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Jen & John --

The Walk of Shame

12/19/2008 12:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She usually avoids the paps like the plague, so it was all too suspicious when Jen Aniston let John Mayer take her for a cozy arm-in-arm walk in NY last night -- where he happened to shamelessly plug her upcoming flick...

Planned out much?


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Roger Moore    

She seems like the most boring woman on the planet.

2136 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

What is shameful about promoting your movie? Don't actors do that all of the time? What's shameful is that she is with him!

2136 days ago


Didn't look suspicious to me at all - they are allowed to walk outside together you know.

2136 days ago

non story tmz    

No only is she boring but really dumb as well if she thinks that people can't tell that this romantic stroll through New York is a fake set up. We never hear anything about Jen and she claims to be a private person so now that she has a movie to promote she's suddenly out on a romantic stroll and looking deep into John's eyes. All of the lovey-dovey affection for John Mayer is to gain publicity for her movie. I still don't plan on seeing it. If it doesn't do well at the box office is she going to plan a new stunt and get John to propose to her.

2136 days ago

Who Dat!!!    

Good for you Jen. Use them to make money like they use you!

2136 days ago


Stupid 40 year old whore posing for naked pictures.

2136 days ago


Angelina and the horse look way better than Anniston and Mayer.

But how can Brad compete with a horse????

2136 days ago


Mayer is UGLY. Jenn seems desperate.
First she takes her clothes off and then she winds up with this immature jerk.

2136 days ago


She wants privacy? Is that why she stripped naked so people would leave her alone, oh I got it now. What is she tring to prove? That she's better than Angelina, it will never happen Jen.

2136 days ago


John is such a creep! Yuck!

2136 days ago

name withheld    

It's reverse psychology.

By becoming so obviously shameless, they hope we will become tired of the fodder.

Or could it be the reverse?

They have come to enjoy the attention, and now spend their spare time rehearsing dialogue to which they think will entertain us?

Hmm. Very Interesting. Oh wait. No it's not.

Where the hell is Britney? This junk is boring.

2136 days ago


I swear this bitch is brain-washed. I don't know what she see's in him. He's fugly, has no talent, and is an attention-whore. I bet you Brad & Angelina are laughing at this pathetic whore.

2136 days ago

JustSayin go girl.....All these comments, you must be doing something right. We love you Jen, you have class!

2136 days ago


She is a cougar, a hot cougar I might add. I would bang her in a second, but always wandred why she doesn't want to have kids.

2136 days ago


Hmmm...Do you people remember angie & Pittless Lying we never had an affair. Angie I will never be with a married man or be attracted to a cheater. Those lies were to benefit their movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. They take a walk & you guys say its to benefit their movie? Now they can't even walk? What next? She never said she hates the papparatzi Pitless did. They pimp their children out. Angelina uses the press to her advantage they All do. So what? We see angie & boyfriend walking all the time. who cares?

2136 days ago
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