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Tom Cruise -- Safety Risk?

12/11/2008 12:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom CruiseTom Cruise has had an unwelcome visitor, and his head of security went to court yesterday to express concern.

Edward Van Tassel was arrested the day before the Prez election after waving a gun and an American flag on a freeway in Santa Barbara. He was taken to an unsecured Veteran's hospital awaiting his court hearing.

Yesterday, at a bail hearing, the prosecutor said Van Tassel had left the VA facility three times to go to Tom Cruise's Beverly Hills house to deliver a letter. We're told Van Tassel believed Cruise was sympathetic to vets.

Tom's P.I. said he was concerned for his client, and the judge ordered Van Tassel to stay away from Cruise.


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Can he please just go away?,,, OH, and his wifey, too.

2151 days ago


So one nut is afraid of another? I see this everyday at the bus stop.

2151 days ago


How long until this guy suddenly turns up dead? Remember what happen to the guy that tried to sell Tom's wedding pics? 6 feet under.

2151 days ago

Triple Play    

Maybe L. Ron Hubbard can channel help to this Scientolobot Psycho

2151 days ago


Wow, Tom must think he accidentally gave to some Terrorist charity (guessing) being that he is sooo afraid of the delusional vet (that actually like him). If Mr. Cruise had the gonads to help anyone but himself, mabe there would be less vets with screwed up heads. But it's probably hard for him to mutter any words but "me, myself, I and the great Tom Cruise".

I've read on some websites that there seems to be a history with Tom trying to seek power and stature in any religeous organization he ever attended, which he never achieved in any christian organization. This makes sense why he is Scientologist, he can buy stature and power.

Seems he can stop and not mind his business in a traffic accident, but when it comes to our Vets whom are more in need than anyone else, he seems to not care.

This seems t show all his actions are scientology based. hey, if someone has just been t-boned in an accident and is in shock, he can come forward into the situation with no intent to save but make all appearances that is what he is there to do. Then the duped person (whom only remembers the bad accident and how nice Tom was) asks Tom how come your so nice, he'll explain it is all part of Scientology.

As for Vets, there is no gain for him because he won't be able to convince hardly any of them for Scientology.

A quick google search with the terms "Tom cruise helps vets" returned 3 stories on a restraining order against a vet. How he recruited a "Disney Vet" and how Katie Holms was out alone on vetrans day. Vets be wary, this man probably does not like you. Vets should be careful on how they spend thier dollars as related to entertainment, you wouldn't want to possibly support someone whom might secretly despise you for being in hell for the last 3-5 years. But, if you really need to meet Tom, wreck your car in front of him.
People don't realize there are soo many potentially good actors, pick your actors based upon thier actions, not as much in acting. Acting is really someone whom is good at falsification of emotions. If your not an actor and you falsify emotions, you are genrally called a fake, fraud and liar. There is a thin line with some talent. You will honestly never know what they are saying is true, because they can act/lie about it. In the public, they are almost 90% of the time a front for thier real personalities. That is why TMZ exists. They can show you the other side.

2151 days ago


TMZ, do you not remember a little flick called "Born On The Fourth Of July" that Tom did in 89? Tom played a vet who ends up in a wheel chair after serving for his country......he goes on to fight for the rights of the injured veterans who believe that their country has turned it's back on them.

Anyway, thats the connection I made from this story. This Edward Van Tassel must have thought that Tom supported the because of that role......maybe looking for a hand out?

2151 days ago


Tom is a nut. He's just strange. He's scared of an obviously mentally ill person? ahhh. seriously. that's whats wrong with america.... whatever.

Did anyone else see him on the tonight show with Jay Leno tonight? He looks like he weighs about 100 lbs.... maybe he and Katie will eventually disappear with these crazy diet tactics.... I think I'd be okay with that.... heh. :/

2150 days ago


I served with Van Tassel. He deployed for about a month. He was crazy before and should've never been able to join the Army and that is where the Army failed him.

2150 days ago

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