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You Can Bank on Britney

12/22/2008 9:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The bank of Britney Spears has just opened its vault -- again.

The judge in the conservatorship case has just ruled Jamie, Brit's dad, can get thousands of extra $$$ for the work he's been doing for his daughter. Jamie was getting $10,000 a month for his fee as the conservator of Brit's estate.

Today the judge adjusted that amount for the entire year to $16,125 a month, to reflect all the additional work Jamie did -- which includes planning her tour for next year.

The judge also gave the green light for Jamie to get office space -- Brit will pay $1,200 a month for that.

And there's more. Brit's bro, Bryan Spears, will receive $200,000 for services he rendered prior to the time the conservatorship was established.

And the lawyers ... the bills for all of them are approaching a cool $1 million.

Who says times are tough?


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Its Brian™ Bitch    

Arizona, Why should he be idolized for being paid to be "HER FATHER" ? *rolls eyes* His reward (payment) should be that his daughter is alive! Let's face it, he is a mooch...Oh by the way...that be $10,000 ;)

2100 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

chump change,Mike Vick spent more than that on a dog fight,this ho is loaded and he might as well ride this gravy train and the way back to Alabama,

2100 days ago


My sister a banker took care of her sons bills ( with his money) while he was a professional motocross rider, and she took money form his account to pay herself for doing this. I might add, she never told him she was doing this. She is now on her second old sugar daddy and retired from the Bank. She is a cold hearted vulture.

2100 days ago

This is devastating.....    

I totally agree that Her father saved her life & helped get her life & career back on track. But, part of me thinks he is only in it for the money.Yeah he took care of her & helps with her career but 1) Larry rudolph & her assistant plan her appearances & such,i don't know as though her father does more then give his opinion and help a tiny bit & 2) if he had her best interest at heart (as some one else sad) he would have pakced her up and moved her back to louisiana and let her get better instead of having her jump right back into her career. They (all her peeps) should have let her heal or recover ,work on geting her kids back 50/50 & then think about a "comeback" in a couple of years.I still do not think she is ready for the comeback or the tour.But, they probably figure if she stops the money will fade out or she won't want to go back to her career & they will have no money so they have to keep her career going to get the money. Her brother should not get 200,000 that seems a little much & If it were my parents they would not be taking my money..they would love me & be willing to take care of me out of love for no cost,but if her father must get paid he should not get that much..It is really ridiculous how much money these people are getting off of her. I guess it is the price you pay to be rich & famous.

2100 days ago


It's fair that her father gets compensated. He was not retired living on a fat check each month. He was a working joe. He had to give up his job to take care of Britney, he can't afford to do it free of charge. He has a life too.

2100 days ago


Why in the hell is a father getting paid for taking care of his child? Regardless of age or status, seeing if they have money, it should never come to that. It's sick. My child could be the richest person in the world and I would NEVER take care of them while asking for a single cent.

No wonder Britney is so messed up, poor girl.

2100 days ago


I for one, am glad the family stepped up and took over. She was a trainwreck, and getting such bad advice from her manager,who was being paid 50K a month or more. She was headed for the cemetery until Dad stepped in. And he is doing a great job, and Britney, shut the hell up, and be the star you were born to be, and get your chit together for those kids. Dad and Mom helped get you where you are, now let them help you get back on the road to recovery, and move on. So many people who have much more talent than you only wish they had your life. I am happy to see you look so much better, now shine on, and good luck to all of you.

2100 days ago


Yeah, but what was Mel Gibson's take?

2100 days ago


wow, maybe being filthy rich isn't what it's cracked up to be. After awhile I would be thinking 'who loves me for me and who loves me for my money?' You know, when money is involved, I think even normal people get filled with lust and start changing. and I agree with the person who said dad's priorities should have been different. GET WELL FIRST, TRY TO GET KIDS 50/50 AND THEN....CAREER. I think that everybody thinks she is well because she is working again, but she is far from well or she would be off the c-ship.

2100 days ago


This has got to be the most pathetic thing I have ever heard. What parent takes money for helping their kid out. All white trash.

2100 days ago


The amount of $$$ her dad is getting per month is peanuts compared to what he could get running his own business. Really, it's not that hard to make that much in his line of work when self-employed. She has the money, it's perfectly appropriate to pay her dad for his services. He's also doing more than babysitting, but even if that's all he was doing - he's cheap at the price. It's unfair to compare the situation to other families taking care of relatives who simply don't have any money to pay for the care or who need to keep what little they have for the future.

I've certainly known other families in the same situation, where the person cared for (e.g., an elderly relative) did have the resources and so the family member taking care of him or her was paid the going rate for such services. That let the caregiver give up another job and keep the relative out of a nursing home. Win-win for both.

2100 days ago


Speaking of Mel Gibson, I bet he told Britney's dad to get over there and step in or her money would be gone real quick. It seems odd that he waited until she was speaking in an English accent to go and help her. He was probably afraid Adnan was going to marry her and then the money would be gone from the Spears' family for good.

2100 days ago


does anyone how much she is worth at this point in her life? DANG, she has to be putting a dent in some of the cash flow....

2100 days ago


It is not like dad has to pay rent or buy cars or food or anything for that matter. All he has to do is save his paycheck and ask for raises a lot. He gets to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous with no bills of his own. He probably sold his own place because Britney's going to be under the c-ship for probably a long time. At some level it seems wrong. Like the expense for the office - what's that about. He isn't a business manager.

2100 days ago


what a bunch of Hillbilly trash!!! That would be the day that I would ever take a dime from my kid let alone that kind of money!! But then again they pimped her out as a child so what do you expect!!?? That dad of hers looks like a damn pervert anyway...yuk!! and the mother!! WTF?? that would be the day my kid would have been walking around showing her cooter for all the world to see...where were they then?? Oh, yeah "watching" the other little tramp get knocked up right?? A bunch of in-bred tailer trash is all they are....did she even graduate high school??

2100 days ago
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