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The Church of Latter Day Studs

12/14/2008 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With the Mormon Church being blamed, at least in part, for the passing of Prop 8, there's at least one thing everyone can agree on -- their missionaries are hot!
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Being excommunicated didn't stop Chad Hardy from producing another Men on a Mission calendar and the photo shoot went down this week in Vegas. Praise Joseph Smith, Jr. ... or at least the bodies of his followers.


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What is up with that guy's stomach? Yech.

2141 days ago


They do REALIZE that more gays than woman are going to enjoy the calendar!?

2141 days ago

Latter Day Aint    

I can see that a few of you need to learn more about the truth of the LDS religion. Your ignorance comes out in your words. Feel free to learn how many mouths the LDS feed in your community daily, among fellow citizens regardless of religion. Feel free to be quiet for just a few minutes and go to and learn about the great good this church does in all the world, among families, communities and nations everywhere. No good will be accomplished by your ignorant bashing of a religion you truly no nothing about.

Did you know for example, that the majority race in the LDS Church is hispanic? Did you know that many LDS families have gay sons or daughters and love all of their children the same? Did you know that LDS influence is in every walk of life, including Hollywood, Sports, Arts, Higher Education, Government, etc.? Did you know that you can be an extreme left Democrat or hard right conservative and still be LDS? Did you know that there are more members of the LDS Church outside the U.S. as compared to in the U.S.? Did you know that the LDS feed many homeless or struggling in many cities througout America daily? Do you realize we have gay friends? Hopefully, you will take a few minutes to learn about this great church.

2141 days ago


Did you realize that all of you sound stupid. This calendar thing is old news. It was funny last year when it first came out.

2141 days ago


I use to be mormon but thank GOD I got out in time. I believe they are just after your money. They take 10% of your money and give you NOTHING in return. Been there done that. They did nothing to help my family when they or I needed it. I'm not saying that they are all bad but 95% of them want to just bring you into the church and if refuse you are going to hell so I have been told when I refused to go back. I think the Calendar is funny...Old news yes but funny that they get mad only something so stupid. I think they just need to get their butts out of their **** and wake up to a lot bigger problems then gays and so on.

2141 days ago


The guys on the right are cuties but the shirtless one looks drunk and gay!

2141 days ago


These arent missionaries they have special underwear they have to wear! including a shirt garment so its a big scam!

2141 days ago


special underwear??? what are you talkin about!?

2141 days ago


Ooo La La!

2141 days ago


See, even the Mormons have gay men, even though they deny it!

2141 days ago


These guys are ugly as sin.

2141 days ago


Every day will be Gay Day on that calendar.

2140 days ago


why take marriage advice from them.....the mormons are hypocrites... god forbid someone have one same sex partner when u can have 6 wives at the same times... thats real stable... and was just conveniently edited out of church doctrine when they were ordered against it...
they're just bitter and have a marriage ax to grind.....

2140 days ago


I love it. You Mormon haters are really funny with your ignorance and same old uninformed complaints. But hey, trying to educate you would be like beating my head against a wall. If anyone really wants to investigate the LDS church, go to or Don't listen to these folks here. It's pretty funny to hear the uninformed comments though.

2140 days ago

amarildo neves de souza    

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1563 days ago
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