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Kathy Griffin

What a D**k!

1/2/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kathy Griffin is certainly old and experienced enough to know you don't make lewd cracks when you're wearing a hot mic... Anderson Cooper was cool about it, but d**k jokes on CNN just don't seem right -- even for New Year's Eve.



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Dirty Martini    

Dear Gawd, this wench was annoying as all get out. I had to just turn the sound off the listen. She wouldnt shut the eff up, she interrupted him constantly, she was beyond tasteless and tacky. What fresh insanity came up with the idea to pair these two? geez it was bad!

2086 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    

Kathy Griffin is an unfunny, talentless, classless bitch, who has absolutely no business whatsoever being even remotely famous, and this is just another example of why. Somebody please, for the love of God, kill her in the most horrible and painful way possible, and spare us any more of her bulls***.

2086 days ago

Roger Moore    

Kathy is hilarious, she carried that boring D-bag.

2086 days ago


Comments 2 & 3 are obviously by Ryan Seacrest. I saw it live and thought it was funny.

2086 days ago


She made me sick, I stopped watching and changed the channel. In my opinion she ruined the whole show. It was like she was out to get him and try and make him look bad. When all she did was make herself look stupid and class less. Why they put her in shows like this and give her an open mic, is beyond me. I got sick of her talking non stop about nothing!
she used to be some what funny, but lately is acts like she's going through menapause and is out to get everyone. someone PLEASE give her some hormone pills . Anderson Cooper was a trooper and showed he was the professional.

2086 days ago


I totally heart Kathy Griffin! My hubby and I watched that part live and laughed our asses off. You go girl!

2086 days ago

Amy Sue    

WHY on earth of all people CNN would pick that NO TALENT UNFUNNY ANNOYING RUDE OBNOXIOUS WITCH like her to even host a show. And HOW could AC even stand to be next to her? I guess what could have been worse is having that OLD FAT UNFUNNY RUDE OBNOXIOUS COW in JOY BEHAR hosting. But not by much. I was surfing the channels and I would stop once in awhile at CNN because just seeing AC standing next to that thing he looked so uncomfortable and he bearly said a word. FOX on the other hand had a pretty good show. CNN has really gone down hill especially when they use people like that FAKE redheaded thing and The FAT COW Behar to host shows. You would think they could come up with better talent.

2086 days ago


I think she is a good fit for is a corrupt station anyway

2086 days ago


I love Kathy Griffin, but have to admit I was not impressed with her last night. She had absolutely no charm or chemistry to offer.

2086 days ago


I think Anderson Cooper is a amazing person, the fact that he had to sit there and nervously giggle at all the filth that this woman was spewing was just degrading to him and everyone else watching he looked so uncomfortable sitting there. She seriously makes me sick to my stomach I honestly couldn't believe that someone with half a mind would put her live on the air, she should be working at a walmart somewhere out west where no one has to listen to her white trash offensive language. Poor Anderson, hopefully CNN has learned there lesson :(

2086 days ago


Kathy Griffin is totally annoying and useless. CNN has DL Hugley.. He would have done a better job yet they pick this crass unfunny bitch. I stopped watching after 20 minutes - BOOORRRING!!! Wolf Blitzer is just as annoying and unfunny but at least he has more class and manners.

2086 days ago

Bruce Perkins    

Cathy Cathy Cathy, dear/ You need to start studying with Jehovahs Witnesses. With or without me darling, you need to start studying with Jehovahs Witnesses.

2086 days ago


She's as annoying as hell! You can bet CNN will not have her do anything for them again. Should have used the 8 second delay everytime they knew she was going to open her trap. In fact I imagine she violated her contract when she started spewing some of the things she did. They should have had her magically dissapear during a commercial brake. I'm sure Anerson Cooper, who is far more professional than 'ol whats her face', could have taken on the entire night all by himself!

2086 days ago

Roger Moore    

Kathy was great last night. You haters are just sad you saw a hot babe having fun on New Years Eve.

2086 days ago

Kendra Would Rock Your C**k!    

This sickening b*tch is just like Sarah Silverman. How either one of them graduated from a small-town, amateur night comedy club is a mystery. They are as talentless as JOY BEHAR who is another shrill, unfunny, wrinkled, idiot liberal without a clue!

2086 days ago
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