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Paul Anka's Head and Wife -- Busted

12/12/2008 3:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Anka's wife got arrested after she allegedly split his head open with a piece of ice.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the alleged incident occurred on Nov 28 at the couple's home in Thousand Oaks, just outside of L.A. We're told that Paul and Anna, who have a kid together but married just last summer, got into an argument that turned physical. Our sources say during the brouhaha, an ice bucket hit the ground and Anna picked up a piece of ice and threw a fast ball, hitting Paul in the noggin.

Paul went to the hospital, got two staples put in his head to close the wound, returned home and called the cops at 3:05 the next morning to report Anna missing. When cops arrived Anna wasn't there but when she returned they arrested and booked her for felony domestic battery.

The Ventura County D.A.'s office rejected the case, though they're not saying why.

BTW, Paul is 67-years-old and stands 5'6" and weighs 140. Anna is 37, towers over him at 5'7" and weighs 120 pounds.

Paul Anka told TMZ, "It was a stupid little event. It was nothing." Anka said he called the cops because she was missing at the time he returned from the hospital, but cops arrested her after seeing his injuries. He says he never pressed charges, and he and his wife are "fine". Paul says Anna has "been having a tough time with her ex over custody issues," which has stressed her out.


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Isnt he some kind of Arab that was born in Canada and then moved to the United States? Not that it matters, but good to know regarding the temperament level. Maybe he has the Kacee Kacem problem----a short little Arab that likes to beat on taller than he blonde American born women.

Either way he seems like a 70 year old Larry King---trying to have 3 different sets of children in life. Didnt Ed McMahon try this too and look at him---dang near homeless.

2105 days ago

To see or not to see    

Hello... Grammar Rehab Center calling...

#11. Posted at 1:41PM by northern gypsy
hey P.A. YOUR ignoring the elephant in the room.....

Correct: "YOU ARE" or "YOU'RE"

2105 days ago


it is awesome. i just saw a similar one on *m u l t i r a c i a l l o v e.c o m * u may enjoy more there. So many hot singles are enjoying themselves there...

2105 days ago


Noway she's 37!! This woman's lived a HARD life.

2105 days ago


Paul, remove all guns and sharp objects from your home. Remember Phil Hartman.

2105 days ago


tsk tsk tsk

That's what happens when you marry Arm Candy that's 30 years younger than yourself.

2105 days ago


Yeah right... if that hag is 37, I'm 18.

2105 days ago


To Lorri (comment #9) -

Having commented thus:

"...and obviously he was a danger. Any guy that ends up in a physical brawl with his wife is a pure moron and a wimp. Glad she hit him with the ice, serves him right."

We must assume that you know more about this story than the rest of us, or you are certainly a moron yourself, as you have jumped to a very questionable conclusion about the nature of this couple's spat. The article mentions that they had an argument that became physical, and it confirms that the "lady" involved DID THROW A PIECE OF ICE AT THE "gentleman". No mention of the male having done anything physical. hmmmmm.... LMAO at another illogical, prejudging, rabid idiot.

Keep up the good work, biatch.


2105 days ago


I've been backstage with Paul Anka. If he's 5'6", I'm Rudolph the Rednosed Raindeer. The guy is 5'3", MAYBE 5'4", tops. He's tiny. And I also saw him together with his wife, and yes, she towers over him.

2105 days ago


I notice a link has been posted to an embarrassing video of Anka berating his musicians. True, he comes across as a jerk in the video (although it's quite difficult to understand why he said all that with a camera in room. Who was holding the camera? And why was Anka's face never captured on video?), but if you really break down what he said, he was making threats to fire people, but nobody got fired. We don't know the background to the episode, or anything about the true nature of his relationships with the musicians in the room. The mere fact that the man blew up for 2 or 3 minutes tells us very little. We're all capable of blowing up and being jerks on occasion.

As I noted above, I worked backstage on an Anka show. I saw the man perform too. He was fabulous with his audience, generous, funny, and highly entertaining. The crowd walked out after the show on Cloud Nine as one of the happiest audiences I've ever seen, and I've seen hundreds. Backstage Anka did have a somewhat imperious air about him, but at no time was he rude or disrespectful to anyone. And for the after-show meet and greet, he was again a true professional, taking the time to chat with all who were admitted, and displaying a gift for friendly small talk.

Anka may be something of a jerk. I don't know him well enough to categorically state otherwise. For sure, however, he's a true pro who's been in the business for many decades. Perhaps he should be cut some slack for an out of context Youtube video that makes him look bad, but really never tells us anything about what was really going on that day.

2105 days ago

darling nikki    

Posted at 2:27AM on Dec 13th 2008 by hornplayinpianist

Whatever whore. Glad you found what I said important enough to scrutinize it :-)

2105 days ago

darling nikki    

Her mugshot looks like the one Charlize Theron did for that movie "Monster"

2104 days ago

lizzy tish    

i loved paul for many years. seen him in atlantic city twice. first time he approached me in the audience and i nearly died. he sang to me and actually made me a part of his show. he was so gracious and kind and really made my night. i was so upset when he left his wife for this dog. i lost alot of respect for him as a person but you can't take away his talent. i think he is getting exactly what he deserves. soooooo sorry!

2104 days ago


hehehe, She looks like a tranny! Time to trade her in for a 27 year old, female looking person with a better boob job!
Do I feel sorry for Paul.....Ha Ha NOT!

2104 days ago


Turn to Jesus while you can. Paul I saw you in Laughlin and wanted to reach out to you. I did not speak to you so I prayed to God for you. Tough times are ahead, please reach out to God and receive Jesus Christ.

2104 days ago
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