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Heath's Kid -- Little Angel

12/20/2008 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matilda Ledger is soooooo cute, her feet don't even touch the ground when she walks.


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Nice picture glad to see her happy in the snow.

2100 days ago



2100 days ago

lisa lisa    

My feet don't touch the ground, either.

2100 days ago


Yea cute....Find me something I can skewer.....your site is usually
theraputic in the way it helps me deal with my anger toward hollywood
idiots whom double as roll models for little human beings like the one
above. Most kids whom don't do stupid things caused by thier
parents...will still do something stupid due to something they seen
in a move or on TV. The entertainment industry really needs to stop
the greed and purge itself of the senseless morons like Tila Tequila
and many many others as wll as the long trail of BADLY written shows
based on egos.

It draws (like flys to crap) egomaniacs, drama queens, saviours,
rescuers, feigners and attention-seekers, as well as a host of men
and women gay or straight who's only need to be there is to avoid any
other job that may require real work. Many claim they are needed for
thier artistic and creative talents, but are mediocre talent and are blocking the jobs from
others by creating false situations to which they were "discriminated
against" just to keep HR departments scared of releasing them for what
they really are.....LAZY! Hollywood is stagnant with these types they
can't get rid of and cannot bring a new age of talent forward (acting
,creative and technical support) that would really boost thier industry. Take
heed and hire people whom are genuinely interested in acting rather
than a liar and a fake whom wants to extend the strongest part of
their personality and get paid for it...which is being a liar and

This applies also to creative and technical talent..make sure they like the job and aren't there because it's cool to be around media. There are some genuinely talented people in the industry, I
don't mean to put them down...they know who they are and they know
the individuals I'm talking about.

If the star you like doesn't sign autographs or at least talk to
thier fans....maybe you should reconsider and realize your being
duped as to how great that individual really are....
make sure their personal life isn't an extension of thier disfunctionality and that they don't make you feel bad about parts of your personality that you really enjoy and consider to be an asset to yourself. Some issues aren't as black and white, some stars give alot of money to charity and then turn around and act like idiots or bad role models.

I hope this child has great role models and can see past the bad influence to become a future role model. (are you listening Lindsay?)

2100 days ago


Kevin , lay off the nose candy

2100 days ago

The Dude    

Hey, I'm in the same room as Kevin and I can assure you, ...he is
not on nose candy...and he works for a living..right now. Why are
you up La La (Meth?) The guy is just concerned for his kids every
time he turns on the TV. I agree with him, entertainment seems to
an endless line of jackholes! That the beauty of this site...opinion
to possibly campagn for change before the govenment censors us more
than they do already.

What's funny is he may not have to worry as the economy may take care
of this through attrition.

Hey La La her is the definition so you don't have to go wake you mom
to find out what it means.

4: a reduction in numbers usually as a result of resignation,
retirement, or death

2100 days ago


I might be going out on a limb here, but I think #4 Kevin and #6 The dude are the same person... Rants with weird line breaks? Seriously kid, if you want to pretend you're two people backing each other up so that we will go back and read your rants, you have got to change the style. And I don't think you're on "nose candy" (it's almost 2009, you can stop with the 90ies expressions) I think you've stopped taking your meds and you should go back on them, STAT

2100 days ago


Nice theory stinky :) Short of being here..yes your out on a limb.

2100 days ago


Hey Kevin I'd be concerned for your kids too cause you is crazy and they need someone stable you crackhead.

2100 days ago


What a little angel! I wish her Daddy were still here to enjoy her.

2100 days ago

Real Stats!!!    

She has BETTER illusions then me..........

Chris Angel.

Ps.... Speaking of illusions,
Dude and Kevin have some don't they...LOL

2100 days ago


what an amazing mum! her daughter must be so proud 2 have her in her life...

2100 days ago


People don't be so harsh on Kevin and The Dude...obviously he is very lonely and this is the only forum he has to try and get noticed. The internet provides company for him as he has nothing else in his life and is feeling so alone...especially during the holidays. He could care less about Matilda lol!

2100 days ago

darling nikki    

Glad to see her mom put a COAT on her!!! Are you listening, Katie Holmes?

2100 days ago

darling nikki    

"Are you listening, Katie Holmes"?

Or rather, reading this.......

Poor Suri would have been running around in the snow with only that god awful black frock on. Why does Katie dress her like an Amish?

2100 days ago
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