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Wrong-Way Richie

Hits the High Seas

12/31/2008 6:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her borefriend Joel Madden sitting behind her rowing, Nicole Richie enjoyed a canoe ride while on vacation in Hawaii.

Considering her track record on the freeway, it's probably best they didn't let Nicole steer at all.


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Christy in Maryland    

I wish I were in Hawaii, its cold and windy here in Maryland!

2122 days ago

Wayne Newtn    

hey tmz,

didn't you see Jay Leno driving his submarine past Nicole & Joel???

RJ Johnson is BACK !!!

2122 days ago

Jess 1    

I think Jay Leno Needs to take a Restraining Order out against RJ Johnson. Commenting on every single article about Jay Leno even when the article isn't about Jay Leno...Creepy!

2122 days ago


Say what you will about Nicole, but she does not court a camera like Paris, Lindsay, and Britney. OMG and Madonna.

Kudos to Nicole for turning her life around.

2122 days ago


. I wish I were in Hawaii, its cold and windy here in Maryland!

Posted at 4:21PM on Dec 31st 2008 by Christy

I live in Maui, it would be nice to have more rain, a little snow, and cooler weather once in awhile. Although not as much as Maryland.

2122 days ago


Vacation from what? Doing lines of coke and sucking d*ck?

2122 days ago


Hey TMZ- get a life! Just because Joel doesn't hook up with whores, get drunk and/or shoot himself in the leg- LAY OFF!!! They are a cute couple and if you are going to follow them incessantly with your cameras and then comment on how boring they are, then what do you f*c%$g expect? One sure sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results Get some real stories- I could write this s@#t in my sleep!

2122 days ago


Too bad they didn't dump her media whoring, do nothing, worthless ass in the water & row off without her...

2122 days ago


No. 7; those are really mean comments. I loved Paris and Nicole in "The Simple Life." Nicole and Richie have a foundation that helps children. She is doing a wonderful job of raising her daughter. Give her credit where credit is due!! You go, Nicole. I wish there was more "The Simple Life." Loved it!!!

2121 days ago


Don't care much for Nicole but I do love Good Charlotte. So whatever floats Joel's boat is fine by me.

2121 days ago


Jealous much haters? She can go on vacation to Hawaii and you can't?? WAAAAAA

2121 days ago

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