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Hulk: Linda

Burns More Money

Than Bridges

12/12/2008 8:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In this time of financial ruin, Hulk Hogan claims his estranged wife is blowing cash on the dumbest stuff ever -- example: Linda allegedly threw down $4,000 for a photo shoot with her dog.
Hulk Hogan: Click to view!
Hulk unloaded outside of Pinellas County Court yesterday -- where Linda was asking for another $400,000 in attorney fees. The court granted her the cash -- but after going over her expenditures, they put it in a separate account so she couldn't blow it on more dumb stuff.

But Hogan and his attorney, David R. Houston, were kind enough to list a bunch of ridiculous things they claim Linda has wasted dough on ... and trust us, it's stupid.


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must be nice

2109 days ago


She is just disgusting, gross, pathetic.
I can only imagine what people scream to her as she is walking down the strret.
She gave up a relationship with her daughter to be with that child.
NO morals whatsoever. NO class whatsoever.

2109 days ago


Ok she is a pathetic whore we all get that, but what the hell is his problem talking about it to the public?? And he kept making reference to the 19 year old boyfriend....who cares what his age his?? The HULKSTER had a much younger girlfriend and no one kept referencing her as the "31 year old" girlfriend....who cares about the age!! These people are just white trash!! Keep your personal business to yourself for the love of GOD! Plenty of "famous" people get divorced and the details of their seperations are not made some class Bollea's, oh wait if you can't buy it at a mall you don't know what it is right??

2109 days ago


She is a sad excuse for a human being! She is nothing without hulk! I wonder if she breast feed's her boyfriend?!?!?!!!!

2109 days ago



2109 days ago


i could see why people are offing their wives in record numbers nowadays.

2109 days ago


Most pathetic part is that she has not earned one dime of this $$$ herself! She was his wife and the mother of his children (we know how great she was at that!) but good grief, can she just take and take until hell freezes over?!? When will this divorce be final?

2109 days ago


Hey bleach head, you created the skank nasty bleach ho, now you deal with it. I hope she ruins the whole family period.

2109 days ago


Why haven't the assets been frozen until the divorce is final. I know that right now she is entitled to an allowance until it is final but WTF is wrong with the judge giving her all this money for stupid reasons. The judge should be forced to live with the crazy bitch.

2109 days ago


What trash that entire family is... They should just get back together.

2109 days ago


She is a FN MESS. She is the worst excuse for a woman EVER. OK I get she "thinks" she is a cougar in getting that 19 year old to hit that old pu ssy of hers but COME ON she is making such a fool out of herself. WHO gets a hotel room to SHOP. Man If I were Hulk I would have her and her child boyfriend taken "OUT" No wonder Brooke wants NOTHING to do with her skank tramp wh ore of a mother. You know all the money to her family is to "BUY" her way back into their good graces after making a fool out of everything. LINDA ACT YOUR AGE COW !!!

2109 days ago


She really is a sorry excuse for a human being. She did nothing to earn any of the money Hulk is giving her. She should be thankful for anything she gets, but shes not! It makes my stomach turn anytime i hear anything about her. I feel bad for hulk having to even deal with her.

2109 days ago

Jack Yard    

You people know NOTHING about family law. In the state of Florida, just like in California, the wife is entitled to HALF of everything the husband makes during the course of the marriage. Linda is legally entitled to HALF of his entire estate. What she spends it on is NONE OF THE COURTS BUSINESS or Hulk's. It is irrelevant. $400K, SO WHAT? Hulk is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 Million. It is all reletive, $400k is a drop in the bucket for him. It's called "leveling the playing field" and from what I have read the $400k is going mostly to her attorney. Legally the woman is entitled to have the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed maintained. And how does anyone know what she did or did not do to earn his money. According to her reps she set up the licensing deal with Marvel which is a large chunk of his income. Look at the facts and the law, then comment.

2109 days ago


Why hasn't Hulk found better representation or better question where exactly did she find her kick a** lawyers?? Convincing the judge she needed another $400,000!! that's crazy.... and if it's really going to attorney fees, they deserve every penny to clean up her mess.

2109 days ago


yes, she probably is entitled to half of the marital assets, but she is trying to get more than half. she is writing all these checks to friends, cousins, aunts, etc. Sounds like these people are cashing the checks and giving her a portion of it. If she was able to continue that, $400k at a time, she could seriously deplete his money. Than she would have to get half from him. Sounds like she is trying to break him. I don't know why the judge gave her more money-couldn't he see what she was doing. You got to figure that she would have to disclose her assets before settlement. If she was caught lying, the court could really make a lot of trouble for her. but than again, how much brains does she or anyone else involved have.

2109 days ago
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