and is sober. Celebrities have so many "cheerleaders" telling them how wonderful they are all the time many never get to hit bottom and get a reality check on the addictions before they are dead. Paula- quit making excuses and seek help before its too late, and her managers should insist she get help or drop her (hint,hint American Idol) before she kills herself or someone else. I can't stand to watch a person that can't even talk, its stupid and sad.

2109 days ago


If that's true, why on earth would Idol producers let this girl perform in front of the judges only a few short years ago? She was AWFUL.....and if they KNEW she was a dangerous stalker, wouldn't you think letting her audition in front of Paula be a really, really bad idea?? She didn't use an alias....she used her real name, and the judges have the names in front of them before the singers come in. I don't buy it.

2109 days ago


Is it me, or is Paula's face slightly paralyzed looking? Notice the right side of her mouth seems fine, but her left side is almost frozen, not to mention her speech is totally slurred. It's obvious she's trying to choose and pronounce her words carefully. I don't know what's going on with her, but something is really not right.

2109 days ago


Okay let's do the math here. She died at the age of 30 so if she was stalking her for 17 years, that means she had been stalking her since she was 13! Paula doesn't know what she is talking about.

2109 days ago


Unfortunately, it comes with the territory!!!!

2109 days ago


well then why the hell did this chick come on AI to audition and Paula Abdul didn't even look shocked!!!

2109 days ago


Paula Abdul is a painkiller addict because of all her back and neck pain.
That is why the slurred words and drunk acting. It's just normal for her.

2109 days ago


She sickens me, it never ceases to amaze me how we ador people who are of no value to society. Paula had done nothing productive for the past twenty-years, but because she is on a semi-popular show we have to respect her. It is about time we hold people to a contemporary standard, kind of like what have you done lately?

I feel sorry for the fans of that show she is on because most of the young ones don't know what she did to become famous. Just because the producer of the show has a soft spot in his heart she has res erected her career. This is a bad message to send out to the public. I hope her well.

2109 days ago


I think the chick was actually trying to get Paula's perscription stash. That I'll believe!

2109 days ago


Talk about the ultimate holiday gift

2109 days ago
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