RNC White Album Officially Drops

12/27/2008 12:15 PM PST

RNC White Album Officially Drops

Finally, the perfect stocking stuffer for Republican's dreaming of a White Christmas – a CD called "We Hate the USA" with the hit track, "Barack the Magic Negro."

It's true -- RNC candidate Chip Saltsman pimped the 41 track CD to fellow committee members to get them in the holiday spirit.

As if the RNC Kool-aid couldn't get any more bizarre, the Obama tribute is sung by an Al Sharpton impersonator, to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon."

The song, first spun live by Rush Limbaugh, includes the lyrics "See, real black men, like Snoop Dogg, or me, or Farrakhan, have talked the talk, and walked the walk, not come in late and won."

What's next -- "Ivory and Ebony" and "The Star Spanglish banner?"

Wait, they're on the CD too.