You Can Bank on Britney

12/22/2008 9:25 PM PST

You Can Bank on Britney

The bank of Britney Spears has just opened its vault -- again.

The judge in the conservatorship case has just ruled Jamie, Brit's dad, can get thousands of extra $$$ for the work he's been doing for his daughter. Jamie was getting $10,000 a month for his fee as the conservator of Brit's estate.

Today the judge adjusted that amount for the entire year to $16,125 a month, to reflect all the additional work Jamie did -- which includes planning her tour for next year.

The judge also gave the green light for Jamie to get office space -- Brit will pay $1,200 a month for that.

And there's more. Brit's bro, Bryan Spears, will receive $200,000 for services he rendered prior to the time the conservatorship was established.

And the lawyers ... the bills for all of them are approaching a cool $1 million.

Who says times are tough?