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Ambulance Rushes Jett Travolta to the Hospital

1/3/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the first video of the ambulance that took Jett Travolta to the hospital just before he was pronounced dead.

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Outside the hospital, a representative for the resort where the Travoltas were staying confirmed what had been widely reported -- Jett Travolta suffered a seizure early this morning and fell and hit his head.


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Party 'till you die!    

nanilani, I am definitely going to check out what's going on over there! So thank you very much! My oldest friend had a Vagus nerve implant and combined with medication, he no longer has seizures that affect in any major way! The most notable thing is that his voice goes out every 30 seconds or so. All I am saying to others is there are treatments and people blow them off, they should be held accountable or at the very least, checked into for negligence. Taking this position has some people out to fight me, but I don't mind this one bit. The boards are chock full of defensive COS members, especially since manipulation and control of blogs and media is of the utmost importance to them.

2121 days ago

justice is served    

In no way to I dispute the fact that the Travolta's did everything they deemed relevant to help their son. They appear to be a very loving family, and it's evident they loved their son enedlessly.

However, should it become apparent that approrpate meds were not administerd to Jett due to the brainwashing cult that is Scientology, then I think it's people pull together and sue the ass off that FOR PROFIT cult,

2121 days ago

lisa lisa    

If the John Travolta and Kelly Preston are negligent in Jett's care, well I think
that would fall under the legal term "Depraved Indifference", does it not?

2121 days ago

McCain Fan    

I'm a Christian and no matter what my thoughts and prayers are very much with the Travolta family! You people should be absolutely ashamed! Arguing over such stupid things! This poor child just lost his life! This family just lost a child, brother, grandson and nephew! How would you all feel if you were in this situation?! Please show respect!

2121 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

can someone here tell me who they think a scientologist is , who is here posting...seriously!! thanks, just trying to learn.

2121 days ago


OMG ashamed, obviously you are defensive for a reason! I wonder why!

2121 days ago


Please grow up all of you. A family just lost their child.

2121 days ago


So sad for this family. I grabbed my kid and hugged her really tight. I had a brother die young from a heart attack in his early thirties. My parents were never the same after his death. Parents should not bury their children. RIP Jett and god bless his family.

2121 days ago


Travolta doted on his son. He adored him.
Mr & Mrs Travolta testified in front of congress regarding medical connections to various household chemicals and solutions.
They had the same caregiver for him for years. The provided medical care that you could only wish for. There were multiple medical issues...many of which are none of your, nor my, business.
To speculate he withheld meds is totally insane.

2121 days ago

Lord Almighty    

Ok Then - "it is a well known fact that Scientology and many other beliefs refuse medical treatment."

I didn't put words in your mouth, that's exactly what you said. Don't pass things off as "well known facts" when you don't have your facts straight. In general, Scientologists do not refuse medical treatment for physical ailments; it's the practice of psychiatry that they are against. And I'm being defensive? Am I the one yelling in all caps?? I didn't realize that I needed to defend myself against anything, anyway. This story isn't about me. I'm simply sickened by the glee that some of you people seem to take in jumping on this family in their worst hour. You have NO idea what went on in that household or what Jett's condition was, so don't pretend like you do.

As I said, even if he was autistic, there's no way to know if drugs would've helped him. I have friends with an autistic daughter and although she doesn't have seizures or anything that bad, they put her on some other kind of drug to help her "concentrate." Now she walks around like she's in a daze and she stumbles over her words, when before she was very lively and had no problem articulating her thoughts. To everyone else, she seems to be worse but the parents believe the doctor, that drugs are the way to go. That's not always right either. What's RIGHT is different for everyone, depending on their situation.

2121 days ago


To clear up the 'Christian Science' confusion: $cientologists can seek medical help, but they cannot see psychiatrists, therapists, take psych drugs, etc. ALL anti-seizure meds are also psych drugs, because they work on brain chemistry. Depakote, which is a super common pill for seizures, is also used to treat bi-polar. Most of the anti-seizure meds work for both seizures and psych problems. Therefore, there is no WAY the Travoltas had Jett on them. It would be against their cult. Instead, they were hooking him up to an e-meter (fake-ass piece of machinery that reads you body thetan level) and having him AUDITED, so the alien corpse ghosts could leave his body and make him well. I'M NOT KIDDING. Well, here's the result!!

Scientology kills! And unless people speak up and stop them NOW (yes, even here on TMZ) they'll kill again! Jett wasn't the first to die, will he be the last?

2121 days ago


lauren- look lady if your looking for a fight look somewhere else cause I'm not interested. I was just saying he needs sense knocked into him thats it I didnt say I wanted to do it or someone would I just said he needs to get his act together.

2121 days ago


Heartbreaking new details have emerged concerning the death of John Travolta's son Jett. RADAR has learned exclusively that John pounded on his son's chest and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in a desperate bid to save his life..

Then John and his wife Kelly rode in the ambulance this morning on Grand Bahama Island for 40 minutes to the hospital, only to have Jett pronounced dead on arrival..

Jett, 16, had a history of seizures and had apparently fallen in the bathroom and banged his head.

A highly placed source told RADAR that Kelly and John came running to save Jett after he was found unconscious on the floor by the caretaker at 10 a.m. "John tried everything to bring his boy back, " one family friend told us. "But he was probably already dead. John and Kelly are devastated. John moaned: 'This is the worst day of my life. No father should have to bury his son."

2121 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

***It is worthy of note that the potential question of NOT giving proper or adequate medication would not be considered a Scientology ethics violation due to L.Ron Hubbard's indoctrination to avoid such medical or psychological types of treatment. In fact, the failure to give doctor-recommended drugs or medications to Jett might factually be considered to be a laudable Scientology ethics matter.***
This excerpt comes from a reformed COS member, Michael Pattinsonon, on the why we protest forum. It's the 1st post under What Scientology will do. Top of the forum.

2121 days ago


Hmmm TMZ. I have been visiting your site almost daily for quite some time and I never been compelled to register and leave a comment. By far, this is THE most vile thing you have ever posted. Reporting about his death, OK. But showing this video is revolting. C'mon guys.

2121 days ago
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