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Guess Who Flashed Some Leg

12/20/2008 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This dirty blonde didn't let a little snow storm in New York City stop her from showing off her legs last night. Can you guess who she is?


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Wow, real hard guys. I just needed to mouse over the picture and look at the post slug: /its-jennifer-aniston/

2104 days ago


Team Aniston here! She's waaaay too good for this chump.

2104 days ago


John mayer can pop a b o n n e r, and say that “I really like that” to Jennifer Aniston just like Jessica Simpson did after she viewed the snow, and photographers, and knew she was in love.

2104 days ago


lol #1... i guess that's why they took it off!!!

2104 days ago


Enough about this skanky b.itch, she gets way too much media attention

2103 days ago


She seems so desperate to go back with this guy. Doesnt she have any self respect left? I think not.

2103 days ago


Her, again. Him, again. Beer today, bong tomorrow.

2103 days ago


i'd take her to the flea market

2103 days ago


or the white house

2103 days ago



2103 days ago


that's one bony knee.

2103 days ago

Bobby D.    

If it weren't for tight T-shirts and turgid nipples we'd never know who Aniston was. She is, without a doubt, the most over rated actress of all time. And she's not that pretty either. John Mayer had a few good songs but he's playing out to be over rated as well.

2103 days ago


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the movie sounds alot like Flowers for Algernon the movie - the story of a mentally disabled man who undergoes scientific experiments in order to be a genius he falls in love and then he reverts back to being mentally disabled slowly as the science experiments do not work ….and that was a movie made in the year 2000 already…. and as Charlie Gordon in flowers for Algernon deteriorates the woman who loves him struggles to come to terms with it all. even though they say the curious case is loosely based on a short story the actual movie sounds a lot like flowers for algernon instead of being mentally disabled brad ages and his lover has to come to terms with his deterioration...and brad will no doubt ruin the movie with his bad acting? I'd rather rehire Flowers of Algernon than pay good money to see Brad ruin a great concept......I mean its recession for crying out loud.....I'm so going to see Marley and Me

2102 days ago


RE: article in OK Magazine Dec 30, 2008
I felt compelled enough after reading your article in the Dec 30 issue of OK regarding "Jen’s Obsession with Angelina" to actually respond for the first time in my life to a tabloid article.
Understanding that your magazine needs to have “compelling stories”: to attract readers and advertisers, and you may not publish this response, but I encourage you to do so to provide all sides of the story.
I like both female stars and really have no bias to one or the other.

For the first time in many years I have felt the strong need to respond on behalf of those int he article and for those that may not be in tune with the “star factor happenings”

Your article states (Page 51) : “ it seemed near-exact copy ( reference to Angelina’s outfit), right down to the open-toed black stilettos”......
Why choose to write this or focus negatively on Jennifer‘s wardrobe representing “obsession”, when 1000’s of women wear black dresses and open toed shoes? I myself have and do because it is the “in style”. So, how does this make Jennifer obsessed with Angelina?

You also ask in your article, when referencing Jennifer naming some of their children’s names: “why does Jen even know these kids names (Brad’s and Angelia’s kids)?”
Who doesn’t know the kids names, let alone the ex-wife that has had to gone through all of this for the last 4 years and continues to do so now, whether she wishes to or not?
The media keeps this forefront in my eyes, whether I buy your magazines....what about her?

Jennifer is damned is she does and damned if she doesn’t ---- now and 4 years ago.
How can she win? – publically or privately??.
Why crucify her for coming into her own and finally speaking up/out, versus being the “noble one”, “the private one”, the “strong woman” or not the “weak, insecure one, who fell apart when her husband left her”?what can she really say or do without being scrutinized by anyone, let alone a funded source?

Angelina opened up the potential for sparring when she recently spoke about “falling in love on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith”. Why not chastise Angelina for being insecure for having to state this fact (after all these years and so many kids).

Please be responsible in your gossip, the ones that buy this every week want and expect this. Remember, not long ago she was your “sweetheart”. Don’t make her your temporary ‘loser/staler” for the sake of inaccurate media and short term gains, it will come back to prove inconsistencies.

2101 days ago

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