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Ambulance Rushes Jett Travolta to the Hospital

1/3/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the first video of the ambulance that took Jett Travolta to the hospital just before he was pronounced dead.

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Outside the hospital, a representative for the resort where the Travoltas were staying confirmed what had been widely reported -- Jett Travolta suffered a seizure early this morning and fell and hit his head.


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I often get a laugh from celeb sites like this one, but with the Travolta story, the site has reached a sad low! It's okay to speculate about news stories, but can't people wait for facts first before making definitive statements?, No one even knows if this child was or was not on medication, or if he was, did it work or did he take it? A patient does not need a psychiatrist to get anti-convulsive medication. And, unless he was legally declared incompetent, at 14 he would have the right to refuse medication anyway. Some comments made here about the child were obscene and should have been removed immediately. Only the parents know what decisions they made and why, so let's give them a break until the facts are out. I know people who have been paralyzed for life and worse by "traditional' medications, bet there is not a Sanjay Gupta special on that subject. Peace to all.

2087 days ago


so lets be so american and bash freedom of religon no matter what. Cant believe we havent gotten to the catholics and their aniti birth control "bs" and how they are crazy and we have all these kids on taxpayer services because those a-holes cant keep their legs together huh? We have freedom of religon sorry folks :) And on that note, this isnt a place to bring that up. A child has died. No matter what, nor how, a child has died, and left a hole in the hearts of his parents. It was obvious that they cared for their kids as having 2 nannies present at all times to add an extra set of eyes for security purposes is something i only wish i had the money to do for my kids. And yes, it is okay for parents to go out and leave their kids with nannies or sitters, If his nanny has been there for most of his life, then no doubt is viewed like a second parent, and the Travoltas entrusted and trusted Jeff with those duties. That must be an incredible relationship and this death has affected his nanny as much as his parents too.
Im sure he feels like he lost his son too. Relationships in the celeb world are sacred, because unless there is long term loyalty there is really no relationship. I feel bad for the celebs in the world because you never know who is being real to you.
Its like a line in the movie first daughter " i have had people smiling at me, laughing at my jokes and saying im right my whole life, i need some real people to be real, get mad, yell at me" that must be so hard. I commend the Travoltas for adding the nannies to their parenting team, even though Jett was 16, there obviously (meaning theyve acknowledged some form of medical issues in their son) felt the need for Jett to have some extra security, but even the most careful parenting in the world cannot stop a death, if God wants his child home. And for those who say anything different about scientology, we all know, that its God who calls his children home, when he wants them. And so sad to say, because no parent should exipierience this (as i have) Jett was only meant to be here for 16 sweet years. As my Sophie was meant to be here 5 sweet days.
Its so many memories, but so little too.
God Bless You Travoltas, and their extended family of staff, and all those who love Jett.
And especially Ella. For yours is the greatest sadness, the sadness, and the lack of abilites at such a young age to express them.
No matter what they believe, i wish peace, light and love surrounding them as theyve only begun this process.
Praying for all involved,

2087 days ago

paris is a the chlamydia of the collective Hilton vagina    

Shame on you TMZ for posting this video during this time of intense loss and grief. Leave this family to mourn their child in peace....
The very fact that you have posted this sickens me.


2087 days ago


My deepest sympathy to the Travolta family for the loss of their son.May their devoted love for their son and his loving memories help comfort them, until he is in their arms again. I believe life is a spiraling light traveling a planned path. Whatever religious belief they follow, may it comfort the family and those who knew Jett personally. May his young death somehow help others. Rest in peace sweetheart.

2086 days ago
335. Rose    

Dear John ande Kelly

2086 days ago

Jan Martin    

My,deepest most caring thoughts and prayers are with all the family and loved ones.They are people who are also celbs.

2085 days ago

Jan Martin    

Wow,I can not believe you are so shallow.Roselynn Carter wore the same gown twice.Nancy Ragen the gown was reported as over the top.We have life and death issures at hand.please be proud of our 1st lady she has much more going for her and to offer to her country than her dress or if she looks fat in it.Please get your head in the right place.THis is just to jr. high.Be a part of the soulation not the problem.I do hope you do not feel you are defined by what you have on but but by what is under your clothes.Please found out whats inside you then you can be a part of the soulation to the problems we face in this country Foget being a slave to fashion you will get older fashions come and go but you have something inside that will not be controlled by marketing for youth,Wt,Posture and trends of the market.Know who u are.Jan Martin

2070 days ago
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