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Bravo Star "Flips Out" Over Assault Allegations

12/12/2008 8:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The host of Bravo's "Flipping Out" is disputing allegations that he attacked an "Ugly Betty" star at her home -- by attacking her in a statement.

It's all over a lawsuit filed Wednesday by Ugly Betty's Ashley Jensen and her husband, who claim Jeff Lewis was working on a house for his show, when he built a deck which encroached into their yard. When they refused to accept a private financial settlement, Lewis allegedly flipped out, making "aggressive threats and outrageous behavior."

But Lewis says it's all a crock, and that the actress is using his fame and this lawsuit for attention -- calling the fight a "simple encroachment dispute that should have been resolved informally."

Lewis adds, "Having apparently watched my reality show, they now feel they can exploit my personality to increase their media exposure and their alleged damages. I have never threatened either of them with physical harm, nor was I abusive or verbally threatening to either of them.

In fact I have never even met Ms. Jensen. The court will decide how much the easement is worth and Ms. Jensen and Mr. Beesley will then be left having to earn media coverage on their talent alone."


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He's famous? ummm, I hardly think a reality show with a srceaming queen constitutes being famous. Ugly Betty however, everyone on that show has a claim to fame. Flip out on that BIOTCH!

2144 days ago


That screaming queen as you put it can buy and sell your ugly straight a$$!!!

Jealous much?

2144 days ago

who cares    

Is that Sienna Miller's sister?no wonder there is lawsuit involved

2144 days ago

J. Ripa    

Hmmm Jeff Lewis Screaming at people...NO you have got to be kidding me.!!!! LOL This situation is exacatly how he is. I'm surprised she doesn't have bald spots from him pulling her hair...

2144 days ago


jeff lewis = jackass...

2144 days ago


I have seen the Bravo show. He seems too mild mannered to lose his temper.. Love his show!! He's a genius!!

2144 days ago

Margaret Dunbar    

HIS personality? I have no idea who he is...never saw him and now I don't want to.
Ashley and Jeff have every right to refuse a settlement offer from an idiot who's production staff didn't check out property lines before building.
And I KNOW who Ashley is.

2143 days ago


Jeff Lewis had better learn to keep his arrogance and his big fat mouth in check. Ashley's fan base ADORES her, she's known for her unpretentiousness and kind heart, quite different from what Mr. Lewis is known for...if he's "known" at all. He's nothing but a pretentious queen with an ego bigger than any L.A. property line!

If It goes to court I can only hope I get on that jury...I'd gladly send that jerk to San Quentin for a nice long stay!

2143 days ago


Um, who is he? I've never heard of him and he sounds like a total douche bag. If anyone built something and it encroached on my property, damn right I would want it removed. Some times it's not about the money. BTW, love Ugly Betty and Ashley Jensen.

2143 days ago


Ashley Jensen doesn't have to rely on Jeff Lewis for attention. Unless they watch Bravo, most people have no clue who Jeff Lewis is. And he's arrogant and not as mild mannered as you might think.

2143 days ago


Considering I never heard of him prior to this story (there are actually a few of us who do not watch 'reality' tv) but, even without watching Ugly Better, I know who Ashley Jensen is - loved her in Extras! - he's only showing he's the one who is desperate for attention. If he went over his property line then he deserves to be in trouble. I doubt he would smile kindly upon the Jensens is they had done it to him.

Mr. Lewis, according to the clock your 15 minutes are well over.

2143 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

First of all, Ashley is on one of the top rated shows on TV doens't need to seek fame from a reality TV "star" and Jeff Lewis flipping out? NO WAY!! I have seen his show and the way he talks to his clients and staff, He is a douche bag.

2143 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

Jeff Lewis is one flaming queen with an ego that goes way beyond outrageous. He needs an attitude adjustment.

2143 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

Say what you want, but Jeff Lewis does know real estate and how to sell and construct top-quality homes.

2143 days ago


Okay, so all you Ashley Kool Aid drinkers - check out the Court docs which are public. Ashley tried to get a restraining Order against Ryan and their company too - when Ryan was never even there - and how can a company "assault" you? She is NOT the perfect one here. Also, Jeff's statement said nothing about HIM being famous. It only said she is trying to use his "personality," i.e., his over-the-topness on his show to support a restraining order that he "assaulted" her. However, if you see her docs - she was no where near him! She even tried to get an order that he could not park his own car on a public street! Yeah - read up, shut up and grow up!

2143 days ago
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