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"Puff's" Daddy -- "Magic Negro" Shocking

12/29/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the hippie trippers who created "Puff the Magic Dragon" is not so mellow with "Barack the Magic Negro," the Barack Obama-related spoof of his song.

In a distinctly un-free-loving screed on Huffington Post, Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary says "Magic Negro" is "not only offensive, it is shocking and saddening in the extreme." He adds the song "insults the office of the Presidency" and takes a kids' song and twists it into a "vulgar, mean-spirited ... slur."

Chip Saltzman, a GOP bigshot who's being considered for the top post at the Republican National Committee, sent out the song to committee members.


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Can't Stand Obama    

Anything remotely funny that is directed towards Obama will be deemed as vulger and racist. If the song was about Bush, that would be all ok and people would find it funny.

I'm tired of this double standard bs.

How about grow a pair and man up and quit infringing on the people's right to free speech and the right to their own opinion. Not everyone is happy about Obama going into office.

2125 days ago


What a horrifically tasteless song for a man hoping to lead the Republican Nat'l Committee to even associate himself with. I hope this keeps him from getting the post and that it teaches people a lesson that tasteless racism isn't acceptable, even under the guise of humor.

2125 days ago


How about we ALL just leave race out of the equation completely and just band together with no racial or political sides to pull this wonderful country out of the crapper?

2125 days ago


I think it's hilarious. People need to lighten up. I swear black people are destroying this world with their crying racism every minute!

2125 days ago

Proud American    

It turns my stomach that there are elected officials in office with such wraped, distorted, and down right disgusting morals. I can't imagine anyone thinking this is okay. President elect Obama may not have been my personal choice for president, but I would NEVER be so small of a person, to disrespect the him like this, or my country. This is absolutely unacceptable, and is not what the RNC stands for.

2125 days ago

TMZ Staff    

#6. Stop spamming A-hole! Next time you will be banned!

2125 days ago


the best part is the whole idea of barak the majic negro was froma news story in the la times, but lets call all who bring attention to it racists, and bigots not the guy who wrote the story. that song is so old, i think it is from march of 2008, but today it is a outrage. the song is funny, and it is a parody, and it is based on a actual story printed in a newspaper, but we cannot make fun of dear leader.

2125 days ago

Another pointless story....    

Ugh get over it, it was a joke. Jesus after all the crap said about Bush for 8 years, you guys can't take one hit. Figures demoncrats are such cry babies.

2125 days ago


"How about grow a pair and man up and quit infringing on the people's right to free speech and the right to their own opinion. Not everyone is happy about Obama going into office."

You miss the point. It's not about free speech, it's about the fact the man who is trying to become the leader of the RNC is actively promoting a song that calls the newly elected president of the United States, a "negro". Today it is considered offensive and vulgar to call a black person a negro, but this guy thinks it's hilarious and is pushing the usage and this song. Racism is alive and well in the RNC and this proves it. We should let republicans do this, it helps remind us how full of crap they are when it comes to telling minorities they are the party of inclusion. If you are unhappy about Obama going into office, do it by talking about the real issues, not by using racist language. Is the real problem here that Obama is black, or is the problem with his politics ? This song leaves no question what the real issue is for some republicans.

2125 days ago


"insults the office of the Presidency" I believe he means the 'office of president elect'....

2125 days ago


Black people should be ashamed the first black president is an idiot. It is about time a black man was elected, but they took the first moron to come along and put him in office. The man has no qualifications.

2125 days ago


treating him just like they did Bush. Just more of the same.

2125 days ago

What do you look like?    

It just shows their true colors. It's no accident that the South is overwhelmingly Republican.

2125 days ago

Lenn K.    

I still laughing my ass off, because the stuff in rap songs that degrades most black women, push violence, puts down education and call people who call the cops sellouts, and you're worried about a song that uses the words Magic Negro?

2125 days ago

Proud American    

1. But,, but...he IS a magic negro and he will make everything all better! He's also a magic cracker but nobody, including him talks much about that side of him.
I know. Let's call him the magic person of mixed race! Or the Magic Mulatto! Hmm, no, I think he just wants to be black so that he can pull out the race card when he needs it.

You get the dumb-redneck-of-the-day award. Let's see...Obama has associated himself as a BLACK man his whole life, reguardless of the fact that he's bi-racial...He decides to run for office...He makes NO secret of the fact that he's bi-racial, but he's ALWAYS refered to himself as African-American...Now that should change because he's running for office? He chooses black instead of white, so he can play the "race card?" --Listen Jethro, you & your kind are probably the reason Obama doesn't consider himself a white man, besides the obvious color of his skin. Like alot of people of mixed races, he chose which one he wanted. He doesn't want to be refered to as a white man, I don't blame him! If he'd hid the fact that he was bi-racial, your stupid ass would be complaining about that. Put the moonshine down & pick up some common sense, you back woods idiot.

2125 days ago
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