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Tara Reid In Rehab,

Not Freehab

12/29/2008 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

PromisesThe most famous celeb rehab joint around is crazed over a story that claims Tara Reid's detox is a ploy to drum up business for the facility.

Star Magazine claims Promises Treatment Center is letting Reid rehab there for free -- with a luxury bedroom and a "no bag check policy."

Star claims attendance is down and profits are low, so Promises "asked around Hollywood to see who wanted to stay there for free."

Promises begs to differ: "The suggestion that Promises would search Hollywood for a celebrity who needs rehab in an effort to garner publicity is libelous, offensive and without merit."

The article has since been removed from Star's website. The mag didn't get back to us with a comment.


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What is so SAD is that they both need the publicity! Them just as much as HER!! lol

2126 days ago


Rehab doesn't work.

On another note, since I was born in Detroit, and forced to be a lifelong fan, maybe now that Marinelli is fired I can stop wearing this paper bag over my head at the games!

2126 days ago


I agree with tara . i have been in several programs .It seems to mme that all the holy people who were snactching purses two years ago are now telling people hoew to become sober !!!!!! for that case why dont we let people who have had open heart surgery perform on a bunch of heart annonymous patients ththe recovering addict is using the new recovering addict by putting them down every second they get it seems to me they get some kind of satisfaction from it. the last program i was in i was told i had two options jail or death no positive reinforcement what so ever i recently was in marworth rehabillitation center in Waverly PA and i was kicked by a staff member for falling asleep durruing a meditation class i made a formal complaint on friday and was asked to leave on monday they wanted toput me on a bus and send me to port authority hell on earth real good help!!!! center i am with you 1000% tara

2126 days ago


This broad once was one of the hottest i have seen---couldn't act for sh*t though... never be the same
I agree with # doesn't work,,,,it'll turn you into even MORE of an @sshole than you were before!
Good Luck Tara take care of the taco....

2126 days ago


She is still Hot!

2126 days ago


I'd take Tara over LoHo any day of the week{with a srong douce ofcourse....}

2126 days ago


It is very believable. They are a business like any other. Why profits are down, you have to market yourself. Rehab can work, if they focus on the emotional problem that got you there in the first place.

2126 days ago


Further proof that the Hollywood set should never be anyones role model, spokesperson, politician, advisor...basically anything more than pretending to be someone else on TV and in the movie theater.

2126 days ago


Could I ask a question without being made a joke or having people make fun of me? Why do we hear about all these rehab places (that don't seem to work) and yet you never hear about The Betty Ford Clinic anymore? Are they outdated or just not "cool"anymore?

2126 days ago


I don't think they try to be anyone's role model, they just live their lives as they please. Which they can do, as long as they steer clear of the law.

2126 days ago


I bet Tara made them throw in a screening of Van Wilder for the other patients.

2126 days ago

Roger Moore    

I'd like to party with Tara. I bet she is a blast.

2126 days ago



rehab doesn't work if you don't want help. if you've had a serious drug problem and went to rehab and it didn't work for you, that is solely because you didn't have the willingness. no ifs, ands, or buts about it. if you didn't go to rehab and you're posting on here saying "rehab doesn't work," just please shut your mouth because you don't know. #12, honey, what they told you is RIGHT. if you don't get clean you will either die or go to jail eventually. WHAT DID YOU WANT TO HEAR? "you'll either die, go to jail, or live happily ever after!?" we got ourselves into these situations, and if we can't handle the truth about them then we will never live happy, successful lives. grow up and deal with it. and of course people who were able to get and stay clean are going to teach others how to get and stay clean! WHO ELSE IS GOING TO DO IT? doctors can read all they want, they can have 5 degrees on the subject, but being there is the only real way to know what it's like. your analogy is incorrect.. it's like people who have performed heart surgery, teaching others to perform heart surgery. which is completely logical and the way it happens. i'm sorry you had a bad experience in rehab, but you're doing more damage than you know labeling all rehabs as not working. you are justifying your behavior by pointing out someone else's bad behavior. and who are these "recovering addicts" who use "new recovering addicts?" if you really experience this somewhere, you need to go somewhere else. that's not the way it should happen, and in rehabs and NA meetings, that's not the way it does happen. i feel for you, botticelli, and i will pray for you. i hope one day you get out of your denial, self-righteousness, and unwillingness and are able to see how incredible it is to be a real RECOVERING addict. and you don't get that title just by going to a few rehabs. love yourself enough to help yourself.

2125 days ago


Since Star magazine has dropped the article, TMZ will keep the torch going!!

2125 days ago


Rehab doesn't work. I think she is doing it for publicity purposes only. If she thinks rehab is going to cure her, why didn't she join up when her scary boob popped out of her dress when she had coke visible in her nostrils? That should have been the wake up call back then.

2125 days ago

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