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NFL Superstar Accused of Baby Mama Beatdown

12/31/2008 3:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Fitzgerald -- the star wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals -- has been ordered to stay away from his baby mama and his 11-month-old son after he allegedly knocked her around a room and pulled her hair out.

Angela Nazario claims she brought the couple's son to visit Larry at his Phoenix home last October when the former lovers began arguing.

Nazario alleges in her legal papers filed in Arizona, Fitzgerald attempted to "defuse the situation" by raising his fist and challenging her to a play fight. Nazario admits she responded by swinging at him and "may have hit his face."

Fitzgerald then turned from playful to enraged, allegedly pushing Nazario down to her knees. She claims he "grabbed me by my hair with both hands on the back of my head very very hard and tossed me across the room."

Later, when she tried to leave with her son, Nazario says Fitzgerald "grabbed the back of my neck and slammed me down on the marble floor ... [I] was disoriented for awhile and could not get up, I remember he mumbled something about 'that's what happens when you try taking my son away from me.'" As she got in the car to leave she realized she had lost "chunks" of hair.

Calls to Fitzgerald have not been returned.

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The Real Deal    

I can't wait for Islam to influence our culture. In 50 years our "Family" Court system and child custody laws, and "Domestic Violence" laws will be turned on their heads.

This woman, from the day Larry's @#%! was still in his pants, plotted the whole course of this - including once the baby is born, inciting a false "Domestic Violence" case - in order to milk Larry in the family courts.

What most people don't understand is that Child suppport from a man of Larry's means is not only enough to generously support this baby THROUGH college, but there will be plenty of funds left over for the women to live comfortably for the next 25 years in a nice house, nice car, etc - without working and without making any commitment to raise this baby in a two parent family structure - which is the proven way to raise children free from emotional problems and away from crime influences.

I fault Larry's father for not sitting down with Larry and telling him the facts of life before he got involved with this classic golddigger.

Until there is a safe and reliable male birth control - similar to the "PILL" and/or our "Family" court law is changed - men like Larry should have their sperm frozen and then get a vasectomy. Then when they find a women who really loves them and wants a familiy WITH the man, he can decide to have children at HIS time of choosing and do so with his frozen sperm. I'm serious. The smart men are already doing this.

This is what this whole story boils down to. Has nothing to do with domestic violence - only a false claim of domestic violence in a larger scheme to work the child support laws.

2070 days ago


Well, at least Tom Brady keeps his baby drama on the down low.

2123 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

They should order him to stay away from the stadium, too.

2123 days ago


dont worry about it bro we will stand behind you until all the facts come out on this.
we all know that bitch isnt all innocent if she would have kept her mouth shut and swing on u first she wouldnt have gotten her ass beat down

2123 days ago


She had a lot of time to this get this story straight. Next thing she needs is......10 million dollars to get that weave fix. And a couple hundred for her son!! So sad (GOLD DIGGER). I don't believe this story

2123 days ago


Professional sports recruiters should be banned from prison yards. This is getting ridiculous...

2123 days ago

Team LC    

Do you really think this poor woman wants the world to know about what happened to her? Now the entire population has the opportunity to question her honesty and moral values. I dont think any mother would put themselves and their babies though that. Shame on any man who thinks its ok to treat women like that, especially ones with money and power like him.

Any domestic violence is wrong and Im not saying that her hitting him is ok, but really, its not ok for men to treat women that way no matter how you look at it.

2123 days ago


Shame on him ... that's why he isn't a Steeler ... they don't put up with beating you baby's mama.

2123 days ago


You think at his age he would know what a condom was ... too bad for him he didn't. Baby mama drama ... how much was that lay worth it? I get the fact he has a kid, but seriously, she's after money.

2122 days ago


I wonder how much of her story is true. And why she waited so long to come out with it? If you notice, this happened back in October. She must not have been hurt too bad, or she would've spoke up, when it happened. There's something not right about her story. I'm not condoning Fitz actions(if he hit her), but I do think there's more to the story, than she's telling.

2122 days ago


Fred you stated one important thing in your post-child support...any woman who has been hit-she does not come across in her statements that she's been a victim of abuse by Larry throughout their relationship thus fearing retribution from him-would demand that his organization follow up on it and file charges in court to persecute him and not just file an order of protection against him...there is definitely more to this than is led on...it does not take you 2 months to come out with this...if you're going to announce it to all you can announce it as it happened or on your way to your local court to tell the judge you need the order...do any of you know how easy it is to obtain an order of protection against someone and with how little evidence...such things are use as a pawn in family court while fighting for child support...I hope that her allegations were not mocking the real victims of DV and not just a ploy to attack and distract a prolific member of the community to suit her own agenda in family court and obtaining more money...I really hope that if she felt she had to file she did it because it happened and not otherwise...but, you would be surprised how many times filing on bogus charges it actually happens...

2122 days ago


As Dr.John would say>" Right place wrong time."

2122 days ago


She admitted that she hit him in the face, therefore she deserved to be hit back. I am a woman and I will be the first to say if you want to buck up to a man like a man then be ready to fight like a man. If you can't handle it then don't raise your hand. I for one would never hit a man because if I would I expect to be hit back like one.

2122 days ago


YOU ARE A BUNCH OF FOOLZ!!! JUST LIKE SHEEP!!! TMZ is straight up GARBAGE! Fittz is one of the GOOD GUYS and this is the trash they want to put out there?! How convenient.... right befor the playoff's! Fitz will be playing and the Cardinals will be spanking the dog mess out of the Falcons! The haters and in all their endeavors can't faid IF NOT THE BEST then 1 of the best WR's in the NFL today!!!

2122 days ago


Just another ball player.

2122 days ago
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