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Funnyman Franken

Just About a Senator

12/19/2008 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

franken2-1If you thought your vote doesn't count, take note: The Minnesota Senator's race is now being counted in the single digits, and it looks like Al Franken might pull it out.

As the Huffington Post points out, Sen. Norm Coleman's lead has now dwindled to two -- yes, two -- votes, and after a count of disputed ballots, Franken could have a lead of as much as 89 votes. Of course, the legal battle probably will go on and on and on.

An Al win would give the Dems 59 seats in the Senate.


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Keyser Soze    

"Your good enough, your smart enough and dog gone-it, people like you." Al Fraken is a joke. HAHAHAH. I hope he loses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2113 days ago


If Al Franken wins god help us. He should stay out of the world of politics and try sticking to his comedy routine, which is suffering. I don't know if people know but if he wins he will try and take away all the freedoms that you and I take advantage of, he's as far left as you can get. Why don't we get rid of the far right/far left and just have politicians be middle of the road and do whats right for the people and country not whats right for there personal agenda.

2113 days ago


This proves our system is bs.

2113 days ago

joe the dic giver    

franken is a funnyman? when? back in 1978? franken is a douche, a washed up comedian who needs a job getting paid to sit on his fat ass and do nothing. oh wait, that is what all politicans do. get paid to do nothing.

2113 days ago

arte help    

Maybe if Al wins, he'll legalize rape, things he likes to joke about. F*cking loser

2113 days ago

who cares    

3. This proves our system is bs.

Posted at 9:03AM on Dec 19th 2008 by jess

No Jess, this prove how low democrats can be. They can't accept defeat

2113 days ago


oh good lord, how could anyone have actually voted for him?!

2113 days ago

50 is apig    

We all know how stupid Al Franken is. Sadly there must be Americans with an even lower IQ because someone voted for the idiot.

2113 days ago


The joke will be on Minnesota.

2113 days ago


And if this actually happens, the system of democracy in Minnesota will be a bad joke, much like most of Franken's work with Saturday Night Live. Come on Dems, keep counting until Franken wins! And if you think anything else besides exactly THAT is going on, you are delusional. This is a travesty.

2113 days ago

Kedn K    

This is RIPE with LIBERAL VOTER FRAUD. I like here and it is a circus, the dems are finding votes under desks, behind trees, it is truly embarassing.

2113 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I am from MN, and voted for Al Franken. His opponent, Norm Coleman is a crooked, unseemly politician who is embroiled in his own political scandal. A lawsuit has been filed which states that Norm's good friend, an Iranian businessman, funneled the Coleman family $75,000 through Norm's wife, Laurie's employer, (Hays Co insurance, whose owner is a big time Republican). Ironically, at that time, the Coleman's were remodeling their home, and were overbudget $84,000. Coincidence?? Also, Laurie Coleman "works" for Hays Co and draws a salary, although she is not technically liscensed to sell insurance.

2113 days ago

Roger Moore    

People from Minnesota are funny, didn't they elect some washed up fake wrestler as Governor a while back.

2113 days ago


REVOTE. There has been too much fraud to make this a legitimate election. Missing ballots found in the back seat of an election workers car. Spikes in Franken's totals only in predominately Democratic districts. Disqualifying absentee ballots.
This is a B.S. election that needs a 'do-over'.

2113 days ago

Someone who reads    

These comments truly make me lose faith in my country. In England, the various philosophies are called "conservative" and "labor". These are a little closer to the truth. Conservatives shamelessly favor the ultra-rich (5%ers) and big business, while "liberals" protect the interests of everybody else. The concepts of Left and Right are ridiculous, but staying within those lines, the "right" are absolutely ruthless with their attacks and loaded language and media manipulation... Fox News ? Rush Limbaugh ? Ann Coulter ? Give me a farkin' break... Read Al Franken's book: Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them. Check the endnotes, double check the facts and think a little bit before you speak... George Bush stole an election in Florida in part by dismissing a recount. Let the system run it's course and maybe, just maybe you should turn off your TV and open a book. Don't drink the Kool-Aid my brothers, although it seems that most of the people who have posted here have red lips.

2113 days ago
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