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Bush: Who Throws a Shoe? Honestly!

12/14/2008 4:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An Iraqi reporter who hates your guts, that's who.
Bush: Click to view!
During a news conference in Baghdad today, an Iraqi reporter launched two Nike missiles at President George Bush -- but he didn't quite have the accuracy to record a strike.


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People saying what's with all the Bush Bashing, there are more comments here SUPPORTING him than saying negative things about him. I support George Bush, i believe he sticks up for what he believes is right, He's not stupid, BUT REPUBLICANS ARE SO CLOSE MINDED. If Obama is successful, will any rebuplicans acknowledge this fact, Seriously! What are they going to do if he succeeds, there will never another republican president again. I mean with mail in ballots, the only reason the democrats fail is because young lazy democrats don't want to stand in line (i'm one of them). But those days of STANDING in line are OVER. So sorry republicans, it's going to be democrats from now on. What are you guys going to do???? Because we know you can't ever admit your wrong, ever. Or can you?

2102 days ago


And there you go. THAT is why Bush needs to bring our men home. Because even the civilians over there are FREAKS!

2102 days ago

Jitesh Patel    

Reguardless the amount of hatred both americans and abroad have for george w has anyone ever seen a president more riduculed more unitelligent and more disliked then W himself this is definately a fitting end to george's presidency he definately could dodge a shoe next time throw a wretch at him like that movie dodgeball hahahaha

2102 days ago


Thanks for responding, was beginning to think no cares. :)

2102 days ago

J D    

I bet Bush is so happy he gave that guy freedom he took a shoe for it maybe Bush will attack another Country that has nothing to do with attacking us! Once we ge attacked! I guess the guy was pointing out how Stupid Bush is!!!!!!!!!!!!

2102 days ago


i am so glad that the fbi and the cia is not letting all these bashers say bad things about our president elect...this situation has nothing to do with him. he'll have his chance to be a great president like clinton and kennedy.

i still love my country. it's sad that some of you people are bashing the forthcoming administration, but you guys live here too. what are you gonna do? hide in a hole for 4 to 8 years? how sad is that?

2102 days ago


If you didnt fight in this war, shut up. I am sick of desk jockeys complaining. Fight like I did or keep your opinion to yourself

2102 days ago

kelly dawn    

Regardless of what people think about Bush, this footage made me mad. How dare that person disrespect our president in that way? I'm glad he is leaving the office, but this unacceptable behavior cannot be tolerated and I hope this man is prosecuted to the extent of Iraqi law. I was also surprised that it took the secret service as long to respond as it did. I thought that they were better at protecting people than that.

2102 days ago


The Democrats came out and voted in 2004, is that why John Kerry is president now? The facts are that republicans go out and vote more. I would have liked the democrats to spend all their time and energy telling young people to mail in their vote. Where were the commercials for that??? They should of been selling MAIL voting like the sell IPODS. Then they wouldn't have to spend one minute on the campaign trail. Like Ocean's Twelve, instead of the french guy spending hours and hours learning to default the security system to steal the treasure, the Ocean's gang took the easy back door, and won. (SORRY for the movie quote there, a little sad i know) BUT attention to details is very important, and I don't like seeing the democrats always lose. But they won this time, YEAH....and North Carolina turned blue. :)

2102 days ago


hey Cariss- go eat camel dung. Dumb arse. Bush saved many more than were casualties of WAR. Have you ben there? I have. People LIKE him and THANK him for their better lives now. Did you ahve a family member killed in Iraq? I have. 3000 people plus died because of these fanatical nuts that would kill you and your family IN A HEART BEAT all in the name of religion. Get your facts straight and/or experience it for yourself before you go nutcase on Bush. It will all play out in the end Bush saved MILLIONS and made better lives for those opressed.

2102 days ago


I can't wait for Obama to get in there and start breaking all his promises. Will be funny to see what Americans and other countries throw at him:) Every president we've ever had has broken their promises. Obama is no different...Just wait and see!!

2102 days ago


I usually stay out of this type of issue but after reading the majority of the comments, I am ashamed of my fellow so called American's, who bash the highest ELECTED official in our County. I am all for free speech but at some point how about a little class. We get it, Obama won! Let it go and allow President Bush to serve out the remaining four weeks of office.

2102 days ago

I'm Back Biatches    

Carriss if you really were married to a real military man, you WOULD never attack the President or the U.S. of A. You are not only uneducated, too liberal but a big, fat liar! As a real wife of an Army man, I would never diminish thier cause. Anyway you stupid ho...that guy saying he is Dirk Diggler is too funny. Dirk Diggler was Mark Walbergs name in Boogie nights. What an idiot you are bo-atch.

2102 days ago


Carriss beatdown back on. I think her name is spelled Carriss. Can someone explain that name to me?

2102 days ago


Good luck Carriss. Don't forget to duck.

2102 days ago
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