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"Most Wanted" Host -- Worst Criminal Ever

12/10/2008 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who hosted a local TV show called "West Virginia's Most Wanted" may be the very guy he was out to get -- dude just got busted for allegedly doing a whole 'lotta bad stuff.

Andrew Lynne Palmer just pled guilty to breaking into a store and jacking a hand-held GPS unit and a company credit card -- which he used to buy $47 worth of gas.

That equals one felony and two misdemeanors -- which are just the tip of Palmer's iceberg-sized meltdown.

In July he was arrested for allegedly stealing a van... in February he was accused of leading police on a high speed chase... in Nov. 2007 he pled guilty to beating a man who refused to buy him drugs... and in March 2007 he was ordered to pay his former fiancée $22,000 for conning her into buying him a trailer.

We're thinking "Wanted" should start new show called "Stupid Crap Andrew Palmer Did" -- which could only be rivaled by another fake show, "Watch DMX Get Arrested."


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Wow, he's been quite busy! I wonder what 2009 will hold for him.

2106 days ago

Dirk Diggler    

Haha I guess nobody does background checks anymore...but since this article really has no details - my question is - did he host the show recently or prior to committing all these crimes?

2106 days ago

darling nikki    

well, TMZ...duh. not surprised. he is like any other white trash redneck.

2106 days ago


Just so you all know... Andy had a history of crime before hosting the show. He was a reformed criminal, and set an example of how criminals can turn their lives around and do good for their community. His reformation is why he was chosen to do the show in the first place. What this story doesn't mention is that Andy was faced with some hardships in his life, to say the least, that led to his backslide. Addicts are always addicts. It's a disease, and to stay sober can be very hard at best. He was faced with more than he could handle at one point, and fell back into old habits. Does it excuse any of this -no, but you should tell the whole story instead of the most amusing pieces. During Andy's career as a good guy, he helped COUNTLESS people to either reform, or not fall prey to drugs and crime to begin with. He mentored criminals, addicts, and youth. He publically told his story to teens regularly so that they could see what drugs and crime can do to your life. He's still very admired, and everyone who believes in him has hope that he will once again find a way to make good of the bad in his life. He's never claimed to be perfect, or above any of this... He's human. So the comments about background checks? His background made him the expert, and is how he helped many during his work.

2106 days ago


I think this is the greatest story ever, conned a women into buying him a trailer... HA HA HA

2106 days ago

You Wish    

i notice u didnt post my last comment. why am i not surprised

2106 days ago

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