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Wobbly Wentz Whores Out "Baby" Pics

12/16/2008 11:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pete Wentz might want to get a paternity test -- his baby looks a lot like John Mayer.

Pete Wentz: Click to watch
All the magazines reportedly passed on the Bronx Mowgli Wentz baby pics -- and we were given a real treat when an unsteady Pete decided to show us a photo on his cell phone last night outside Virgin Megastore in NYC.


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Luke Warmwater    

Pete's starting to look a little Elton John-ish.

2145 days ago


Pete really thinks he is someone, doesn't he? He doesn't get it that the only reason the paps hang around him is because it is his wife that is they want pictures of. I agree with Luke Warmwater's comments above. Pete is a little creepy and he is starting to look at little Elton-ish. Makes you wonder what is really going on in that relationship!

2145 days ago


pete was just on the howard stern show where he professed his love of man sex. he also said that ashlee takes it in the butt.

2145 days ago


no one cares about their kid, period. Babies are born to average people everyday, and that's what they are - average. No great looks, no great talent, don't really contribute anything to society. And plus he seems to blatantly gay to me, I doubt its his

2145 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

And even if the kid doesn't like his name, he can't really use the initials, either.

2145 days ago


I guess that's where a shotgun wedding will get you. Stuck at home with the baby while your "size zero pants" husband goes out and gets drunk with his "buddies", all under the guise of "he's working". Congratulations on finding yourself such a catch Ashlee. I bet you can't stop smiling.

2145 days ago

wasting time    

Day-um. There goes the hundred of dollars they were going to get for those photos. Now one of them might have to get a paying gig to support Grand Pappy Simpson.

2145 days ago


How dumb they could have got paid for a photo shoot what a loser.

2145 days ago


who cares abou them.....ashlee should be in a garage band anyway....take her sister jessica with her as a backup singer/dancer. i see nothing special about the simpsons or the dude ashlee is married to.

2145 days ago


Yeah, I bet Ashlee is so happy to be married to that weazel! But then again, she never struck me as a girl with alot of self-confidence. With all the plastic surgery and the mock-singing career, I think she was totally living in her sisters shadow. The sad thing is she could probably do better than this dude but she won't know now that she got herself pregnant and has a baby to consider!

And, am I wrong or does this guy seem really GAY? What's with his profession of love for every Hollywood hearthrob - ie Brad Pitt, John Mayer etc.? He has a "man-crush" on everyone! That is very weird, dude! This marriage is NOT going to last more than a couple years - atleast that is my guess!

2145 days ago

i still hate retards    

Day-um. There goes the hundred of dollars they were going to get for
those photos. Now one of them might have to get a paying gig to
support Grand Pappy Simpson.

Posted at 10:47AM on Dec 16th 2008 by wasting time


How dumb they could have got paid for a photo shoot what a loser.

Posted at 11:11AM on Dec 16th 2008 by The Boss

wow, you must be the losers because you either did not actually watch
the video or you did not recognize the sarcasm in the tmz tag because
it really WASN'T the baby.

2145 days ago


i don't know - i always thought pete was hot in a feminine/rocker sort of way. ashley - no. he could do so much better than her.

2145 days ago

Jess 1    

I think it is so stupid for people to say things about Ashlee getting plastic surgery on her nose. Its not like she had a perfectly fine nose before...she kind of has a large ugly nose and she probably felt self-conscious about it so why is it so wrong for her to get it fixed. She probably feels better about herself and isn't that a good thing. If I had enough money and I had a nose like hers, I would get it fixed too. And just because you or I don't think Pete is handsome doesn't mean that nobody could love him. There is somebody for everyone, Right?

2145 days ago


Jess - I couldn't agree with you more! Having your nose fixed or having a tooth fixed is fine! But, Ashley had alot more than that done to her face. Take a look at a photo of her five years ago and then look at a recent photo! She is completely different looking. So, all I'm saying is..............don't change yourself too much! And by the way, women who have lots of work done don't have more self-confidence than women who don't. Statistics have proven they are actually more prone to depression and suicide! A nose, a tooth - sure. Your whole face - not so sure!

2145 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Every time I see this weirdo and those bangs I keep thinking is he going bald

2145 days ago
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