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DJ AM Sues Over Plane Crash

12/24/2008 3:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The other shoe has dropped. DJ AM has just filed suit in the jet crash last September that killed four people.

In the lawsuit filed this afternoon in L.A. County Superior Court, Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM, claims as the jet reached takeoff speed the pilots became aware one or more of the tires had blown. The suit contends, "Rather than proceed to takeoff, they decided to abort and/or reject the takeoff in a negligent manner." The plane overshot the runway and burst into flames.

DJ AM is suing the estates of the two pilots, Sarah Lemmon and James Bland, both of whom were killed in the crash. He's also suing Clay Lacy Aviation, Global Exec Aviation, Inter Travel & Services Inc, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co, and Learjet.

DJ AM is suing for pain and suffering, lost earnings, property damage, past and future medical and health-related expenses, and punitive damages.

Travis Barker has already filed a similar suit.

We asked AM about the lawsuit last night, he was mum.

DJ AM: Click to view!


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How can you admire?    

I hope the TMZ staff runs into this idiot and asks him if he thinks these pilots ALREADY PAID the ultimate price. Their families have nothing to do with this. They're dead already, aren't they? I truly hope this moron doesn't get a freakin' dime!

2038 days ago


To the TMZ readers: acting surprised and dismayed that he has filed a lawsuit is funny to me. After all, it is the AMERICAN WAY TO SUE. Watch some daytime television about the Wolf or the Eagle who can get you the money you deserve,,,,,,,,,

2038 days ago

wonderlust king    

Yeah! Revolve that record! That's quite the hook!

Couldn't succeed as a regular musician, so takes Daddy's money and buys some turntables.
Now that people are bored with that scene, he needs to take money from other people. Dead People even!
Enjoy your money, I am going to stop, collaborate and listen.

2038 days ago


TMZ: if you are going to post this, then you NEED to inform people that this type of lawsuit is really going after INSURANCE companies and not the poor families of the dead pilots! All you're doing is creating hate toward Travis and DJ AM.

Readers: Here's how it works. This is the same thing YOU would end up doing if you were hurt in a car accident, it wasn't your fault, and the other driver's insurance company did not offer you enough $. Trust that if your injuries are severe or complex, the insurance company is not going to pay enough. Even if they aren't trying to be cheap, you probably will end up in court. Burns could require surgery, compression garments, if it gets infected more surgery, etc. With wheelchairs there's about 100 kinds and depending on the type of injury you could need a plain one or a fully motorized one with ad-ons to keep your body at the correct angle and support it.

You sue the driver of the car or the pilot of the aircraft, but the INSURANCE company will provide the lawyers to defend the driver or pilot. The pilots are listed (and approved) on the charter co's insurance just like when I'm driving a bus I'm covered by the insurance of my employer. AS long as they were performing their job duties when the accident happened as opposed to taking the jet for an unauthorized trip to Hawaii, the INSURANCE is on the hook to pay. But the pilot, just like the driver, is ALWAYS going to get sued because *they were the person driving or flying* when the accident happened.

Unfortunately the pilots didn't live, meaning instead of the pilots being on the suit it is their estates. That does NOT mean the actual estate (whatever assets plus death benefits they had) will end up paying. I know bus companies have to keep a huge amount of liability coverage so I'm sure charter jets are the same. There should be plenty of insurance $ to cover anything Travis and AM win.

Generally, it's also the SURVIVORS of an accident who will sue, not the families of those who died. Many/most insurance co's have a set "rate" they pay for loss of life so there's no argument--it's in the contract that they have to pay $x if a person dies. Where a person is injured and needing further medical care and then factoring pain and suffering (as opposed to the others on the plane who, I recall,, mercifully were killed instantly on impact rather than burning), you've got a lot to argue about.

2038 days ago


Wow. Suing the estates of the dead pilots? That is a new all time low. Because of course, if they win, his friends that died will certainly come back to life! I feel for DJ AM and Travis, but I just think that's selfish. They've gotten so much media coverage and everyone giving them sympathy, but what about the family of those pilots? Is detroying the family of the dead pilots really going to fix anything? What about their children and spouses? You want to make them suffer the same way that your friends' families were made to suffer? Grow up.

2038 days ago


If what #56 says is correct, then TMZ needs to get their sh*t together. Of course, it is TMZ. Too Much Z, not enough IQ.

2038 days ago


#56 thank you for providing the legal context for this lawsuit. i don't think ANY of the parties involved, including the estate of the dead pilots, are shocked that this lawsuit was filed. when you hire a lawyer, he/she is going to represent your interests diligently and unless you understand the complexities of the law, these lawsuits always appear cruel and wrong to a certain extent. harvey levin is a lawyer and he should have provided some context.

2038 days ago


When the lawsuits first starting coming out and DJAM wasn't part of them, I thought good for DJAM, he isn't going to sue. He understands the value of life, and you cant put a price on that. My respect for him grew even more than it was. Now hearing not only is he suing the tire companies and the aviation companies, he is also suing the estate of the pilots, I have lost all respect for him. My heart just hurts for the pilot's families. I cant imagine what they are dealing with and now right before Christmas they get hit with another lawsuit. I understand four people were lost in this Tragic accident, but no amount of money is going to bring any of them back. I understand that they all are mourning loss of loved ones, and I cant even imagine what all four families are going through. However, the pilots had a very tough decision to make, and only had a few seconds to make that decision. I am sure they are trained on these type of situations, and unfortunately they were in a no win situation no matter what route they took. I can understand going after the companies they thought were in fault, but to go after the pilots who will never be able to defend themselves just sickens me. I will say that Travis did not sue the estate of the pilots, he took the correct path, imo, and sued the companies that he felt was in fault. I think one of the families who lost a loved one did sue the pilots estate also. So please dont criticize Travis Barker for something he didn't do. I hope DJAM finds it deep in his heart to drop the lawsuit against the pilot's estate, because I feel they ALL have suffered enough.

2038 days ago

The cruise Director    

I hope DJ AM gets counter suit for every dime he has to his name. These people make me sick! not to mention these suits end up hurting the average persons pocket book.

2038 days ago


DJ AM & Travis digust me.

You obviously DON'T appreciate Life. By suing the estates of the DEAD PILOTS, you are causing more GRIEF to these families. They also lost a loved one! You SWEAR like the pilots wanted to DIE ON PURPOSE, you idiots! I'm sure they tried everything they could to survive...they paid the price with their LIVES. Isnt that ENOUGH FOR YOU? YOU FILTHY RICH @SSHOLES. Yes, I am starting to agree that the WRONG people DIED HERE. Have you no shame? I hope you two get what you deserve....NOTHING!

2038 days ago


what do you do when your career is over? Sue some one

2038 days ago


What a sue the pilots estate. He just needs money and this is the way he is going to get it? He is nothing but a loser DJ, which sounds like crap. If it wasn't for Nicole, he would be a nobody...well, he is now, just people know his name because of Nioole. Get a life you freaking loser!

2038 days ago


I cant believe this z list celeb would have the balls to do this. To bad he wasn't one of the people that died! The pilots and their families have paid the ultimate price. Goldstein, ha go figure...

2038 days ago

Brian M.    

I would suggest that anyone who has a Myspace page bombard his comments section with a few choice words. The guy is a tool and should just leave the pilots family alone. On top of that, he does it before Christmas. Ass.

2038 days ago


Suiing the estates of the pilots is cold, doubly so because of the timing. They're dead. You're alive with an even bigger career as a result. What a cheap, heartless jerk.

2038 days ago
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