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Obama Takes Swing at Crowd

12/30/2008 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Having to quiet the roar of fans is just par for the course for Barack Obama.

Barack Obama

The President-elect had to silence the spectators gathered to watch him take down the 18th hole at a golf course in Hawaii on Monday.

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Isn't anyone going to comment on the cute dog on the left?

It's an entertainment column people, lighten up. He's our next president and by a landslide. Deal with it.

2124 days ago


He looks like a jerk playing golf. He obviously never played before . LOL.

2124 days ago


holy cow i can't get over all the comments on our new prez DUDE wow. just wow. i could care less if he was purple or pink or yellow or orange.. WHO C A R E S ?? Dang! I hope he does the country good.. i hope he can get us out of the mess.. instead of focusing on the color of his skin, we should be focusing on all the "bail outs" that we are paying for !!! Isn't that more important then HOW black or HOW white he really is? DEAR GOD it stupid! I almost can't read it anymore! Get a grip people! Somebody needs to come out and give 75% of the commenting folks a nice smack on the back of the head..


you kno you would do him.. don't lie!

2124 days ago

who cares    

2. The young man in the front row toward the left expresses my sentiments with his wide yawn!

Posted at 10:10AM on Dec 30th 2008 by sonja

I could not agree more...

2124 days ago

who cares    

Is that Marc Anthony?

...never mind!

This guy is black

2124 days ago


Hey V, maybe you had better get over yourself. Vanessa Williams has beautiful green eyes, guess there must be some white blood in there somewhere. Besides, I happen to think people of mixed race are often incredibly beautiful: Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Williams, anyone seeing a pattern here? Yeah, a pattern of people who don't care about race.
That's not to say there aren't black people who are stunning, Iman anyone?

2124 days ago


You damn fool, you don't golf in Hawaii, you get lei'd!

2124 days ago


He's supposed to be president-elect, not a rock star. How sad that this man was voted in on popularity, not qualifications. I don't give a flying poop what color he is, he is not fit to run this country, not yet. What a freaking disaster. Hillary should have been nominated. People were willing to elect a charismatic black man but not a strong qualified woman. What the hell is wrong with everyone? Bush knew what he was doing but we have all these morons who think wishing for peace will stop terrorism, not so.

2124 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

What an arrogant man. He is so full of himself. I say bring in the Happy Gilmore crowd!!!

2124 days ago


Poster #17, you just don't get it. He was elected because he is black. For the first time the black community actually cared about an election because they thought they had a hero. They're so busy glorifying hiphop/gangsta rappers they don't seem to understand what a real hero is. Guess they forgot about Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. Sad.

2124 days ago

Deb in San Diego    

1. He WAS born here. How do you figure that Hawaii is not "here" when it was a STATE in 1961 when he was born there??? Try and pay attention. 2. It's nothing like Bush vacationing, either, because HE'S NOT PRESIDENT YET! Duh. Really! 3. And I really wish that people who practice intellectual laziness would come up with some FACTS to back up their constant assertions about corruption, radical connections (have you heard Wm. Ayers interview with Terry Gross on PBS? Check it out) and his wife hating the US. Use your brains, folks. I thought the next 4 years would be better for my blood pressure than having Idiot Boy (GW) in the White House, but I can see that the greatness of Obama will be lost on people who like having their heads stuck... in the sand.

2124 days ago


I think every couple that has kids for the next two generations needs to be of a different race so we can all be one color, then we can weed out the stupid ones a lot easier.

2124 days ago


Mikealike, I think that's the best idea I've heard in a long time.

2124 days ago

Same old, same old    

How come the Office of President Elect hasn't had one of their press conferences on the Gaza situation? Four more years of the same...

2124 days ago


Bush is STILL the President.

It's up to BUSH to act on the Gaza situation.

2124 days ago
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