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T-Boz Latest Victim of Dreaded F-Close

12/11/2008 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

T-Boz -- she's the T in TLC -- is about to lose a Georgia house after failing to pony up her mortgage payments.

We've learned a five-bedroom, nearly 10,000-sq. ft. house owned by T-Boz (real name: Tionne Watkins-Rolison) is about to go on the auction block in January 2009. According to public records, she's defaulted on the original principal of her mortgage (around $530K), and so now the state is taking it.

T-Boz wasn't immediately available for comment.


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Its sad that some of you people feel justified in talking the way you do about Tionne without even knowing her. Saying she deserved it is nonsensical, seeing as none of you know what she deserves, as you dont know her. She is a lovely lady who loves her daughter with a love thats admirable. She DOES NOT deserve this.

2068 days ago

nick cant drive 55    

How can someone with no job get a house like this?

2141 days ago


That's what you get for living above your means, I don't feel bad for her at all.

2141 days ago



I'm really getting sick and tired of reading these stories about people who take their good fortune and piss it away on foolish spending sprees. We're supposed to "feel" for them? Hardly.

We are one messed up society. Totally messed up.

2141 days ago



2141 days ago


She blew all her money on grape soda and Newports. This isn't really a surprise is it? Her group was already broke when they still had hit records.

2141 days ago

northern gypsy    

H.W.G.A. sure the $$$ was mind-boggling when you were on top...that's when you should have bought other mortgage...ok...pack up your stuff...time to move on...see ya !!!

2141 days ago


I just dont get it. These people (Celebrity), they supposedly make soooooooo much money. . . how can they be broke. I just dont get it. They make is seem like they are infinitely rich. But I guess in thier world it's all an illusion and confusion is the name of the game.

2141 days ago


You gotta pay to stay, sista!!

2141 days ago


I just can't feel sorry for her...she should have learned her lesson when TLC went bankrupt years ago when they were under a different manager (Pebbles I think) and now she is back in the same situation. And now there is a news article here in Charlotte that Fantasia is being forclosed on 1 of her 2 homes as well. I have no sympthany for anyone who has this kind of money and doesn't think to manage it or hire a good financial planner to help them protect their money...Eve did it and look what she has. So did Will Smith and Ludacris.

2141 days ago


Please stop calling these people "victims". It's their own d@mn fault they can't work a calculator and figure out they can't afford the payments. But don't worry, Obama is sending your bail out check any day now.

2141 days ago


I don't understand this.. why not pay cash for the house when you had it.. I mean a 10,000sf. home for 530,000 that is cheap.Thats the cost of an avg. house well mine, but she could have earn that in 2pay periods do a tv or reality show and save your house!!!! I'm sorry this is just STUPID!!!

2141 days ago

A Real Housewife from Compton    

It's been almost 10 yrs since TLC was in the Top 40. More than enough time to get finances together etc,etc. Problem was the only one with talent is no longer with us. Should have been a clue for her to downsize and maintain ASSETS before the recession hit.

Just a thought.

2141 days ago

like, wtf??    

I don't think we're supposed to feel sorry for her, this is just a newsflash.

Sad fact is that these folks are musicians, not accountants or business people. They come into a lot of money when they're very young and are naive enought to get taken advantage of and/or don't understand how to budget. Some learn as they go, some don't.

2141 days ago


AWWW - This sucks I love me some T-Boz...

Thought she was married ? If not she can come live with me ~

That would be Crazy Sexy Cool !

2141 days ago
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