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Jamie Lynn Decoy Pissed -- May Sue Los Angeles

12/31/2008 3:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. Airport Police and the City of Los Angeles may end up getting sued over a bungled attempt to protect Britney Spears' sister, Jamie Lynn.

Last September 11, when Jamie Lynn flew to Los Angeles, LAX cops tried to divert the paparazzi by using a decoy whom they escorted to baggage claim. The impromptu decoy -- Adessa Eskridge -- happened to be on the same plane as Jamie Lynn.

Eskridge's lawyer, Chuck Vernon, tells us one of the cops told Eskridge as she got off the plane, "You're going to help us with something." He says it was almost as if she was taken into custody. Vernon says cops told Eskridge to walk with them as they made their way to baggage claim.

Vernon says as the eight officers escorted his client, she took her sunglasses off but they told her to put them back on. As they reached the bottom of the escalator, she was suddenly and unwittingly besieged by paparazzi.

Jamie Lynn was able to beat a hasty retreat from the airport, undetected by the media.

Vernon says Eskridge has filed a claim for money with the City of L.A., a prelude to filing a lawsuit. Vernon says a City rep from Risk Management contacted him yesterday. Vernon vows, if the claim is rejected, Eskridge will file a lawsuit claiming false arrest and negligent infliction of emotional distress.


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I'm sure a cash settlement with a confidentiality clause will take care of this, I'm not sure why her lawyer decided to hit the press with this, unless he wasn't getting any response.

Sounds like a job, and seizing someone and making them perform a task people are usually compensated for is often called several unpleasant names. Using the authority of being a cop to compel it doesn't make it any better.

2130 days ago

darling nikki    

Isn't California about to run out of money? Maybe they need to pinch the pocketbook and cut back on all the useless Police Officers. I mean really, are all those officers necessary so one person's picture is not taken???

2130 days ago


just a loser wanting money.

2130 days ago


Why in the world should Los Angeles be using valuable police resources to protect media whore celebrities who can more than afford to pay for their own security? This is absolutely ridiculous. While that goon unit was forcing this poor girl to pose as an irresponsible teen mother in order to give same irresponsible teen mother a little more of the "privilege" she doesn't deserve - what police force was actually policing the airport for things like, I don't know, shoe bombers and knife wielders?

I'm glad this girl is suing and would volunteer for her legal team if I lived in L.A. If getting through the airport is such a terrible ordeal for celebrities perhaps they should avoid travelling. You asked for it Jamie Lynn - no one ever said you had to be like Britney. The rest of us have to live with our choices - when are we going to start making celebrities live with theirs?

2130 days ago


Why is it LA has such a small police force compared to New York (about half the size with a quarter as many cops) yet they waste 8 of them protecting the personal space of 1 cable tv star. If they use all of their resources so poorly no wonder LA is a dump.

2130 days ago


"If true, the L.A Police department is heroes. To use Adessa Eskridge to cover for pregnant Jamie Lynn was a stroke of genius."

She isn't pregnant dumbass.

2130 days ago


Actually, it is the PAPS that should have to pay for her, since it is their STALKING that makes it dangerous for EVERYONE at the airport. I really f'n HATE paps and I hope they are all in a horrid accident. They risk the safety and lives of everyone they leech around and it is getting worse all the time. Why does LAX allow them in there, anyway? A lot of them are pretty iffy looking foreigners, anyway. This has gotten out of hand.

The officers that decided to put a private citizen at risk should be spanked hard with a warning in their personnel file, as that was a stupid thing to do. At the least, they should have asked her if she would participate and given her a CHOICE. I would be pissed if I were her, too, but a lawsuit is ridiculous and sue-happy.


2130 days ago


While I don't think this should be a financial windfall for this woman, I do believe the cops should've asked her instead of telling her. Maybe this will make them change how they do this. But, no, this woman should not get a lot of money over this inconvenience.

2130 days ago


How much money will it take to solve this little "kidnapping?"

2130 days ago


I agree, something smells fishy about this lawsuit. Just so happens the LAPD ask a complete "stranger" who gets off the same plane as Jamie Lynn and looks like her to be a decoy? Nahh that don't sound right. Like someone said, she prolly didn't know she could get paid for the gig and is now suing for ignorance and inconvenience. Just give the kid a thousand bucks and be done with.. LOL.

2130 days ago

Illinois person    

Frankly, the LAPD deserves to get sued along with the sergeant in charge too. You mean w/all of the crime in the greater LA area, they (PD) uses 8 OF THEIR FINEST FOR THIS IDIOTIC STUNT?? The LAPD suddenly looks like the keystone Cops. Shame on you guys - you're supposed to "serve & protect" but only when it's needed. And by the way, Melissa Etheridge had nothing to do with the above story. Some people can have similar names, you know! Finally, I seriously doubt this young lady will get any money just because she had her picture taken. If she's upset, then sue the photographers. Another person seeking their 15 minutes. So LA!

2130 days ago


When anyone but the government does this it is the crime of kidnapping. The ruling class vs. the rest of us.

2130 days ago


Oh please, chalk it up to her 15 minutes of fame! Why do people always feel they have to sue!

2130 days ago


What is wrong with you people? Does she deserve an apology? Absolutely. But I am sick to death of the lawsuit bandwagon people jump on. This sense of entitlement and expecting others to give them a free ride has got to stop. We are breeding a culture of vultures. What ever happened to working hard and actually supporting yourself, versus finding an easy target to sue? GET OVER IT!

2130 days ago


Oh, PLEASE. Is this girl and her attorney for real? What are they going to sue for like a million bucks. She looked like she was having the time of her life. She was swarmed for a few minutes and she wasn't hurt. What...she's having nightmares now? This chick and her attorney are money hungry and it looks like the tax payers will be shelling out money for her future implants, continuous dying of her hair and acting lessons. Worse things happen to nicer people and they don't sue. Get a LIFE CHICK.

2130 days ago
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