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The Curious Case of Brad's Blouse

12/18/2008 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently Angelina Jolie shares everything with Brad Pitt, including her tops!

Brad arrived at LAX on Wednesday, wearing some sort of lovely women's shirt scarf wrap thing.

At least the handbag is his.


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MJ of PDX    

Man oh man are many of you people pathetic.

Has it ever occurred to you that Brad Pitt is an evolving man, and not just "whipped" as some of you would like to think? Jealous and immature much?

Has it ever occurred to you that Brad Pitt has said for years (long before Jennifer Anniston) that he wanted a bunch of kids? Did it ever occur to you that Jennifer brought about the end of their relationship because she wanted a career over having children with Brad? Kind of sad considering her career is nothing but B-List performances.

Has it ever occurred to you that Angelina Jolie isn't some mental case, but a woman who is strong, independent, and doesn't give a good god damn what kind of inhibitions you'd like to impose upon her? Has it occurred to you that what is good for you isn't necessarily good for others?

Did you ever stop to think that what you read in the tabloids might not be true?

Did you ever stop to think that there might be a whole lot more to what is real than your limited vision can perceive from reading the tabloids?

Did it ever occur to you to stop passing judgments on people you do not know, will never meet, and undoubtedly could never comprehend?

Has it ever crossed your mind that perhaps you should spend a little more time evaluating your own life, and why your own personal frustrations have led you to think you have any real knowledge about people you obviously fantasize about being or being with?

Has it ever occurred to you that your anger and venom, and their origins, are painfully obvious to those who read what you have to say?

Are you starting to feel a little shallow and narrow-minded? If you're not, then you're as shallow and narrow-minded as your posts make you appear...

2050 days ago

fo real    


2114 days ago



2114 days ago


Hate him and Angie. Don't know what all the fuss is about.

2114 days ago


Where is he? His shoes are filthy and his bag is stained. And what is with that nasty little mustache?

2114 days ago


That's great. It shows he's secure and dresses to please himself. He could care less what people think about how he it!!!

2114 days ago


WTF? Just lost my "girl boner" for Brad. He looks sooooo gay!

2114 days ago


Control freaks love to feminize their men and make them subservient. No matter how much you like him or how good looking you think he is, it takes a weak man to be with that kind of woman. As soon as the Minge gets a better grip on A-Rod you'll be seeing him in a ballet tutu.

2114 days ago


Oh Brad that blouse is ovah! Werk it! Fierce!

2114 days ago


He is getting more strange as he gets older. The scarf thing is too girly. But.... his clothes are last thing he needs to worried about hanging out with that total head case Angie. That is one woman it would never surprise me to hear she is in a mental ward at some hospital.

I guess Brad can't read, because if he did he would have seen what a tool this woman, whom really folks lets face it, he just wanted to lay, was. I can't forget about all her weird behavior from her past. You don't just stop being crazy. Besides , to hear her in interviews, she has that crazy just under the surface, it wants to jump out but, she seems to be controlling it better.

Blood around her neck in a bottle, brother making out sessions, almost having sex on the red carpet with that gross out Billy Bob HANGING all over him constanly. She is just toooooo out there. Then she gets deep all of a sudden? Come on Brad, you are a mid-westerner remember? We got tons of horse-sense what happened to you?

Home made Christmas gifts? No TV for your brood? Whatever.

2114 days ago


Gross waste of a man. He is wearing a shawl and a pocket book...but he's not gay nooooo...She has ruined him and I hate them both...

2114 days ago


Go Away Brad! Your all washed up....Go to another country and raise your kids like they deserve to be raised!

2114 days ago


I totally agree w/the comment made by number two. While Brad is no doubt an excellent actor and eye candy to boot there's some major changing going on and I mean major on his behalf. His attitude, his looks and the like. I just hope this relationship is the one he'll be in for the rest of his life. Angelina has made no changes to her person as far as I can see. My prediction is that they will be over before or by 20012. I would like to see them work out but Karma has got that covered. If something is not built on positive foundation it won't last. In this case, he was still married to Jen when he supposedly fell in love or was seduced by Angelina. She new he was w/Jen. So there you have it.

2114 days ago


what's so "special" about this guy? i have never seen it. yes he's handsome if you like the boyish face type which I don't, I like men to look like men!

he ALWAYS looks and acts like a sissy-boy to me and this outfit just confirms that opinion of him for me

i'm SO glad Jen's free of him, she deserves so much better

he's a jerk and that thing he's with is trash. they deserve each other!

2114 days ago


He really looks like an idiot. His stylist is dressing him like a mid 20s rocker/metrosexual. Forty something men should dress like forty something men. Its too bad Brad isn't adjusting to his age. its far more attractive to dress age-appropriately. You see a lot of gay men in their forties also try dressing younger and its a total turn off. What an idiot.

2114 days ago
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