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Audrina's Body of Work ... Her Body!!!

12/12/2008 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When Audrina Patridge tried on a two-piece at a Hollywood bikini store yesterday, even a seated Lauren Conrad stared in amazement at her unbelievable hotness.

Thank God pictures don't have sound!


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wasting time    

This has nothing to do with being gay or being jealous. I have looked like that before by drinking a lot of coffee and eating a salad everyother day (and nothing else). This is about being unhealthy and unattractive. Any normal man (gay or straight) can tell you this is not attractive on any one.

2110 days ago


lol #14 i'd put a bag over her face as well

2110 days ago

Tired of Paula's Antics    

I can't believe Lauren's still friends with her - Audrina looked like a nut when she accused Lauren of cheated with Justin Bobby. She looks great in a bikini, but wow that was seriously messed up the way she got all wrapped up in herself - not cool.

2110 days ago

the truth    

She looks great.... except for the tattoo's they ruin a great girl

2110 days ago


It is her body, but she does look kinda frail and unhealthy. I think we have gotten out of hand with our body image, and how we need to impress people with outer appearance. I asked my husband about the skin-n-bone look, and said real men need something to hold. I am about 138 after having 2 kids in 3 years, and I had to get a XL abercombie sweater to fit me. It made me think oh my gosh am I really that fat now. They are making clothes to fit very skinny women, and in the meantime girls are throwing up and starving to fit in "their size 2'.

2110 days ago


My first thought was to give the girl a sandwich. Definitely gives the wrong impression to young girls about what is attractive.

2110 days ago


Hot? More like NOT. Hot would be some womanly curves and a lil more meat and not so much bone.

2110 days ago


I hope she is buying that or other costumer will have second used bottons hehe...and yessss!!! she is bonny skinny

2110 days ago


All you people saying something about her being skinny are just fat. She looks great. It's ridiculous how in our society, someone who takes care of themselves is viewed as sickly. People that watch there diets are considered no fun, people who lift weights are called meat heads, and all of us people in great shape are routinly called out for being too obsessed with ourselves and how we look. It's o.k., though, because every time you come down on us healthy people for looking to good, we take it as a compliment. So every time you tell us to gain some fat, or stop eating so healthy, or that are muscle are getting too big, we like it, and it just makes us work a little harder the next day. And who cares if her hip bone is sticking out? I'm a 215 lb natural bodybuilder, and guess what, my hip bones stick out for miles. You people need to grow up and hit the weights and cut back on the fast food.

2110 days ago


yooo yalll are all haters she mad sexy

2110 days ago


Fake tan, cheap weave, anorexic.
Nice eyes, though.

2110 days ago

Tyra Banks    

I think she looks like a concentration camp victim, myself.

2110 days ago


She looks fantastic. And good for her for making the decision not to trash up her body with disgusting tattoos like her sister.

2110 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

She's too skinny. Women are supposed to have at least some curves. She's shaped more like a little boy with breast implants. I bet her thighs are the same size as her shins - nasty. Being slender is fine but too skinny is not a good look.

2110 days ago


I met a woman that looked liker her once, she was a sexless prude whome dieted obsesively toto obtain attention. But, was appalled every time she heard some man (even worse if it was a woman) liked her.

2110 days ago
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