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Dave Letterman: I Wanna Be Like Mike

12/28/2008 2:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Complete with a Breathe Right strip, Michael Jordan's wagging tongue and a music player full of Paul Shaffer's greatest hits -- a fit-looking David Letterman went for a jog in St. Barts this weekend.


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This is the first time I've seen Letterman photographed by the paparazzi!

2124 days ago

Rip It Up    

Hey Dave, looks like you might need a hit of oxygen. It might be time for another bypass!

2124 days ago


That's "fit-looking"? If that's the new standard, then apparently I'm in better shape than I thought.

2124 days ago


LOL Dave is so funny!

2124 days ago


The guy had what, quintuple bypass surgery, and he still jogs!
What an inspiration.

I need a sandwich.

; )

2124 days ago

Jess 1    

Love the Shorts, Dave!

2124 days ago


Hey... the Man is 61 years old, had a huge bypass surgery, and is out jogging!
I think this is AWESOME!

2124 days ago


Why is this man never photographed in public? Because he never ventures into the public nor among the public---he has become a cross between a Johnny Carson, Howie Mandel and Howard Hughes. Tears of a Clown hiding in the corner when the show is over and the lights turned off, and not wanting contact with other humans.

He's a pathetically scared of the public human being now--- being helicoptered from his CT Estate to NYC...I feel most sorry for the son---first of all being named Harry, second of all not having a mother that is the daddy's wife, and third of all being hid out on an Estate, away from anything public or human.

His political rants have grown as tiring now as his looks......May the Paparazzi hunt and find him in every private get away he comes up with----he deserves it for the attacks he has made on others like him in show business---not under the guise of comedy, but rather something more deeply personal and disturbing.

He appears to be a miserable human being

2124 days ago

Rip It Up    

#8, did you ever think that because Dave was stalked by an insane woman for years and the fact that his son was going to be the victim of a failed kidnapping plot ever enter your dense skull?

You're a putz.

2124 days ago


He drips with venom.

People from Indiana are nasty and horrible. It is shocking when you go there. You'd think people would be decent because it's the Midwest. They are NOT. Do not get medical care in Indiana. It is terrible, they will hurt you, and patients have few rights in Indiana. Go anywhere else. Even Letterman got his bypass in NY.

2124 days ago


He looks great! Glad he is keeping fit.

2124 days ago


#10 Time he got his... you are obviously a jealous whackjob. Dave has every right to his privacy and after he was stalked by a deranged woman, placing himself and his son in danger, no wonder he is so cautious. May you get a taste of what he has had to live with, though I seriously doubt you have any virtues that would make anyone want to stalk you.

2124 days ago


5. That's "fit-looking"? If that's the new standard, then apparently I'm in better shape than I thought.

Posted at 1:13PM on Dec 28th 2008 by EDHGirl


I guess I'm hot, too!

2124 days ago


That has got to be the one of the most ugly white men ever conceived. That picture is just brutal. Will he be doing a top ten list on how ugly he is anytime soon? I didnt think so, he's just a tough guy with other peoples misfortunes, yet never makes fun of himself. Thats the sign of a conflicted soul.

2124 days ago

who cares    

Hey TMZ, thanks for the hilarious comment!!!

...and to all of you taking TMZ so serious, please get a life...remember that this site is for us (readers) to HAVE FUN!

2124 days ago
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