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Cops Aren't Buying Ruffalo Death Story

12/12/2008 11:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The shooting death of Mark Ruffalo's brother does not smell like a suicide or accidental death, according to our law enforcement sources.
Shaha & Brian: Click to watch
We're told when cops arrived at the scene they recovered two loaded guns. Law enforcement also tells us the call they got was to respond to an assault, not a suicide or accidental death.

Shaha Mishaal Adham, the woman who was in Scott's apartment at the time of the shooting, told us yesterday Scott was playing Russian Roulette because he was "crazy." But our sources say cops aren't buying the R.R. theory. For starters, who shoots themselves in the back of the head when they're playing Russian Roulette?

Now get this -- law enforcement tells us paramedics didn't even know Scott was shot until he was on his way to the hospital. They say the wound was not apparent.

As for Shaha (who was arrested as a suspect but then released) and her boyfriend, Brian Scofield, they told us yesterday they have been "vilified" and the truth will come out, acknowledging there was a mystery third person in the apartment.


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Bianca is a stupid bitch    

She's a terrorist; of course she killed him

2143 days ago


Vilified? She seems to be really enjoying the attention. What a dumb a$$ answering questions. Honey, your high priced lawyer should have informed you not to talk about it.

2143 days ago


Sounds similar to the Phil Spector BS. If this girl is really related to the House of Saud she's gonna skip the country and there's nothing LAPD/BEVHILLS PD can do about it. She'll get away with it!!

2143 days ago


Nobody that good looking kills themselves!

2143 days ago


I was shocked to hear the camera man almost laughing about the whole incident! Someone died, have some sympathy!

2143 days ago

a loved one    

Dear Readers, I have known Scott for more than 25 years and that animal has no idea what she is talking about when she refers to him as crazy. She met him the first week of Oct. 2008 I know I was there when they first met. Scott in his craziest moments, was always 100% alert of his thoughts and mind. Ill leave you all with this. I know for a fact Scott did not do that to himself and no not because I was there because. I knew who he was. Who he really was. Those people he met were not friends, they were people who saw a good soul and took advantage of that. I sit here and wonder why I even bother trying to explain to you all. I guess its because i wish everyone could have had a chance to meet that wonderfrul man and trust me then you would agree that he did not do this to himself and how much he loved his family and life. Those animals took him away, but know this you heartless souls (if you have one) God is good and he will shine light in your darkness and the truth will come out.

2143 days ago


I was a little skeptical of the story too. Who was he play Russian Roulette with if it was just the three of them the two of them were just stopping by to pick up some keys? That doesn't make much sense to me, but what do I know.

2143 days ago

Bobby D.    

That woman is a liar. Just look at he guilty manner. She's a hooker at best and her boy is her pimp. The Ruffalo's are known to be good and decent people, what's her reputation? How do they know each other?

2143 days ago


Heroin addict and skanky schemer. hmmm, shoot 'em no trial don't waste taxpayers money.

2143 days ago


Shaha Mishaal Adham stated there was a 3rd person in the room with her when Scott was shot? It would be kind of hard to shoot yourself in the back of the head unless Scott was trying to frame Shaha into making it look like she did it. - View the video. As soon as Shaha mentioned the 3rd person, her boyfriend dragged her away from the camera. Something is really wrong.

I have been vilified. What a joke. Only Scott is not laughing.

2143 days ago


absolutely # 1 she's a total terrorist. It's probably the only way she could get attention since her "acting" career never took off.

2143 days ago


She looks like Amy Fisher, I'd beware those biotches are born with a handgun attached.

2143 days ago


1st who plays russian roullette alone??? 2nd if it was an accident why didn't they try and help? they just left? and where is that ugly ass mole she had in the mug shot?

2143 days ago


" I just needz to know .......what happened to the MOLE!!!!!!!!!!......did the Harpo clear up already? "

2143 days ago

spread the love    

hmmm...can't decide if killa' is good looking or not?? her mugshot made her out as a skank, but this video....I am not so sure....


2143 days ago
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