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Kid Does Bottle Service -- Not Community Service

12/25/2008 4:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Since when was drinking Jim Beam considered community service?

Kid Rock: Click to launch!
Kid Rock recently went ballistic on his blog when a judge refused to allow him to use his live performances in Iraq as community service for his Waffle House assault. But when you look at these pics of Kid taken on a military C-17, it's pretty clear the only thing being serviced is his liver.

For his part, Kid did travel to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Germany and performed for more than 10,000 troops.


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Macho Man    

If he was getting credit for his community service by going there, everybody would be screaming how rotten he is. He is NOT getting credit and he still went and spent his holidays with our troops while countless celebs could care less. Give him props where props are due.

2136 days ago

Kendra Would Rock Your C**k!    

God bless you, Grammar Rehab! The public "schools" continue to turn out these illiterate bumpkins who can barely read, CANNOT compose a complete sentence, can't spell "CAT" if you spot them the C and the A, know ZERO world history and wouldn't be able to point out 5 U.S. states on a map! A large part of this country's youth are simply DULLARDS! I like to call it the "Hip Hop Syndrome." Anyone who could listen to even 2 minutes of Kanye, Usher, 'Lil (BRAIN) WAYNE or these other talentless inner-city mongrels has just got to be "mentally challenged."
Listen up, dullards! Get my to go order ready and STFU!

Again ... it's "YOU'RE" for "YOU ARE." Here endeth your 3rd grade English lesson ...
Enjoy your career in the fast food industry.

2136 days ago


Amen, Grammar Police. A little typo once in a while is one thing but to have every major word spelled wrong is a whole different story. By the way, Kid has made several trips to the Middle East and other places to entertain the troops. Yeah, kind of lame to try to cash in on community service that way, but he goes over there REGARDLESS. If the judge told him no he was still going. I don't blame him for trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. We all try to cut corners sometimes.

2136 days ago


By the way folks, it's "I could NOT care less," not "I could care less."
Think about it and use it properly or risk showing your ignorance.

2136 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I hope President Bush pardons the Kid for being a good ol' boy who got into a bit of fisticuffs with another good ol' boy over a girl in a Waffle House.

2136 days ago


You anal huns coming to a gossip blog, to correct spelling are too stupid. And since when is drinking against the law? Kid Rock is a real talent.

2136 days ago

R.J. Johnson    

Kid Rock drinkin'??? Amazing!

2136 days ago

To see or not to see    

Correcting wrong spellings is not such a stupid thing considering that these mistakes are repeated again and againg and are s-p-r-e-a-d-i-n-g all over

2136 days ago

To see or not to see    

Learning, of course

2136 days ago


I agree these people that come to TMZ to pretend they are superior to others in intelligence are some serious idiots. Surely there is a better forum for your nonsense. Like,

2136 days ago


Oh please, Kid Rock is the biggest poser going.. go back 15yrs.. he
was nothing more than a Vanilla Ice Wanna be white rapper. Now he's
a 'good old boy'... I guess whatever pays right?.... figures he would
try using touring for the troops as 'community service' .. hello..
not like he wasn't getting PAID to perform for the troops people! I
say let the good old boy go into some poor hoods and serve up some
youth music programs! So sick of this fake a$$ 'good old boy'
marketing image anyway.

2135 days ago


He has gone with the USO several times. I don't know whether USO acts get paid or not. If so, then you must dump on any celeb from Bob Hope, Marilyn Monroe to Gary Sinise, Ted Nugent, and more for entertaining the troops. Usually the cost to fly there and their accomodations are all the acts get "paid". Kid Rock has brightened the day of a soldier thousands of miles away from home many times now. I don't care if he sings Mary Had a Little Lamb or whatever. He gives of his time to help the troops. More than I can say for Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, the Dixie Tricks and their ilk. Or pouty Jessica "oh, I am so annoyed people follow me because I am so beautiful" Alba or the many vapid actors/actresses in Hollywood today.

2135 days ago

jayne dough    

What a ugly loser!

2135 days ago


Another sorry alcoholic on the loose. Get some help before you wind up another sad statistic!

2135 days ago


Okay I dont get why TMZ posts these things on here anyways how is this news and how is this bad? So what he is drinking on a plane and people are ragging on him for it are you mental? Its not like hes driving the plane everyone is allowed alcohol whats the big deal? He is a great guy that did something great for our troops.

2135 days ago
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