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Macaulay's Sister Dies

12/11/2008 12:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: TMZ has obtained an official statement from Macaulay's rep. "We can officially confirm that the victim is Dakota Culkin. This is a terrible tragic accident. We have no further comment at this time."

We've learned Macaulay Culkin's sister died yesterday after being struck by a car.

Law enforcement sources tell us Dakota Culkin was walking on the west side of Los Angeles Tuesday when she stepped off a curb and was struck by a car. The 29-year-old Culkin was taken to the UCLA Medical Center where she died of her injuries yesterday afternoon.

So far no arrests have been made. The case is under investigation by LAPD.


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Wow I feel really bad. Our sympathy to the Culkin family.

2150 days ago


First Mac's virgin @$$hole gets blown out by Michael Jackson & now his sister dies ? That sucks

2150 days ago


I just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to Dakota's Parents.I lost my 19 yr old son in a drowning in May and can understand the confusion and anguish they are filling.You will get through it as hard as it is to believe you will survive as sad as it is to lose a child you will learn to smile and love again

2150 days ago


i am so sorry for your loss...i have always admired him since home son looks just like him...God bless you and your family at this time in sorrow...with time..your wounds will heal...memories will always remain....blessed be you

2150 days ago


GOD bless..i have always admired mccauley's son looks just like him...blessed be with you and your family...may your guardian angels guide you and support you always

2150 days ago


I am so sorry for the family. I know how they are feeling at this time. I also lost my husband at the age of 28 and we had 3 children. he was killed while cropdusting and his plane went down. So i do no what it is like and how it feels. it something that is with you for the rest of your life.

2150 days ago


May she rest in Heavans Palatial Regalia!!!

2150 days ago

To see or not to see    

To T-M-Z
When you put an ugly picture on this site you make a disservice to your readers

2150 days ago


My sympathy and prayers go out to the Culkin family. What a terrible tragedy but I truly belive we all go to a much better place and we'll be reunited with all those who go there before us. I also feel sympathy for Rodger C and Jake D who are tragedies of a different sort. Too bad neither one of you know it. I'm sorry you two hate yourselves so much. I'll pray for you both. You can't love others until you can love yourself.

2150 days ago


Those of you looking for a pic, this is all I could find.

2150 days ago


Raystar, there is God and God loves you even though you don't believe. You're loved just as someone who believes with all their heart and soul. And God can be called Allah, Yeweh, the Great Spirit, the Goddess, the Light, the Almighty, any name, because they're all names for the same one, true and only GOD.

2150 days ago


DIOS, I doubt celebrities bother with trash such as TMZ during such a time of sorrow, so my comments will be to you, but first I have to say Jake D and Roger C need to get back in their footed jammies and take their nap now. Only spoiled, childish, bratty, attention seeking sh*ts like them would post such garbage. Are both of you so starved for attention that you have to say things like that? How sad; I feel as sorry for you and your families as I do the Culkin family. Dios, I am so sorry to hear of your accident and health problems. But please, and I know this is hard, but try to do all you can to find some positive aspects of your life. The first step is to ask God with all your heart (sincerely) to help you, and to guide you. Ask him to give you the guidance, direction, comfort and strength that you need to not only get through this, but to also get your life going in the direction HE wants it to go. There are several things you need to do: the FIRST to turn to God (with all of your heart), the second is to research all you can about your injuries and health problems, the third to to seek counseling, the fourth is to re-evaluate your life and your options, and the fifth is to find someone who can help you with your financial needs. And don't shut out those who love and need you, but at the same time, don't make them bear the burden of items 1 - 5 that I listed above. Those are things that only YOU can do, but your loved ones can encourage you, help you, and most of all, love you. Let them be there for you, but don't demand they be there for you. I understand that you are angry, depressed, and many other emotions, all of which are normal. But please, you have to know that there is, and WILL be, a better life ahead for you; I truly feel that with all my heart. So please, take stock of where you are now, not where you were before the accident, and aim for where I know you can be. You can write a cook book, with instructions on all sorts of kitchen tips, that only trained chefs such as you know, or you can be a consultant to restaurants and other types of food industries. The possiblilities are endless for you. But first you have to get with God, and let Him guide you, and truly listen to Him. Then, go through 1 - 5, and see how good your life can be. I promise I am not speaking as one who knows nothing of pain and physical limitations. I admit, mine are nowhere near as bad as yours seem, but I do know there are still many things you can do to improve your life, your health, and your financial problems. May God be with you, and you are in my prayers. With love and prayers, Belle

2150 days ago


so sad for their loss. its hard to lose a child, sibling and any family memeber or friend..

2150 days ago

Karen Sherman    

I would like to send my deepest condolences to the entire Culkin family. It is such a tragedy to lose a family member, but even sadder to lose someone so close to the holidays. I lost my brother to suicide on 12/18/00 so I know how hard it is.

I will keep the Culkin's in my thoughts and prayers.


Karen Sherman
Baltimore,. MD

2150 days ago


How Sad, I'll keep the fsmily in my prsyer. Yes! Karma is powerful!

2150 days ago
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