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Ruffalo Done in by Russian Roulette

12/9/2008 9:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed the suspect in the shooting death of Mark Ruffalo's brother has told police Scott Ruffalo died during a game of Russian Roulette.

Shaha Mishaal Adham, who turned herself in yesterday to Bev Hills Police, said she went to Ruffalo's apartment to pick up her Land Rover, which he had borrowed.

We've learned there was a mystery person also present (NOT Brian Scofield, the man who was named a "person of interest' in the case) during the deadly game.

We're told after Ruffalo shot himself in the head, Adham bolted and called her boyfriend, Brian Scofield, who called 911.


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Just an Okie    

Are you kidding me????? I hope this isn't a mug shot. She really looks torn up doesn't she? I'm like other readers...this is a pretty tacky story to post. Yes, this is a "gossip" site, but this is pretty inconsiderate to family and friends of the victim. You've crossed a line.

2108 days ago


Russian roulette my a$$. He probably had an automatic!

2108 days ago


Mumbai India. Any other questions?

Why havent Muslim Organizations, who have been quick to condem cartoons about Muslims, been silent about the Muslims who killed innocent Americans, Brits, Indians and Jews?

Keep believing that being nice to these people will keep you safe. They want all non believers to die, why wont you people see the light? Whats it going to take, another 9-11?

Answer the question before shouting Hater---why the silence from the same groups that condem a cartoon but not the murder of a 2 year olds parents with their blood smeared upon the child?

This is an outrage that the Mosques have remained silent. Their silence is their approval.

Stay aware, stay informed, and stay one will come to protect you. Ask the people of New Orleans.

2108 days ago

Tyra Banks    

she should be killed for the roulette story alone. idiot.

2108 days ago

Jesus Christall    

As usual TMZ is trying to make a buck off peoples misery, modern day body corps stealing. But then don't they hire people out of prison, which might kill for a story”Hmmm? Pap's like to get injured , so they can sell thier tire treat sneakers on Ebay. Some would cut off their own foot if they could get a good price for it. Vamipes do exist, their called papernazies.

2108 days ago

dirk diggler    

The real story...the gun discharged hitting the mole and Ruffalo was hit by the ricochet.

2108 days ago


R u kidding me.!

2108 days ago


There are forensic ways to find out if he shot himself. There would be gun powder residue and other evidence on his hand as well as the gun. Does anyone watch Forensic Files? LOL

2108 days ago


how did he get shot in the BACK if the head??

2107 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

I'm not buying this story. There's more going on than they're telling. Another post says he shot himself getting her car keys. That doesn't make any sense either.

2107 days ago


I went to boarding school with Shaha, and she was a sweet girl. I have to admit that was like ten years ago almost, but I could never see her shooting someone. She didn't even know how to wash a dish, she wouldn't have known how to load a gun. I hope that she wouldn't do such a selfish and horrible thing as to commit murder. RIP

2098 days ago
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