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Conflict Over Travolta Death

1/5/2009 4:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 1/5 -- Within hours, an autoposy will be performed and the coroner is expected to release the cause of death. Stay tuned.

There's a conflict brewing between the Bahama PD and John Travolta's camp regarding the time line of Jett Travolta's death.

People who are with Travolta are bristling at the suggestion Jett might have been left unattended for more than 10 hours, but this morning cops say they are sticking to their story. Meanwhile, we've learned Jett had suffered from grand mal seizures in the past and had taken anti-seizure medicine which the Travolta's say did not work, so the medication was stopped.

As for the time line, we're told Jett, his family and his two nannies had been boating on January 1. They returned to their townhouse at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel at around 6 PM. Jett was tired, went into his bedroom and went to sleep.

We're told nanny Jeff Kathrein watched TV in the adjoining room. The other nanny, Eli, returned to the townhouse at around 11:30 PM. Both Jeff and Eli turned in at around that time. After Jeff got up, he went into the bathroom and discovered Jett laying on the floor.

As for when Jett was last seen, cops say it was the at around 11:30 the night of January 1, when he went to the bathroom. Michael McDermott, John Travolta's lawyer and close friend, says Eli or Jeff may have gone into that bathroom during the middle of the night so the time frame would have been compressed.

McDermott also tells TMZ when Jeff and John Travolta administered CPR there may have been signs of life -- as in there may have been some respiratory function -- though that is not confirmed.

We're told Jett's disabilities included the inability to communicate well, in addition to some physical disabilities. As a result, there was a baby monitor in his room as well as a chime on the bathroom door. It's unclear if the two nannies slept through any signs of movement. The townhouse is relatively small -- around 1,000 square feet -- and the nannies and Jett were all on the bottom floor.

McDermott told us it's not unusual for Jett to sleep 12, even 16 hours a day, so Jett not being present is not unusual.

As for cause of death, the coroner will presumably determine that tomorrow.

As for John Travolta and Kelly Preston, McDermott tells us "they stopped crying long enough last night to try to write a press statement, which they haven't finished."

A number of celebrities, including Tom Cruise, have called Travolta and Preston offering condolences.

UPDATE: 12:38 ET -- Cops in the Bahamas PD tell TMZ "With lots of emotion that goes through a family in a time like this, it's understandable to come to your own ideas or terms, but we have an obligation to assure and convey with our public that the information we give is solid. The investigation is ongoing, but we stand by what we have said."


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Carrys F.    

We can't presume that everything we read is real - so until there is an official statement made by the family or the coronoer, I am taking all these reports with a grain of salt. My prayers to the family.

2125 days ago


The took a lot of precautions and steps in handling a disabled son. My heart goes out to them both. The time frame is not important. They lost their child.

2125 days ago


Let the Lord be thy shepherd, yea as I walk through the valley of death, I see no evil....other than the parents of this child who

did not take proper supervision of this sickly being. This entire episode is a shanda. They will have to ask forgivness from their

maker, or burn in the fires of Hell....L. Ron Haggard ain't gonna save you!!!

2125 days ago


Anyone connected to the Travolta camp, including this lawyer who gave the details of this story, will be wise to leave the name Tom Cruise out of anything, even if he is among those giving condolences to the family. Why introduce any volatility into a tragedy with the mere mention or tie in to the Scientology nonsense that Cruise is so famous for.

Good Grief Travolta lawyer and TMZ writers, leave the name Tom Cruise out of anything right now, unless it has to do with reminding us of the bomb movie he just released.

2125 days ago


And the cover-up begins ....

2125 days ago


Yes, I am sure there is conflict as it has been reported from the start that Jett was left alone for many hours unattended. Now it is coming out that he wasn't taking any anti-seizure medication. It is hard for me to believe there would not have been some kind of anti-seizure medication he could have taken. It sounds like they are trying to cover up their own misdeeds. People with disabilites matter!

2125 days ago



2125 days ago


They admit to neglecting their kid, not having him on medicine. Knew it!!!!!!!!!

2125 days ago


let's hope that the people investigating all of this are not star struck and do their job properly and investigate all possibilities

the autopsy facts will speak for themselves and if the Travolta's are not able to keep them from the press, then everyone will know more or less what happened and what the timeline was
we might truly never know the why's and how's of it all since the family lawyers are circling the wagons and the hired help have all signed confidentiality agreements

perhaps a coroners inquest would be valuable for recommendations on if and how this might be prevented in future

2125 days ago


travolta denies his son had autism yet the child did not communicate well? why is autism a stigma to travolta? i'd like to hear from the mannies when this is over with...see what really haoppened in that house!

2125 days ago


And he was left alone, Scientologist freaks wanna lie about it. Thank god cops are sticking to their story.

2125 days ago


To Face it People:
The article said he was on medication, but it didn't work.

2125 days ago


The press is desperate for some sensationalism here. I know news editors are pooing on themselves to find some lapse in time or something controversial because it means they dont have to try hard to write a story and ratings go through the roof. If you want sensationalism, write about the sadness of two parents who had to have two adult men nanny their 16 year old. My aunt takes care of a mentally challenged 50 yr old with the mind of a 5 yr old and she does that alone. I cant imagine 2 parents and 2 nannies and the kid still dies alone. Its called God's will and a press Christmas present.

2125 days ago


note to self... DON'T DIE IN THE BAHAMAS!

2125 days ago


Travoltas devout Catholic late Italian Mother is gyrating in her grave that her son abandoned his families religion for a circus side show science fiction writers imagination of what religion is. John was devastated by her loss----he buried her with a Catholic Ceremony and Mass.

Will be interesting to see how the "services" are handled, by whom and where for his son. What do they do, like have a fund raising banquet to keep the chirade going?

And people want to look to Hollywood as a Place to find Leadership, Truth, Reason and Justice? Puhleeze...Babs, Sean, John, Tom, you all need to go find your Mommies and start over. You took a wrong turn somewhere along the way when you made a lot of money and got fame...

God let this be a turning point to no longer look to Hollywood Celebrities as Leaders.

2125 days ago
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