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Eartha No Longer of This Eartha

12/26/2008 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eartha Kitt -- the legendary actress, singer and dancer -- died yesterday of colon cancer. She was 81.

Kitt was perhaps best known for her role as Catwoman on 60s TV series "Batman" -- a role that was later played with diminishing success by Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry.

She recently won back-to-back Daytime Emmy awards for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program for the show "The Emperor's New School."


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Mrs. Grossman    

is it me or does she look like james brown

2134 days ago


What a horrible headline....tmz? why do you even bother printing things like this....losers

2134 days ago

stop the madness    

Eartha Thank you!Take one final bow in the hevans.You where the best cat woman!

2134 days ago


The TMZ socialists must be unaware that Eartha Kitt was a conservative who loathed federal income taxes and capital gains taxes, or the statist TMZ tools would certainly have been more insulting toward her.

Ms. Kitt loved Santa Claus, baby. Not Santa Government.

2134 days ago


I met her years ago and she was a sweet lovely person. No diva BS at all. Young Hollywood could learn a great lesson from her.
You'll be missed.

2134 days ago


Eartha was a very down to earth, sweet woman. I got the once in a lifetime chance to meet her during a tour of Cinderella when she was the fairy godmother. She was so beyond kind to her fans, even this one guy who was a little........... obsessive. Sorry that's the only word I could use for the guy.

But she was very gracious and a total class act, even to fans like that. She will be missed. My neice will miss her the most. She loves "the emperor's new school" on disney... and she liked to listen to her version of "santa baby" when it came on the radio over Christmas.

2134 days ago

Uncle Sam    

I worked along side of Ms. Kitt in a play called "Souls the Calah" and she was the best!!! I remember having a conversation with her about working on the movie Boomerang with Eddie Murphy. As we were talking, I asked her to do me a favor. (all the while she was doing 1 handed push ups no LIE!) She interrupted me and said "I already know what you want" she leaned over and whispered in my ear that classic line she said in the movie "I'm not wearing any panties!". I ran off the stage LMAO and you could hear her and that laugh only she could do in the back ground! She was a GREAT LADY!! If you had a chance to talk to her she would talk with no holding back! Memories like that I can share with my kids that will keep her memory alive with me. We will miss you Eartha Kitt, I learned alot!

P.S. TMZ at the request of a true fan, can you please change your headline for a true ICON in the Industry!?

2134 days ago


Her version of Santa Baby is one of the best Christmas songs EVER!
TMZ your headline is very disrespectful. She desereves better.

2134 days ago

Zebedee Doodah    

"Santa Baby, hurry to the funeral home tooo-night...."

2134 days ago


I agree with every writer who posted about your headline. Funny quirkiness is fine when talking about some random celebrity mishap but when a death is involved, especially of such a well known legend, a little more tact should be required. Do the unpaid interns that likely make up the bulk of your staff really think any of their ill-spent time with TMZ will be a positive addition to their resumes? Poor ignorant souls.
ANYWAY...Eartha Kitt was a wonderful classy woman, great voice, great talent in general, one of the last real "triple threats" in entertainment. And her rendition of Santa Baby is still the best ever recorded! In that respect it's probably fitting that she passed away on Christmas. Rest In Peace you naturally beautiful (she never had cosmetic surgery) wonderful lady.

2134 days ago

M in Maryland    

I love her "Santa Baby" song, no one can do that song like Earth did. It's not Christmas until I hear it.

Thanks for the music and your contribution to the entertainment world.

P.S. I thought the TMZ title was tasteless btw. She deserved MUCH better.

2134 days ago



2134 days ago


MAAAAARRRRCCCUUUSSSSS!!! LoL That was a classic line in the movie "Boomerang" with Eddie Murphy. I just recently found out that she did the original "Santa Baby" song. She lived a long life. And I'm sure it was enjoyable. But these people at TMZ... that headline is beyond repulsive. If someone said that about your mother I bet there'd be a lawsuit or some stupid tirade goin on right about now.. Please have some sensitivity! This woman was an icon, and I'm sure none of the staff really know about her work in her active days. Which means you need to be even more respectful!

2133 days ago


Eartha has always been enshrouded in class, grace, sensuality and adoration. She has also triumphed over many obstacles; being part african-american/native-american struggling to overcome barriers in the motion picture/music industry, and being ostracized out of Hollywood by a First Lady bitch simply because she spoke her mind.

Throughout the decades she has thrilled, enticed, entertained and wowed countless millions of fans around the world. It is rare that someone can perform for decades, and still maintain her charm and adoration by so many fans and command a live audience in packed houses in the greatest artistic centers in the world.

She was always a lady of grace and class. A lady always knows when to leave, and being a lady; she bowed out on Christmas Day. She's been good, she's been bad, and heaven just got a lot classier on Christmas Day 2008.

They don't make them like her anymore. The world has lost a true and rare jewel.

Thanks TMZ for showing that the world has become more classless and tasteless by posting such a disrespectful headline about this lady. She has the last laugh because TMZ can never have as much class as she had. Never...

2132 days ago


To Greg Shumski is that you real name ? Or is that the gurgling sound yo mama made when you peeked you ugl;y little head out. I bet you were a nimble ittle turd. Dodging coat hangers for 60 days must have been tricky. TOOOOOOOO bad they missed moron

2132 days ago
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