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Paris Hilton -- Parental Guidance Suggested

12/20/2008 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rick and Kathy Hilton didn't appear very affected as they discussed their daughter's Hollywood Hills home break-in last night.

Rick and Kathy Hilton: Click to watch!
Put 2 million bucks worth of stolen jewels on the Hiltons list of disposable items. Right next to dignity.


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Rich people almost always get robbed by someone who works for them.

Paris lives in a multi million dollar place with servants and she is not the one who checks to insure the home is secure, it is the job of her servants.

How did this thief get into the "gated community" ?

Does anyone else think it unusual that the thief knew exactly what room the real money things were in?

It does not matter if you like her or hate her no one deserves to be robbed and making comments about insurance fraud shows a highly developed level of stupidity.

2076 days ago

frogs and gravel    

She deserved to be robbed and it Was insurance fraud.

2076 days ago


us weasles like to lick ourselfs

2076 days ago


Paris haters were raised by weasels...i couldn't say it any better!

2076 days ago


look i;m poor,

2076 days ago


why dont everyone leave Paris Hilton and her family alone the ones who say things are just jealous for what they have and the ones running there traps dont have s@#t

2076 days ago


Hey TMZ;

I think you missed a possessive apostrophe on "Hilton's"

on the Hiltons list of



2076 days ago


Plural possessive that is "Hiltons'"

2076 days ago


13. Paris haters were raised by weasels.
Princess Paris is sweet and cuddly and talented and beautiful.

800 Pound Gorilla

Posted at 9:12PM on Dec 20th 2008 by 800 Pound Gorilla
Who is this west hollywood madonna audience member? Gotta be some mental retard 1/2 way house reject who doesn't have the slightest grip on reality.

As for the dumbass leg spread slut known as paris hilton, she's queen of the morons. Leaving $2 million in property in her home WITH THE FRONT DOOR OPEN? What a dumbass. Her parents are just as obnoxiously stupid & uninformed. How special of them to shrug off a $2 million burglary as though it's nothing, when people are struggling with loss of jobs, foreclosures & a total economic downturn. How arrogant & idiotic of them. Like some previous poster said, can't they all just have a mass suicide together? Please? Consider it a Christmas present...

2076 days ago


Bagman- You are a moron. It was supposed to be 2 million worth of jewelry. She doesnt even have 2 million dollars worth of crap- we have all seen her cheap wardrobe. And the house isnt even worth that much- Its obvious that she is a liar from all of her past interviews- Me thinks something stinks in Sherman Oaks. Deal with it.

2076 days ago


paris hater smoke weasel turds for breakfasr

2075 days ago


guess what ??????

i bought something from the auction

something that anybody can have a good time with.

merry christmas,

andf a happy new year.

2075 days ago


It's just too funny to see Hevey and his allgay buttt boys crew preachig to others how they shoul live their lives..

2075 days ago


Paris donated a huge amount of money to help build a new wing for the Loa Angeles Chldrens Hospital.
Stop beating up on Paris or her family!

2075 days ago


Didn't Pais just have her house remodeled? Breakins often happen after construction work because criminal elements take such jobs.

Remember how that pretty 14 yr old girl in Utah got kidnapped right out of her bedroom by someone who had worked on her parents home?
Darn shame that you can't feel safe anymore even in a gated community.

2075 days ago
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