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Ruffalo Death Ruled a Homicide

12/17/2008 10:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Coroner's Office has ruled the shooting death of Mark Ruffalo's brother as a homicide, according to the AP.

Beverly Hills police arrested -- and later released -- Shaha Mishaal Adham, whose lawyer had claimed Scott Ruffalo was killed playing Russian roulette.

Ronald Richards, an attorney who represents Adham, tells TMZ, "I have not been informed by police that my client is again at all a suspect."

There was also another person, Kristian Muradaz, who was arrested and released. Police have yet to release a motive.

Ruffalo was shot on December 1 and died a week later.


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dr. drrrrrinks    

FIRST HOMIE! Who is this tool and who cares?

2137 days ago


So WHO is the suspect in this mess? I think the police should question the hell out of those earlier suspects until one of 'em cracks.

dr. drrrrrnks = azzhole

2137 days ago


round up that camel jockey broad before she heads back to saudi arabia...what they heck was she released for way a guy playing russian roulette gets shot in the back of his head. she was there, dont let her pull a fast one and head to dubai---no camel jockey woman should be without headgear out in public any way.

2137 days ago


Is Eddie Murphy the cop on this case? Even he could figure out that you can't shoot yourself in the back of the head!

2137 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

So someone finally admitted that the bullet wound to the BACK OF HIS HEAD seemed more than a little suspicious? Did they use the same crime scene investigators from the OJ murders?

2137 days ago


Does anyone else remember that after that ugly chick was arrested and questioned and eventually released, that the police ruled that the shooting was indeed self inflicted? Now they are saying its a homicide? Strange.

2137 days ago


Let's get Nancy Grace from (CNN) on this one.

2137 days ago


This man was related to the Ruffalo family of Kenosha WI and Chicago IL. I just wonder if this will bring about another culture war between the Mafia and the Muslims as the Ruffalo boys are Mafia princes...

2137 days ago


Shaha Mishaal Adham claims that Scott Ruffalo was killed playing Russian roulette. Shaha knows there is an investigation for a possible murder, yet, does not explain how the bullet hole is in the back of Scott's head. Did Shaha see Scott shoot himself? I would like to have heard how she explains how he shot himself when the gun would have been placed behind his head.

After Shaha shot Scott in the head, did she say to everyone in the room, just say he did it himself, and place his prints on the gun, and say to anybody asking that he is crazy. All 3 go by that story. I hope nobody needs cash, and wants to blackmail anybody. For now I guess Shaha has 2 murderous lovers she has to be shared with so everybody keeps quiet.

2137 days ago


I am a reporter for a Beverly Hills newspaper, and am looking to speak with anyone who actually knew Scott Ruffalo in real life. We're trying to get to the bottom of what really happened, and have been so from the beginning. We're trying to keep this case alive until there has been justice. If you did know Mr. Ruffalo, please email and send along any information you feel might be helpful. We've been working hard to get the truth, and you can help solve this mystery. Thanks!

2137 days ago


I am not surprised at all by the Coroner's finding. That's the thing about evidence. It tells the real story. No one who is innocent flees a scene when someone has been shot. And DISAPPEARS for days on end, and only speaks up after it is clear the victim will never be able to tell his version of the events. Just my opinion.

As to the 'reporter' from BH, why doesn't he/she name the newspaper? Also, why not an obvious company email account, not gmail? I realize this reporter could be legit, but if anyone has info., shouldn't they be calling the Beverly HIlls Police (non emergency number)? Ask to speak to the detective handling the case.

2137 days ago

darling nikki    

They should hire the actors from CSI to handle this case. They seem more competent than these so-called cops.

2137 days ago


Anyone with any information definitely should be calling the BHPD first. We're just trying to keep the story open until it comes to an official close.

2132 days ago

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