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Ashlee: Rock-a-Bye Bye Baby

12/9/2008 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After giving birth to son Bronx an entire 18 days ago, Ashlee Simpson did what every new mom does ... she went clubbing in West Hollywood.

Ash checked out her husband Pete Wentz's show at the Troubadour and then hightailed it next door to Foxtail for a little see and be scene action.

Hopefully, the 24-year-old will be as good a mom as she is a singer.


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I too do not think its her. We've seen recent pics of her prior to giving birth and her face is not this full. Plus I don't believe she has a tatoo on her arm like that.
TMZ - maybe you should look into this one again, you may want to retract story.

2112 days ago


in a tree top

2112 days ago


um, if thats not her than someone needs to tell People mag. to take down the imposters picture. its her.

2112 days ago

chat wit me    

All you people that don't think she has tattoos need to wake up. She got that huge ugly flower on her wrist earlier this year. She has like 8 or so tats.

2112 days ago

Avenge, revenge, whatever    

Hey Eron, it was a play on words. She wanted to see, and then be a part of, if not cause, a scene. That's what happens with celebrities; even no talent celebrities like her (and before you go arguing that she is not a celebrity, look up the definition; it has nothing to do with ability or even likeability). You are not too bright. Also, the bit about her good singing was facetious. You are one dumb dude (yes, that was redundant, but people as thick-headed as you need the repetition).

2112 days ago


Why the hell can't she be out? Geez, becoming a parent doesn't stop your life! Even parents are entitled to a couple hours of R & R on occasion!

2112 days ago

i still hate retards    

that is her you friggin morons. you are on a computer aren't
you?!?!? than just do a little investigating (or is that require too
much intelligence?) to see if she has a tattoo like that in the pic.
and lo and behold, she does. first hit on yahoo search shows this is
her tattoo.

also, there are tons of articles, studies, and experts who now say
drinking and nursing is fine.
as long as you are not sloppy, stinking drunk every night, a glass or
two or even three of wine or beer is fine. especially if you do it at
night and the baby sleeps through the night. the alcohol is out of
your bloodstream by then AND out of the milk.

christ people. just do a little research before spouting stupid
comments. obviously not everything on the internet is 100% accurate
or even remotely true, but certain things you surely can figure out
on your own with a little effort.

2112 days ago

Liz a mother who takes care of herself and in turn her family is thankful! the husband can go out but a new mom can't? My hubby and I went out with friends 3 weeks after my baby was born and it helped recharge me in an emotional way to connect with friends and be with my husband. I'm a huge believer in taking care of yourself and doing what you need to do to get recharged. No mom can be a mom 24/7 and give her family what they need if she is not paying attention to her own needs as well. Don't be haters and judgemental just because Ashley caught a show. Big freakin deal.

2112 days ago


I just gave birth to my daughter three months ago & I still can't leave her to go out & party! I'm 26 yrs. old!!!
I am soo attached to her, it's hard enough having to go to work & leaving her in the morning!!!

Ashlee what are you doing? Who cares if your going to see your hubby perform, that baby needs YOU to take care of him, not someone else!

That's just WRONG!!!!!!!!!

2112 days ago


just because she is out deosn't mean she is drinking... she is at her husband's performance and HE is working. Even if she was to have a drink or 2 that would be fine. Yes it is early to be out, but everyone reads WAY into this like she is out all night partying and getting wasted, for all we know she is out for 2 hours, listened to some music and went home to baby. jessssssshhhh people are so judgemental and just from a picture.

2112 days ago


That looks like Amber Tamblyn. That doesn't look like Ashlee Simpson.

2112 days ago


I had a baby 2 days before Ashlee and I have not left her one time. I can't imagine leaving my baby this soon after her birth. My husband can't even hardly stand to leave except when he's at work. I can't believe she was out clubbing this soon. Not mom of the year.

2112 days ago


...."good as a mom as she is a singer "...Oh I get it....That's a good one TMZ. Ha Ha Ha

2112 days ago

lost in lalaland    

I hate retards? Ummm, some of us have better things to do than research someone's tattoo's. Particularly someone as unimportant as Ashlee Simpson. If one of us makes a quick comment that it doesn't look like her, it's because we're here for a minute, not an hour. Or an afternoon. Or an entire day. I'm sorry you have nothing else to do. Start an Ashlee Simpson fan club or something.

2112 days ago


Which girl is supposedly Ashlee? Neither one look anything like her in any way!

2112 days ago
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