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Bush to Obama -- No Movin' on Up

12/13/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lame duck just got lamer: George Bush isn't letting Barack Obama move into DC ten days early, because his peeps have got to party.

The Obamas had asked the President if they could check in early at Blair House, the official guest residence across from the White House, starting on January 5, because the Obama girls are starting school. But Bush's people rejected the request on the grounds that "receptions and gatherings" are being held there and the house won't be available for them until ten days later.

The official Obama camp have said they're cool with it. Right. Laura Bush's spokeswoman says it's a "non-story."


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Alot of insensitive, disrespectful people in this forum. they are clearly the result of unhappiness and disfunction. I pray that those specific individuals get some help with their psycological issues for themselves and their love ones. By the way try not to say things in this forum that you would other wise not have the heart to say in ones company. Talk is cheap and bs runs a marathon. have a nice day and try to be nice you never know who you may need one day!

2047 days ago


Cowbulls you seem very disturbed or threatened by the new pesident elect. Maybe you should take a couple of tylenols and a good nights rest. Time heals wounds. Youll be ok, I will be sre to keep you in my prayers.

2047 days ago


I don't think moving in early is a big deal...the girls are in school...they want to set their children up as soon as possible. I would too if it were my kids. Honestly, I don't know why Bush would even want to stay given the state the country is in right now. MAYBE, Obama wants to get to work as soon as possible since everything is a mess. Great job Dubya.

2047 days ago


How appropriate people keep referring to Obama as The Messiah. I think that word means Savior That is what he is to us poor workin folks. He will save us from the disease of greed spread all around the world by the now defunct Republican Party. John Kerry had it right in 04 when he said off mike" I've never seen such a bunch of liars and crooks in all my life". Too bad he didn't have the guts to say it outright and maybe spared us the past 4 years of economic failures. How much worse does it have to get before it is understood that Republican policies are failed policies. Maybe you would prefer to just let the country go down in flames while screaming some none sense about from my cold dead hands Thank God the rest of us have some sense.

2047 days ago


If you're hearing people call Obama "the messiah", or "the one", then you're obviously not too keen on something we call sarcasm? What's more, you're completely delusional to even remotely believe that he is gonna "save us all" from anything! I for one am petrified to have this dim-wit as our President. Zero military experience (yet is titled the commander in chief) and only Three Years a Senator, hardly qualifies one for the highest job in the world!? This guy has so much questionable history, yet no one (especially the media) is concerned or interested in digging into it! This wasn't an election of the best man for the job, this was clearly an election of "making history"??!! That's truly sad when Americans can turn there back on a 26 year Senator, 22 year Veteran, 5 year P.O.W. whom clearly loves his country, and has zero questionable patriotism? Take a good look at what is happening this current day in Chicago with the Governor, and tell me you believe whole-heartedly, that Obama has no ties to any of Chicagos corupt and greedy politics?? Although the background of one Barack Obama is unfolding only very slowly, you're about to see the true man you have elected into the leadership of this once great nation. When it comes to politicians and the U.S. Government, you'll discover all too soon the words to live by are "trust no one".

Face it,.. all you truly know about Barack Obama is "pretty words" and "touching inspirational speeches".. beyond that?

2047 days ago

Still in Shock    

Hey William, I actually so agree with your post, so don't even give a second thought to,
yeah I said it
or Grace. By the way, from her post, she is the one "hitting the pipe"

The people who got it right are:

Tami - post # 33
Martha - post #40
lensmanct - post #43
Right - post #45
Anna Banana - post # 59
Lori - post #60
John - post #67

These posts were ALL TRUE. YAY------WAY TO GO----!!

2047 days ago


Damn, Damn, DAMN. I dont think G W B moved in early; there is a little thing called protocol.That place that was requested is not usually available until five(5) days before. He may be the countrys' first Black President, But;rules are rules, and protocols were established for a reason. NOW, WAIT UNTILL MOVING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

2047 days ago


Personally, I think all of you are making mountains out of mole hills. Its not a big deal. Its just like every other Bush or Obama story here. Someone that doesn't like that person makes a rude comment to piss off the supporters of said person and then this stupid fight breaks out over nothing. I love politics, but I'm truly sick of the constant bitching by everyone who thinks that just because they can read "reliable sources" on the internet they can keep spewing the same crap.

2047 days ago


Bush and Cheney have to celebrate the successful bankrupting of the country with an unnecessary war that was based on intentional lies that caused the deaths of thousands of young americans. They are gathering together to count those billions of dollars that are unaccounted for, meanwhile the trailer trash mentality lives on.

2047 days ago


Bush was not the worst President of US history. He kept us safe from another 911 attack. After cutting our defense, I'm hoping Obama does not take over that claim.

2046 days ago

Mississippi Burnning    

Chill people. You got in the white house. Now we get to sit back and watch him screw up!!!!!! Hollywood must be so proud of themselves, thinking they got that man in the white house,

2045 days ago


Gvt Egos run Amuk: Exactly. As for Obama & Michelle. Use the 300,000 dollars that you pocketed at someone else's expense, buying your home at 300,000 dollars below market value...........use the kickback money that you received, pushing the subprime interest mortgage loans, that provoked the mortgage crisis bailout { how many families lost their homes ??} Use that money to rent a residence for the interim. Use some of the mega millions that you took for your campaign. Deduct the amount of your temporary housing, from the money that you are using to pay off Hilary Clinton's loan. Take it from any of the financial kickbacks from the "Chicago Family", Take it from your own wallet, for a change. But don't use your children as an excuse. Is Mr, Man "Michelle", that rabid to move on up ???!!!!!!

2045 days ago


Liz__________________You have resurrected, imbued with the full spirit of Ignorance.& Cowardice. You have still not answered my question. In a post,you stated, "or be a cool white kid and make nasty comments". I asked you: Why can it not be " acool black kid that makes nasty comments". Having just read your posts, it is clear that you are still extremely ignorant, although it is equally apparent , that you are stupidly unaware of this. What a burden this must be for you, and those who have to listen to you.

2045 days ago


To poster LIz : Not only do You have the stench...Yes stench !... of backwater ignorance..... you vomit, backwater ignorance.

2045 days ago


LIZ . Re-read your posts. Therein, you will recognize yourself. The self that you have accused others of being. Ignorant, racist. How is your own Gene Pool sludging up ..? Having read all your posts, I would have to say that Hillbilly's are not only smarter than you, but they have more manners. Don't be so smug in your intelligence...because you are not........intelligent.

2044 days ago
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