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The Charred Ghost of Shauna Sand's Future

12/31/2008 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The human remains of Donatella Versace frolicked on the beach in St. Barts on Wednesday.

La Dona's purple bikini accented all the latest trends this season: fried hair, plutonium injected breasts and saggy leather skin.

All the alleged 53-year-old needs is a pair of orthopedic Lucite platform stripper heels and she could be the spitting, coughing, hacking image of Shauna Sand in five years.


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Are you sure she is not dead?? "Weekend at Versaces" I think that m ovie took place in St Barts as well! Holy Sh*t!!!!!!

2122 days ago


Seriously, it's hard to believe she is only 53.. Are you kidding me?

2122 days ago

Wayne Newtn    

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feelings that you suppress...can you feel it?...are the animalistic
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strengthening with each and every thrust of your being...rise
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that i shall share with you mines...let us now explore ourselves, in that we may chance again to recapture that which we have
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to yourselves...go on now...go on...

2122 days ago



Wasn't her husband the lover of GIanni Versace who left him for his sister D,?

I'm not saying anything other than she looks like Satay of Dog on a stick, but come on Donatella.

2122 days ago

Wayne Newtn    

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2122 days ago


I am never one to make fun of someone else and how they look while in a bathing suit. But are you sure this woman is 53 years old? I mean, I have seen people on the beach who was older and they looked better than this woman does. So are you sure she is not more 63 or 73 maybe?!! I bet she is lying about her age cause I have seen better looking people in their 50's than her. She just looks pathetic. Note I did not say OLD, I said pathetic. I find it pathetic how some people pretend to be younger than they are and then come out looking pathetic. She looks pathetic. She looks like she has been lying about her age and saying she is 53 when in reality she is most likely 63 or more. Plastic surgery can do so much but sooner or later age does catch up to you and it has her.She is no 53.

2122 days ago


This woman could not be 53. She looks more like a 70 year old or maybe even older. I am 60, look 40, and have not had any plastic surgery, just eat healthy, and jogging 4 miles a day. What does that say about these doctors to the stars? For a minute I thought it was Michael Jackson's new get up......I personally do not believe she cares what anyone thinks about how she looks, but it is amazing that a person would subject us to that body in pictures from the paps, or flaunt it. Man oh man, people with money never cease to amaze me with their egos. Of course, I wonder if Dave Letterman and Donatella met up with each other at St. Barts? They make a cute couple!!!!

2122 days ago


Looking at the photos of her from an event just a few months ago, I can't believe this is her. While she's never been awesomely fit, it's hard to imagine she's turned into THIS in less than 90 days. The photos of her on agency websites at 09SS fashion shows are much plumper and 'healthier looking'. Either she's turned EXTREMELY ill in the last 2-3 months OR this is NOT really Donnatella. Agencies/photographers have been known to incorrectly tag/sort their images.

2122 days ago


OMG! Is she really just 53? My mom is 71...and her body is far better than Donatella's! She looks so sorry to say this.

2122 days ago



2122 days ago


53! my god she looks 83! georgio armani looks better at 74.

2122 days ago


She is only 53, and this woamn does not age well. You can tell she has had a face lift too. She needs to gain some weight and stay out of the sun. People who dont age well, need extra weight, and no sun-damage. She needs a shrink, because no woman her age would wear that bikini, especially looking like a anorexic-houndgog. She must think she looks good, and thats the trouble with anorexics; they do not see reality when it comes to their bodies.

2122 days ago

yo mama    

Damn!!! I know lots of 53 year old women who have never had any type of plastic surgery and they look a million times better than this woman who has probably spent a ton of money on making herself look like she is DEAD!

2122 days ago


The face doesn't look like hers. Are you SURE Tmz that this is Versace?

Very sad though, this woman needs to eat and without a doubt requires medical attention. She cann't possibly be 53. Maybe 73.

2122 days ago

rosa is really, really annoying    

Ok, first of all, I have had enough of Girl Crush bff and her alter ego Milf whatever the rest is. It is obvious you are getting off on writing your extremely annoying attempt at erotic fiction. I know you think it is exciting to post the same thing on different comments. But guess what? Your writing is not erotic, in fact it is extremely awful. Why don't you and the equally horrible R.J. Johnson leave us alone to gossip to our heart's content. We don't like you or him. Go away, now.
Take your "tingling loins" and leave.

2122 days ago
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