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T. R. to "Grey's" -- C. U. L8R

12/10/2008 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Does anyone want to be on "Grey's Anatomy" anymore?

TR Knight has officially asked to be axed from the drama at the end of the season, according to People. While he's been showing for work, despite reports, Knight has been unhappy with the storylines (hello, Katherine Heigl) he's getting and it's "time to move on."

As for speculation TR's move has something to do with Isaiahgate, a source says that's rubbish.


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Spagetti Cat    

Who wouldn't want to be on a show where the woman who broke up your marriage with a lesbian is now dating the ghost of the man she killed?

2080 days ago

Just my opinion    

It's not the show, it's the crybaby gay guy....

2080 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    

Good Career move, let’s see how this pans out for him.

A guy like this should be happy to have the work. What was he doing before Grey’s? I do not see the networks rolling out many new shoes that make it and reality TV continues to grow (unfortunately). While I agree that the show has shifted to ridiculous story lines, I see this guys career vanishing. These days, everyone and I mean everyone, should be happy to have work. This guy may find him self waiting tables soon enough.

2080 days ago


He wants off the show because he knows it SUCKS!!!

2080 days ago


If I were on the show, I'd want to get off of it also. It way sucks. I gave up on it early last year. The writers must be smoking crack.

2080 days ago


the story line has gone LAME! it's not a hot show anymore

2080 days ago

Zuzu's Petals    

I have two words for you --- Gary Burghoff!! (Radar from Mash for those of you who are too young to remember). As Alan Alda said to him as he left the show, (sic) "Gary if someone is going to pay you that kind of money to do something you love, maybe you should be just a little appreciative." Let TR Knight go and watch his career tank. Better actors than him have tried to "move on" from shows they felt were unworthy of their talents -- and most of them have failed.

2080 days ago


TR better start practicing this line..."Do you want fries with that?"

2080 days ago

Illinois person    

Another star getting too big for his britches? Guess he's forgotten about Farrah Fawcett, Suzanne Summers and many others. How can no check at all be better than a steady one on a top-rated show??

2080 days ago

Typical white person    

The show sucks just like he does and i mean SUCKS!!

2080 days ago


Grey's officially jumped the shark when Yang fell down on the ice and an F-ing icicle fell off the roof and stabbed her in the abdomen. WAY LAME.

While I don't blame TR for wanting to get off the show, um yeah, good luck with that...

2080 days ago


Honestly, I think if he leaves, he'll just be another actor who was on a popular show and never heard from again. He is great as George, but I don't think he'd be as good anywhere else. JMO.

2080 days ago


Does he want to give up acting as well? I mean, he isn't doing anything else, why does he want out of the show?

2080 days ago

Pop Goes the Weasel    

I had never seen or heard of TR Knight before Grey's. Why an actor would leave a popular show instead of ask for better storylines and miss out on the big paycheck is beyond me...He ain't Brad Pitt afterall...Bet we don't see him again in a regular series.. This is special guest time for TR!

2080 days ago


He's nothing special and if I saw him on the street I probably wouldn't look twice. He needs to learn the lesson that David Caruso did. He dropped off the face of the Earth for what 10 years after he quit his prime time gig? He thought he was too good and had big screen dreams . He's a rare example of some one that got another chance. T.R. is mediocre at best. Hope he has a backup plan.

2080 days ago
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