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"Price Is Right" Miracle, Drew Couldn't Care Less

12/17/2008 1:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the most unbelievable things ever happened on the set of the yesterday's "Price is RIght" -- some dude nailed the price of his showcase to the exact dollar -- and host Drew Carey couldn't have looked more bored.

The Price is Right: Click to watch
No one has pulled off an exact bid in more than 30 years -- plus, the dude had already won $500 in cash for nailing the exact price of a cooker earlier in the show -- but after the showcase stunner, Drew was more fired up to talk about spaying and neutering pets.

A TMZ spy who happened to be in the audience during the taping says when Drew knew the guy hit the exact number, he stopped down taping and had a pow-wow with show producers for nearly 30 minutes. Our spy thinks they were trying to figure out how to handle the situation on camera. Unfortunately, when they resumed taping, Drew's reaction was a little less than spectacular -- while the crowd went insane.

Maybe in another 36 years, he'll show a little more excitement.


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I knew the very first day Drew hosted that show that he was the wrong guy for the job -- he definitely ain't no Bob Barker!!!

2136 days ago


Before I read the details, I thought it was going to be about a Rod Roddy look-alike.

2136 days ago



A miracle would be Drew dropping 100 pounds.

2136 days ago


You guys put a spy in the Price is Right audience? Is this a daily occurence, or you just sent him on the right day?

2136 days ago

dont know    

Very fishy--like the guy that bet "press your luck". There is NO WAY this guy could have done it twice.

2136 days ago


I don't normally comment but feel too compelled to let this one slide. Drew is SOOOOOOO wrong for this "game show host" position, I, for the life of me, can not understand how this talentless, bore of a human being was assigned to fill Bob Barkers shoes. Even Howie Mandel can do a better job and I can't stand him either. The only reason this show will succeed (if it does) is because it is a genuinely entertaining game show thats been around for ever.

2136 days ago


IF this isnt the guy cheating somehow..

That is F☆k'n NUTS!

2136 days ago

who cares    

CBS got the wrong guy for the job. I used to watch the show all the time and from the moment I saw one episode with Drew and almost felt sleep I never watched that show again! He is soooooo boring. CBS needed to replace him with Howie Mandel (he would have been so good) or the host of Dancing with the Star

Come on CBS< bring the excitement of the show back with someone that has more camera energy!

2136 days ago

who cares    

OMG Tmz, you were right! he looked more excited talking about the pets being neutered

He is sooooooooooooooooooooo boring! Bob would have brought the house down of excitement

2136 days ago

Al Jazeera    

I'm sure Drew would have been more excited if there were a giant sandwich or a free dinner involved. Anyway, how on earth could someone have "guessed" that exact amount? seems fishy to me.

2136 days ago


Bob Barker did a much better job of building suspense. What the hell, Drew?

2136 days ago


we watch tpir several times a week, and drew started off slow and stiff but he does a great job now. he is funny and enjoys the contestants. i was watching yesterday when that happened and they read the other persons bid first and she was only 400 dollars off from the retail price so everyone thought she won. drew really acted strange when the other guy got it perfect.
doing a great job drew but you might want to explain yesterday.

2136 days ago


since Drew started pulling in the big bucks, he's become arrogant and snobbish.

2136 days ago


Fat slob, he is the worst thing that ever happened to that show.....

2136 days ago


Mannnn.... I used to watch this show all the time ...Bob rules! Just to hear that Drew Carey was his replacement, I thought, well ok, guess it has to be somebody right? Riggghht..... I watched ONE anticipated episode of the Price is Right to see how things were gonna spin after Bob. They should have shut that show down with the departure of the Silver Fox himself. Drew is dull, no emotion, almost as if he was too good to even be on that show...not the right guy for the job. Barker must break stuff every time he hears Carey's name. too bad.

2136 days ago
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