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Paul Anka's Head and Wife -- Busted

12/12/2008 3:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Anka's wife got arrested after she allegedly split his head open with a piece of ice.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the alleged incident occurred on Nov 28 at the couple's home in Thousand Oaks, just outside of L.A. We're told that Paul and Anna, who have a kid together but married just last summer, got into an argument that turned physical. Our sources say during the brouhaha, an ice bucket hit the ground and Anna picked up a piece of ice and threw a fast ball, hitting Paul in the noggin.

Paul went to the hospital, got two staples put in his head to close the wound, returned home and called the cops at 3:05 the next morning to report Anna missing. When cops arrived Anna wasn't there but when she returned they arrested and booked her for felony domestic battery.

The Ventura County D.A.'s office rejected the case, though they're not saying why.

BTW, Paul is 67-years-old and stands 5'6" and weighs 140. Anna is 37, towers over him at 5'7" and weighs 120 pounds.

Paul Anka told TMZ, "It was a stupid little event. It was nothing." Anka said he called the cops because she was missing at the time he returned from the hospital, but cops arrested her after seeing his injuries. He says he never pressed charges, and he and his wife are "fine". Paul says Anna has "been having a tough time with her ex over custody issues," which has stressed her out.


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How about redoing Dianna and singing about Bitchanna

1954 days ago


Awww, I have had the hots for Paul forever. My middle name is Ann , I am 5'5", and I am 61! If he was mine, I would never ever throw ice at him. I would cuddle him to death.

Back in the 1960's, he did puppy-love photo-ops with Teen Queen Annette Funicello. Then, he broke many hearts when he married a gorgeous model named Anne Z, and had four daughters with her. All the girl's names begin with the letter "A". Yeah, he must have a thing about the letter A. . I didn't know he had re-married recently. The cops arrested this Anna for what amounts to elder abuse. As people age, it doesn't take much to cause damage to them or cause the skin to bleed.

Grow up, Anna!!!

1954 days ago



1954 days ago



1954 days ago


It is not up to the victim, in the state of california to press charges, when it comes tp domestic abuse. Police officer need to determine the if the elements of the crime are present, if they are, then they HAVE to make an arrest, If there is ANY type of injury, it is a felony. If no injury , it is a misd. What happens in most cases is that one party calls the police to scare the other party, but when the police show up and make an arrest, they blow their top !

1954 days ago

Hannah Harris    

He has five daughters with the ex and a son with this current younger wife.

1954 days ago


Nothing says Xmas like a mug shot with elf ears and a good natured game of Ice Chucking.

1954 days ago


Oh come on, TMZ.... since when has a woman being 1 inch taller than a man considered "towering over him?" Yes, she might be 3-4 inches taller in high heels. That's still not TOWERING. Isn't it a tad bit sexist to write stuff like this when a woman happens to be slightly taller than her husband? It reminds me of my great uncle who couldn't stand to have taller women around him, and he'd make comments. C'mon, get into the 21st century, TMZ!

1954 days ago


She's only 37 now? Looking at that photo, this much I can assure you: the passage of time is not going to be kind to her and she's not going to age well at all.

1954 days ago

peter b    

only1 inch taller ?

1954 days ago


Paul is a very good and patient man, God bless him. I hope he is right and this woman is worthy of him.

1954 days ago


He's 5'6" and she towers over him at 5'7"? WTF? Is that a misprint? But I will concede she IS a badass. If she did that with a ice cube, imagine what she could do with a icicle!

1954 days ago


With her "TOWERING" over him by an entire inch, (skip school much??) would you have felt better if he had beat the hell out of her? I think he showed some restraint in NOT doing that. And as far as the ice goes, if done right, yeah, it can happen. Once I was boiling mad and threw an empty glass at a sliding closet door and darned if the glass did NOT break and there was a hole in the door!! It was one of those cheap 50 cent glasses. We were renting at the time, so some old timer gave us an idea...just turn the door around on the worked. They never knew. What are the chances? There is always one.

1954 days ago


What can i tell you he should have stayed with his first wife. You know what you have you don't know what your going to get.

1954 days ago


Ugliest mug shot I have ever seen! Love the elf ears. No way is she 37. Has to be at least 67. Ugly bitch.

1954 days ago
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